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Update to Healthy Living 49 – The Trainiverssary and the “Great Plateau”

Today is my 42nd birthday.  It's also been one year since I've been to my trainer at the York JCC.  I stepped on the scale there this time last year and had the following results... In case you can't see... Continue Reading →


Using colors for telecommunication?

I get inspired by a lot of different things, and I drift into a sort of meditation going through things in my head.  In this case, this is something I came up with about 5 years ago, but it's been... Continue Reading →

The multiverse, religion, and being in The Matrix

From the time I have been a small child, I have rejected the notion of Jesus and God.  At times during my young life, I did accept some of the teachings - such as how to treat others, the Golden... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 48 – reverse dieting and my numbers

Reverse dieting... So get this.  I'm not a complete lunatic.  All of those years of busting my ass?  The hard work was there.  The strict dieting was there.  And the yo-yo of putting weight back on?  That was there too.... Continue Reading →

Cuban for President? Some thoughts…

I don't recall any sitting president in modern history getting challenged at a primary for a re-election.  I believe there's enough there to make 2020 a unique year.  Currently, it appears that Cuban has some feelers out there for a... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 47 – Random thoughts

I have a few topics rolling around in my head I wanted to put on paper, but none of them warranted a major post at this time.  I'm using some sick time this week from work, as we have "use... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 46: Fuel Sources and Body Re-composition

I'm about to be a lab rat. Have any of you ever played  the Sims, or Civ, or one of those games where there were slide rules?  You adjust taxes too high, then weeks later, your people riot.   Taxes... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 45: Sciencing the shit out of this

I PICK TINGS UP AND PUT DEM DOWN. We've all seen the commercials.  They are pretty hysterical.  But there's an element of science behind bodybuilding, which many like to call "bro science".  There's a lot of things this community has... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 44: Separating Fact from Bullshit

Eat before and after you workout.  Don't eat before, you should do intermittent fasting.  Don't eat after because you spike your insulin and insulin blocks fat burning.  Carbs are evil.  No, just sugar.  You need to do progressive loading to... Continue Reading →

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