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Assessing where we are with gold and silver miners

Today, I'm at a hold on the majors - eyeballing some things to maybe get in more next week. I'm learning to be a lot more patient than I was when I first started this 3 years ago. Back then,... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – Is Newmont TRIPLE at $3000 gold? Fortuna a 10x?

I just saw a Larry Lepard post about Newmont being a double at $3,000 gold - but I had remembered some calculations I did awhile back in Excel on this. Let's face it, however, share prices are of value based... Continue Reading →

What would a BRICS commodity-backed currency look like?

I am seeing more and more posts on how a BRICS commodity-backed currency isn't possible. I mean, I don't think anyone really gives it 10 seconds of thought. It's like, "can't be done", and on they go with their day.... Continue Reading →

The dollar’s inevitable death

I'm writing this on the heels of my Tweet this morning on vacation about Ghana and using gold to buy oil. Brent Johnson has been doing some of his normal talk about how he's right and we're wrong, and I... Continue Reading →

Suddenly Died – a fair review of the documentary

I watched "Suddenly Died" on Rumble on the night before Thanksgiving, and I tweeted out the below... I also read the "mainstream" reviews, which all paint it as an "anti-vax" movie. Sponsored by Pfizer. The truth is, the movie does... Continue Reading →

Political Short: What is fair with student loan paybacks?

I'm 47 today. I'm at the peak of my earning potential. That being said, I don't really care much about the $450 loan payment I have to make, relative to my earnings. I owe like $70,000, but this was after... Continue Reading →

“Crypto” people do not understand the asset class they have invested in, and this is the real risk to them

I'm spending too much time going back and forth with crypto bros. I keep getting sucked into that damn rabbit hole. Every. Damn. Time. OK - so going to write out here something a lot of them will be able... Continue Reading →

Political short analysis – Lindsey Graham cost the GOP the “red wave”, not DJT

Any channel you are putting on now, you are seeing how the democrats have held off the "Red Wave". Instant analysis is that Donald Trump inserting him into the mid-terms drove a sea of blue to the polls to push... Continue Reading →

Why I hate bitcoin as a gold bull?

Don Durrett just asked this on Twitter. I'd like to first start off and classify my feelings... Laser eyes and Saylor level investment in bitcoin - this is cult-like behavior that, as part of the business model needs to get... Continue Reading →

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