I’m adding this page here because there’s a lot of new people that come here looking to learn more about PMs. I am someone who supports local, small businesses – as well as businesses run by people I feel are ethical and have good business plans. I “endorse” these below, but it doesn’t mean extraordinary market conditions can put stress on any business. As an analyst, I can tell you what I do (and my thinking as to why) but cannot advise you – you need to speak to your financial advisor.

Local gold/silver – Steinmetz in York and Lancaster. I have been to the one in York dozens of times, and their new location once. When I first started, the guy running it helped me out for a brief 3 minutes understand “bullion” and this is also where I bought my first silver eagle at $16 spot. Many times I had been back there and it was a zoo. Very ethical from everything I have seen – as he could have easily fleeced me when I came in to sell, but ended up leaving having bought. He taught me briefly about the “junk” silver I had as well as the Morgans. He turned a one-time seller into a many-repeat buyer.

Online – retail – I bought a lot of junk silver on ebay back in the day, but cost is probably too high now. I have bought from Apmex due to how convenient it was. If I was a buyer again, I’d buy from SDBullion given James Anderson’s tireless efforts to educate us all.

Online – mint – I like what they got going on with the Scottsdale mint.

Other sourceshttps://www.silverbackpreciousmetals.com/ – while they are primarily doing wholesale at the moment, I’m a huge fan of the people running it.

Asset Backed Digital Currency – my horse is in Kinesis over others due to size of market cap and my ownership of KVTs, which has me biased towards them. I believe a wave of crypto lovers will roll eventually into this arena and discover the failure with cryptos was not backing them with assets. Kinesis solves this. If you want to sign up for Kinesis, use my referral code here to get started, and this can help both of us down the road when millions of people are using this app daily.

ETFs – I like PSLV due to the Eric Sprott stamp of approval. He has no idea who I am, but I know he owns hundreds of millions of ounces of silver in the ground and has a stake in the price of silver mooning. Therefore, it makes sense to me that he would buy it up unless SLV which may not necessarily buy.

Digital silver/gold – I’ve used OneGold to get in, immediately, when price of silver was $12 and you could not buy it physically for under $25. This has the backing of the RCM and when you sell, you can then use those proceeds to buy at the cheapest Apmex sale price.