Update: 4/8/2022

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On THIS page, I wanted to list the nuts and bolts of a portfolio focused on getting me lots of torque, NOW! Many stock pickers have these lists that are quality miners, but may have different timelines than me. The problem I’m trying to solve here for me is monthly gains, not yearly portfolio gains. With this, these picks have more risk than buy and hold for 2-4 years. Additionally, I prefer to try and capture gains before a downturn and rotate some or most profits into another horse I feel might be better performing – meaning my tax implications with capital gains tax are more than a buy and hold for years type of person. Consult your financial analyst before all decisions. This is NOT financial advice, but is put out there as an educational tool so you can see how someone might construct a mining stock portfolio, and one that might have torque in the near term rather than long term.

I will have a change control at the bottom weekly. I make some intraweek trades and will try to update this weekly. Meaning – bookmark this and come back often. To check out HOW I come up with these and why – check out my METHOD page.

Current starting lineup

Colors above: Added orange colors to show who just went to the bench to get to cash.

Strategic Plan: Gold is going sideways while RSIs of gold and all miners are creeping down. It is looking like a coiled move is coming, but I want to wait a bit for RSIs to head to 40 before I re-engage. I bought in a bit much on US gold, Reyna, Integra, and Troilus as I was able to get these at the discount window. Reyna should have some drill news soon, Troilus has a PFS coming in 1-2 months, Integra is just straight up being overlooked, and US gold was a steal at $6.11 where it was $17 last summer and some miner analysts love them. When the sector heats up, all of these are an easy double in a short period of time and I’ll probably take 1/2 off the table with them. My hope is a double in these 4 by end of June based on how the 2020 move went. All of these have been over double price in the last year or so and it’s a matter of interest in the sector coming back where these will all levitate up quickly above the trash cousins they have. Of those 4, Reyna is my highest risk but I’m rolling the dice on another MAG here as this was part of MAG early on.

10 day plan – Hold and watch. I’m in enough stuff where any move up I get strong torque, but am in enough cash where any sharp drop won’t hurt. Within a week is CPI and PPI. Could be over 9%, but at least likely over 8%. While me and you know this is bullish for PMs, often the algos will do an immediate sell first. The “thinking” is higher inflation rates welcomes more strict tightening. While true, most realize there’s very limited tightening that can be done without bankrupting the whole country so the algos then usually turn around after. I might try and snipe some of my on-deck circle and the like with stink bids around this time to get anyone hitting “market” and selling. Caught a few big ones like this. They are rare, but occasionally you get them.

I am obscenely overstretched with FSM, even beyond my comfort – however, within 1-2 weeks we “should” see the 50 day have a golden cross with the 200dma and a close above the 200dma. My expectations with these developments will be some strong green candles and with this, I might lighten the FSM load a little and take some off of the top to spread the love out. I am stupidly wildly bullish on FSM but once I get the initial play back up to $5.52, I’ll be at a 50% or so profit and may take some down, especially with all of the options I have that may be over 100% by then. Once the algos kick in, this can run hot.

The on-deck circle

The bench

Minor league players in the organization

Banned from the league for substance abuse

The below items may be attractive prices, but they may either go to zero, run into further cash/dilution issues, need stupid high amounts of Capex, continuously underperform peers, have a jurisdiction question, or have serious going concerns. Players can re-apply to the league once, in my mind, they do not pose a danger to themselves or others.

The one item below which might stump you in the Newfoundland jurisdiction. This got hot due to NFG. I had read there were problems with the assays, as if the samples were cherry picked. I personally don’t believe that, but when those accusations came out, it took the whole Newfoundland sector down. IF this has been cleared up, someone please send me a link to a news article were new assays were sent and re-confirmed the original. Otherwise, there’s a risk hanging on the entire sector which gave valuations to these miners based on NFG.

3/14/2022Truncated page to just have picks
3/14/2022Added AG to starting lineup from bench for 8% of portfolio to play possible silver melt up. Looking to add AEM at some point and may rotate out of something if MACD signals to get out
3/18/2022Added Troilus to the starting lineup – I placed a position yesterday, but with the FSM margin stuff, got out quick to free up cash. Updated my Troilous info – the info I had was confused with another stock – neither of which I had owned for 18 months, so it was good to get the refresher. Added “Banned from the league” for items that are too disastrous to touch at the moment.
4/8/2022Banished Pure Gold from the league. Updated starting lineup, pie chart, and strategies