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Fat loss series part 8 – hormones over calories, something only .00001% of you know

On my road to losing 175 pounds, a funny thing happened. About a year in and 72 pounds down, I stopped counting calories and lost another 102 pounds over the next two years. While calories matter (to a degree) -... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss series part 7 – 30 lessons learned from losing 175 pounds

This is a long piece - but I wrote this for anyone struggling with their weight. This may hit many of you hard. If you need to reach out, email me at Talk to your doctor about any of... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss Series Part 6 – autophagy, getting stronger, and too little carbs?

I'm going to use autophagy for a financial piece I have in the hopper, but I wanted to tell many of you what exactly it is, and why it is beneficial, and how to experience it. First - this idea... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss Series Part 5 – Keto? Atkins? Low Carb? What’s the difference? Are all carbs bad?

I can tell you, that for me, carbs are no bueno - but for many of you, they may be fine, to an extent. Many people do not understand the concept of insulin resistance. THIS is the root of the... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss series part 4 – weight loss vs fat loss, turkey time!

Fat Loss is not the same as "weight loss". I will continue this story a few more times for those just catching up to the series. I had lost 175 pounds prior to COVID. All was going well, and the... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss Series Part 3 – hitting initial targets, what I eat, what I’m doing

For those of you new to this series, here is the quick rundown...This series is focused on FAT LOSS rather than WEIGHT LOSS. On our last episode...I lost 175 pounds previously in a 3 year period - ending 11/2019. First... Continue Reading →

Fat loss series (Part 1) – How to lose 100+ pounds – from a weight loss expert

I am starting a new series here I'd like update perhaps once a month or a little more. I am an EXPERT not because of a medical background (I'm not a doctor, go talk to one), but because I actually... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 138 – getting rid of the dad bod on an inflation-driven budget

I'm a problem solver. I work with some of the most complex technology in the world and lead teams implementing it. But how does that translate to being healthy and trim? Well, you have to understand a root cause problem... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 137 – What your doctor doesn’t know about nutrition could kill you

Disclaimer - I am not a medical professional and none of the below is medical advice. I am trying to educate the reader on newer medical science and present research from these doctors. What I did over 3 years was... Continue Reading →

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