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Silver options futures contract coming due – what happens?

I would not consider myself a TA guy by any stretch. I'm a "macro guy" in the bigger picture who loves the fundamentals. There are some who live by TA as the only way. I do believe you can see... Continue Reading →

Solar panel series – Part 3 – Solar is a shady, shady, shady business. However, this can score me a FREE $139,300.

Look, I don't want to lump everyone into solar being shady. I LIKE what's being offered. I just am quickly running into a brick wall of a problem: transparency. Buyer....beware....big time. Ask questions. Ask a lot of them. Ask more.... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – Inverse head and shoulders, inflation and empty shelves, long term call options

Some have brought up the inverse head and shoulders forming a few weeks ago, but now I wanted to show it seems to be popping up on a lot of charts I'm looking it. It's pretty clear on the gold... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 137 – What your doctor doesn’t know about nutrition could kill you

Disclaimer - I am not a medical professional and none of the below is medical advice. I am trying to educate the reader on newer medical science and present research from these doctors. What I did over 3 years was... Continue Reading →

How much could silver be smashed by October 28th?

If you are someone who just buys miners for a 3+ year hold, you aren't going to care about the daily gyrations of the prices of metals. This article may not be for you. I have several tiers of investments.... Continue Reading →

Solar panel buying part 2 – evaluating the energy cliff from Steve St. Angelo

I highly recommend you check out Steve's latest interview at Palisades HERE. I wanted to add an intellectual discussion as part of my solar purchasing series. For those looking for KWH break downs and my monthly solar bill, this isn't... Continue Reading →

DXY – know thy enemy to understand gold’s next leg up – and how silver gets to $100

Most people reading this from Twitter are learning a lot about PMs as we go. I had 4 years of MBA studies at 3 schools before finishing it (moving has a way of stopping your grad school for some reason)... Continue Reading →

Why I’m looking at solar panels – it’s not the normal reasons and you need to pay attention why (Part 1 – the big picture of what is to come)

Many like the idea of solar because it's "green". Many don't have a clue how the contents of the panel are mined, by the way. I stumbled across the solar story because I'm massively in on silver, and saw this... Continue Reading →

Gold and DXY wedges paint a story to come?

While in my previous article I busted on TA a little as a psychic power, I also mentioned I use it as part of where to enter/exit positions and use it with my macro outlooks. I do not manage billion... Continue Reading →

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