You can reach me at or on twitter @natefishpa.   I have a free newsletter that is 12-20 pages that is sent out every now and then to a few hundred subscribers.  Let me know if you want on it and I’ll add you.

I live in a small south central PA (USA) town about an hour north of Baltimore and 2 hours west of Philly.  I’m not one much for travel, but do have an itch to see some of the more beautiful states where nature rules and no one lives there.  Want to do a mine tour at some point -and think Hecla’s 1 mile underground mine could be cool to see.  It’s in the Couer D’Alene area and since I followed a triathlon YouTuber going to Coeur D’Alene it seems like a place I’d love to bike, run, fish, and vacation at.  Seeing Lucky Friday could be the cherry on top 🙂

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My preferred interview type is more discussion with charts and covering a few interesting topics I have du jour so I like the idea of prepping for an interview for days/weeks in advance to be highly informed and researched on specific topics.  I work full time, so I can do interviews around noon eastern time.

I occasionally write a column theme of “Silver Shorts” where it is a sort of variety of PM news in the sector so I do like the idea of covering a lot of different topics as well.

I started off with not having contact information here, but I’m now getting enough people reading my content that I wanted to provide a means of people to send feedback, ask questions, etc.  Feel free to email, I’ll get back to all of you as time permits.

Note: I have no patreon, no paid subscription service, and I’m not paid to write or analyze in any way, shape, or form and have no paid advertisements and do not receive any compensation to recommend any service.  Someday that might change if the stars align, but for now, I like this as a hobby to get things in my brain to canvas, so to speak.

I make a great living in another industry and do this for a hobby because I want to do it, love to do it, and care about my friends and family – and by association, try to reach as many as I can to share what little I have to offer 🙂  I have a formal education in this sector (meaning I love to research and write about it) and have worked at a very large mutual fund company for 4 years – and I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night, so there’s that.