The concept of this site is to have a site which reflects my many diverse interests.  Unfortunately, this is not a site for grown ass men running around in chain mail pretending they are a medieval lord…rather, it’s a site for men with many interests.

Over the course of time, I plan on providing content in a variety of categories aimed at men (and some women) ages 18-45.  I try to model my life after the great men of the renaissance period.  These men had many interests and curiosities about the world.  For example, Leonardo DaVinci is a well known inventor….but then also painted the Mona Lisa.

Some of the subjects I have some expert knowledge in:

  • sports
  • music
  • chess
  • information systems/cyber security
  • business
  • movies
  • TV shows

Here are some of the things I think I know more of than the average bear:

  • history
  • women
  • physics
  • the universe
  • politics (I champion both left and right causes)
  • cooking


Some things you will not find here:

  • Car talk.  Sorry, I don’t know anything about cars
  • fixing up shit around the house.  I’m useless around the house.
So, I’m going to try to post a few posts every week.  We’ll see how that goes.