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The idiocy of vaccine policies around the world and why misleading data can kill you and others

I have not written here about this, yet. That day is now over. I can't take it anymore. I'm at my breaking point. We have now crossed that Rubicon from "clueless" to "dangerous to western society as we know it".... Continue Reading →

Is gold going way up or way down? Re-testing our hypothesis

I read an article by Jonathan Margott yesterday here where he pointed to lower gold prices ahead. He seems convinced of it. I disagree with his conclusions and I'd like to ask questions here and point out where he and... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – my silver “beat down” recovery play

Got to keep this super quick, but wanted to put the scoreboard up on this. As I have written before, last month I made about $6,000 in a week or so playing this beat down. This is HIGH RISK and... Continue Reading →

How I’m playing the next silver beat down and recovery

Disclaimer - this is NOT financial advice. I am trying to show you some research and due diligence I have done over the last 8 months or so to make nice gains on some trades. This is MY research and... Continue Reading →

Fortuna Silver Mines – trade of the year coming?

Warning! This is ULTRA HIGH RISK!!! I sold Pure Gold purchase of a month ago for roughly 5% profit this AM. I had a target of 20% on this, but something came up that is a really good opportunity and... Continue Reading →

Classifying asset classes – why this matters to make money on your speculative investments

Preface: I am not your enemy. I'm trying to wake you up from the Saylor grift he has over all of you. If you understand this is a REALLY good speculation, you can play this to your advantage and GROW... Continue Reading →

Why you are being forced to speculate on BTC – and understanding why BTC is a speculation and why that isn’t a bad thing

Before I get hate mail, please hear me out as my intention here is to help you, not mock you. I feel there is a grave misunderstanding of what bitcoin is, and what it is not, and my reason for... Continue Reading →

Moore’s law and batteries? Not quite – but the concept is the same!

This is a short article, for me. Don't have time to dawdle today. Needed to put pen to paper quickly and bolt... Moore's Law and processing I listen to Tom interview people on his show on Palisades Radio every day.... Continue Reading →

Who is the best company to invest in for silver? I do a deep financial dive into all of the big players….and the winner is?

I'm not a financial advisor or a CPA. In this exercise, I'm going to look at the larger, more well-known silver producing companies - I also wanted to go through each of their presentations and give you the case for... Continue Reading →

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