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Investment idea – shorting PMs to hedge miners

First - this is NOT investment advice. If something like this sounds of interest to you, please contact a licensed professional. I am not a professional trader, nor have I ever claimed to be. Be careful shorting anything! I first... Continue Reading →

The money bombers are on the runway – are we soon ready to buy the gold majors?

NOTE: DO NOT read this and say, "Nate is calling for $3000 gold, let me take my kid's college fund and put it into GDX. This article is that by observing the latest banking issues, it appears that the Fed... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss Series Part 6 – autophagy, getting stronger, and too little carbs?

I'm going to use autophagy for a financial piece I have in the hopper, but I wanted to tell many of you what exactly it is, and why it is beneficial, and how to experience it. First - this idea... Continue Reading →

Why be short gold and silver this weekend? I explain why it was considered

Note - this is MOST CERTAINLY not trading advice. It is IMPORTANT to note I use PMs to hedge my real estate positions. I have vaulted physical, lots of miners, and use the paper game recently to play moves up... Continue Reading →

Is the American dining experience in peril? A business case study of a dying brand

I haven't dined out a ton in the last decade. I'll admit it - so when I have gone out recently, post-COVID, some of the stark contrasts to pre-COVID are too hard not to recognize. My experience last night at... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – what’s the deal with Silicon Valley bank for us noobs?

I'm not a banking insider, and while I have the business education to write about this stuff, I am on the periphery of these industries and have to do intense research to understand a lot of the macro bells and... Continue Reading →

How we get to $100 silver – let’s take a stroll

The setup "Silver is HALF of what it was in 1980!" Well, given the recent smashes, it's actually closer to 40%. The last time I checked, silver was the only commodity to hold this distinction. Yet, we saw a $50... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss Series Part 5 – Keto? Atkins? Low Carb? What’s the difference? Are all carbs bad?

I can tell you, that for me, carbs are no bueno - but for many of you, they may be fine, to an extent. Many people do not understand the concept of insulin resistance. THIS is the root of the... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss series part 4 – weight loss vs fat loss, turkey time!

Fat Loss is not the same as "weight loss". I will continue this story a few more times for those just catching up to the series. I had lost 175 pounds prior to COVID. All was going well, and the... Continue Reading →

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