I wanted to put together a site where I can dump a lot of what’s in my mind to paper, in a variety of topics that interest me, and by proxy, some of you. I feel I have led a somewhat interesting life where I felt I mimic the life of a renaissance man. How? Athletics, academics, arts, languages, writing – I have a ton of different interests. I go more into my particular background on my page but this is to tell you what the raison d’etre (reason to be) is for this page.

I have hundreds of writings here – I believe about 140 on health and weight loss. I probably have another 100+ on gold, silver, miners, and finance. I have some on hobbies like model cars. Some geek out stuff on cyber warfare. I am big into sports, but this forum isn’t a great place to talk about my narrow interest in my Philadelphia Eagles (American Football) or Phillies (baseball). I try to get back to everyone I can on replies, but sometimes life overwhelms me and I can’t find the time.