I am self described as “moderate”.  My right leaning friends think I’m a communist or socialist, and my left leaning friends think I’m a gun loving and republican loving hypocrite.

If you can’t piss everyone off even just a little, you’re not doing life right.  Passion.  That’s what life  is about.  Be passionate about what you like.  Sometimes people are turned off by your opinions.   Fuck em.  There’s a way to be tactful to others when describing your thoughts, and then there are those people that cannot hear opposing arguments to anything because God told them so.

So let’s see how this plays out.

Abortion – I personally don’t like it, but I frown upon a bunch of old white men writing laws that infringe upon a woman’s reproductive rights.  There’s a lot of passion on this topic on both sides….when I was in my teens or early 20s, this is something irresponsible people use as the escape hatch.  Many of us are immature until we have to be mature.  This is a topic that will still be undecided 1,000 years from now, but my guess is it will always be a necessary evil that our society tolerates.

Crime – lock em up.  Violent offenders should have stiffer sentences.  Using pareto charts, I’d continuously fight crime by putting the top 20% away for long periods.  Non-violent drug offenders don’t belong in prison.

Marijuana – the answer to this lies in the extreme dangers of pot.  Please, take a look at how many people have died from pot overdoses!

Religion – atheist.  Was confirmed in UCC at age 13…never did the God thing.  Somehow this makes me evil.  Truth is, you can be a good person without God.  There were good people on this earth before people invented God, there will be good people long after they stop believing in him.

Fiscal conservative – I’m not talking Reaganomics (or trickle down economics)…which on paper looked brilliant, in reality it has cost this country trillions.  Dopes in Washington continue to espouse this religion.  Tax breaks DO make money move…but you have to cut expenses FIRST dipshit.  I believe in government getting out of the business of doing certain things.  I believe in government running lean, not having 85 regulatory bodies for Salmon, and only having necessary regulations for practical safety measures, environmental protection for clean drinking water and air, and protecting consumers.  I believe in reducing government, in a smart way, and lowering taxes once your checkbook is balanced.  No need to give billions out everywhere, fun weird art projects, fund stupid ass studies.  We need someone to go into the budget and just start hacking at things that are dumb.  Now.

Gay marriage – my brother is gay and was my best man at my wedding.  He brought his boyfriend at the time, John, and they danced at my wedding.  If you think people should be against gay marriage, well…you’re about 20 years behind more cultured people.  Throw the 2,000 year old book down, get off of your high horse after your third divorce, and stop telling me God didn’t want it.  Who gives a shit.  I’m sure a nice gay couple will move next door someday and make my property value go up.

Gun control – I don’t think people should have machine guns, grenade launchers, or bazookas.  Especially bazookas.  Should give guns to bad or mentally unstable people.  Lock up people for a very, very, very long time if crime is committed with a gun or person has unregistered gun.

Military – we need a strong military and the fortitude to use it only when needed.  We should not be the world’s police, but also need to be the first people up to help support causes.  I am somewhat isolationist, but also recognize our military allows our global economy to work.