You can reach me at or on twitter @natefishpa.  I’ve only been on twitter maybe a month or two, but WOW that built a community quickly there!

I live in a small south central PA (USA) town about an hour north of Baltimore and 2 hours west of Philly.

I have had some media requests lately and am humbled – but only am interested in limited exposure as I value my privacy from the twitterverse.  I did a Palisades Gold Radio interview a little while back you can see here.  Anyone in the industry – Tom is amazing to work with and I highly recommend the experience.

I started off with not having contact information here, but I’m now getting enough people reading my content that I wanted to provide a means of people to send feedback, ask questions, etc.  Feel free to email, I’ll get back to all of you as time permits.

Note: I have no patreon, no subscription service, and I’m not paid to write or analyze in any way, shape, or form and have no paid advertisements and do not receive any compensation to recommend any service.  I make a great living in another industry and do this for a hobby because I want to do it, love to do it, and care about my friends and family – and by association, try to reach as many as I can to share what little I have to offer 🙂  I have a formal education in this sector (meaning I love to research and write about it) and have worked at a very large mutual fund company for 4 years – and I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night, so there’s that.