Man – there are some haters out there!

When I tell people I’m on keto, here’s the below responses:

  1. All of that fat can’t be healthy!
  2. It’s just Atkins 2.0
  3. I just eat the calories I’m supposed to in a day, why should I eat keto
  4. It’s just a fad
  5. It’s a cult

I, too, was one of them – item 1 above I had talked to someone about.  I didn’t know what I know now.

Above all, keto controls my appetite.  This is a key takeaway for this diet for weight loss.  If you can control your appetite, you can win the weight loss war!

There are a couple of principles I have now from keto:

  1. I eat 8-10 meals a week.  Because I do keto, my appetite is low and I’m able to eat a big meal M-Th for dinner.  I usually skip eating on Friday, and Sat/Sun I eat 2-3 meals each day, usually depending on my activity levels.   When I was a “sugar burner”, I could never, ever comprehend of something like this.  After about a month on keto, I stopped eating lunches.  I needed some tea with stevia to get through until dinner.  After a month of that, it wasn’t needed.  You have NO idea how sugar-laden foods are making you eat every few hours.
  2. 80% of my meals are rich with salads and greens.   I have thrown out the soybean oil dressings.  I use avocado oil dressings, EVOO, etc.
  3. I eat until I’m satisfied.  On my sugars and processed foods, this switch didn’t exist.  I’d have to eat portion controlled foods that were weighed out and measured.  Before that, when I didn’t weigh and measure, over eating led me to where I got my heaviest.
  4. Occasionally, I don’t eat “perfect”.  I try not to eat fast food out, but occasionally time is against me.  I feel processed foods are far inferior to “whole” foods, but if you keep these limited, you should be ok.  I might have bacon once every week or two, and maybe 2 strips at that.  I might have a burger without a bun once a month or two.  I might eat Chipotle salads once a month.
  5. I do eat treats.  Not like I used to for reward, but I balance out what I eat.  One of my favorite things is dark chocolate dipped in some nut butter after dinner.  It’s low carb, rich in flavor, and high in antioxidants.  Maybe I eat a handful of raspberries.  Maybe I’ll have a bite of someone’s birthday cake.  This is light years different than what I used to do to ice cream, chips, soda, pies, and milk chocolate.
  6. Once every month or two, I will have a cheat meal or day.  Whatever I want.  The thing is, the longer you are on keto, the less cravings you have for your old diet.   You literally re-write your pallet.  This is what most people miss.  They feel like when I quit smoking – the first 3 weeks, all you think about is the last time you smoked.  Over time, you think about smoking less and less.  Same with keto.


So with this, I’ll tell you what this week has in store for me:

(not listed below is every morning I have 1-2 cups of coffee with swerve sweetener and heavy whipping cream)


  1. Handful of pecans when I get home
  2. 5 chicken tenders made with pork rinds in the air fryer.  Primal kitchen BBQ sauce
  3. Side of “loaded cauliflower”
  4. half of a dark chocolate bar with all natural peanut butter



Tuesday – same as Monday.  Made leftovers of the chicken tenders and had 3 instead of 5.


  1. Handful of pecans when I get home
  2. Giant salad with 12oz of chicken, tomatoes, asiago cheese, 2 stalks of romaine, Primal Kitchen Italian dressing, EVOO
  3. half of a dark chocolate bar with all natural peanut butter


Thursday – Same as Wednesday

Friday – nothing


Saturday –

  1. Handful of cashews or walnuts or pecans before gym
  2. Eggs/bacon/ketchup/ham/cheese in omelette for brunch.
  3. 12-16oz of chicken breasts with crushed pork rinds with sauce/mozz cheese (chicken parm).  Side of zoodles and some chocolate later.


Sunday –

  1. (brunch) chicken thighs in cabbage (about 16oz chicken) with carrots/celery
  2. KeDough pizza followed by some dark chocolate



I try for 100-120g of protein per day.  I stopped counting calories last summer about 8 months ago, but generally speaking, I’m between 1400-2000 a day during the week and probably 1600-3000 on the weekends.

Again, the biggest takeaway from all of this is controlling hunger.

Most weeks, I’m eating more salads, but wanted to change things up the last few weeks.  Here are some other items I eat…