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Update to Healthy Living 67 – my update and Keto influencers

As I continue my best impression of Sherman's march to the sea and salting every field he sees along the way, I am marching along to 100 pounds and torching every fat cell that rued the day it came into... Continue Reading →


Update to Healthy Living 66 – An uncomfortable conversation about sugar and addictions

As a kid, I used to watch Saturday night live.  There was one skit I remember, and it had something to do with the sugar addictions in breakfast cereal.  There was some sort of spoof with something called "Sugar Smack". ... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 65 – is the ketogenic diet sustainable?

I've got a few questions on that over the last 2 weeks.  I'm going to first address WHY to do it.  This might put a lot of it into perspective for the drive to actually stick to it. The main... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 64 – Exercise on keto and problems with calories

When I first started keto, it was to be for a 12 week challenge.  I'm 8 weeks in now of my 12 week challenge, and I can't really believe how my relationship with food has changed.  First, with progress, I'm... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 63 – What exactly is keto and how can it help me?

For those of you who are keto warriors, feel free to move on. I am writing this for those who have no idea what this is, or what can/can't be permitted on the ketogenic diet. The VERY long story short... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 62 – Living with Keto and the march to 100 with life goals

I think many of my friends think I'm whackadoodle for doing keto, or perhaps it's just another fad diet.  I've now watched so many keto/low carb videos on youtube I feel like I can teach a college class on the... Continue Reading →

Saturday morning politics – The wall?

I know half of my readers pull one lever, the other half pull the other lever.  So - I will try and be respectful to both sides.  I'm a moderate who used to vote for one side, now vote for... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 61 – Keto living and 90 pounds loss

To be fair, I lost a LOT of weight prior to keto.  However, this way of living FEELS a lot better with me. The youtube videos I've been watching having been shocking the hell out of me with how our... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 60 – Keto and Intermittent Fasting

Peanut Butter and jelly.  Ham and cheese.  Some combinations are just made in heaven.  For me, it's chocolate and peanut butter. In the food/nutrition/diet world, it's intermittent fasting. I sort of laughed hysterically at this crowd when I first heard... Continue Reading →

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