Technically, I hit 126 pounds this morning at 246!  Remember, the top was 372.  It might be short lived, as I really drained myself yesterday on the bike.  More on that below.

With this goal, I’m now at the midway of my freshman year of college.  I graduated high school at 227, and I believe I went off to college around 227-233, but I didn’t weigh myself.  I do know at the end of freshman year after all of the partying and booz, I was 257.  So – I’m now 19 pounds off of what I graduated high school at.  It’s the lowest weight I’ve been since 8th grade.  I remember in 8th grade I was as low as 204 trying to wrestle heavyweight (who only went to 200).  So, when I hit 226, that will be a new path for me as an adult.  Currently, I’m hovering around 35% bodyfat, but I think that will also start to move rapidly over the next few months.

Below is a picture wearing my giant shirt I was wearing at the beginning a little on the tight side.   Look how LONG this shirt has become!


Also of note, I have a picture of me from last year over 300 and me hitting 255 last week bloated on beer.  Still, the one year change is nice!


Biking – as mentioned, yesterday I did 26.5 miles on the bike.  It took a lot out of me.  I drank a half gallon of water before the event, worked out in the morning with the trainer for an hour, and drank a half gallon during the event.  Those two bottles went wayyyyy too quickly.  It was supposed to be a high of 81.  It hit 93.  My left hand still can’t grip very strongly.  After it was over, I also drank a 32 oz sugar free sports drink, ate a piece of string cheese, had some peanuts, and about a half a cup of blueberries.  I felt better in a bit, but man did I feel I may have it a limit with the keto!  I believe a lot of it was hydration and the temperature.  I need to get me bike shorts with the seat pad in them, your bum starts to hurt badly around mile 20.


I recently joined Strava and love the info you get from it!  I have some pics below of my new Specialized Diverge bike as well as the charts/graphs you get from it.


I mix my rides between mostly 2 trails, and I’m going to increase that soon to take a trip up by my brother’s house.  Currently, the rail trail in York to Maryland is a flat (with gentle gradient increase as you go south) gravel trail.  Closer to Glen Rock it’s paved for a bit, but I don’t know about Glen Rock to Maryland.  The rail trail north is somewhat hilly, and a mix between mostly paved and some gravel.

The “rail trail” goes from mile 21 in York City to 0 at the Maryland border, then goes another 20 miles into Maryland.  I start at mile 20 around York College and bike down as far south as I can and turn around.  This is good for “long rides”.  I try and keep a decent pace, but this is a very relaxing ride for me with incredibly gorgeous scenery.  Thinking of taking a camera out other than my iPhone and take some great pics to post.  I crank the music and just exist.  Yesterday, I biked for 2 hours and 36 minutes.  Quite an effort!

The “north trail” is about 1 mile from my house.  I bike over 1 road or so to get there.  Lots of hills and mostly paved, there’s climbing challenges and times where you are moving 25-30mph.  The trail itself is about 9 miles long, but I bike 1 mile there and back, and there’s a park (John Rudy park) at the top of one side where there’s like a mile loop to ride.  My dog park is up there!

Of interest, they are currently working to connect the north with the rail trail, to be complete in December.  This means I could bike from my driveway to Maryland with hitting no roads.  My guess is that will be about 26-27 miles one way.  That could be interesting for this time next year if I’m 45-50 pounds lighter, if I can do a 50-54 mile ride.  My guess is I would need a better hydration system and have changed a tire or two before then on the road.  I’ve also got some blisters on my palms from riding, I might need to get some gloves.


Food – three things I need to point out for convenience with the keto community…

  1. Quest cookies.  Now, these are 240 calories each.  Make no mistake, this is not a “diet” cookie.  But what it is, is extremely low on the glycemic/sugar end of things and won’t spike your insulin.  If you want your low carbs for the day, and you are dying for a cookie, THIS is the cookie you get.  I have tried the mug cakes, etc, and most are pretty gross.  This IS A COOKIE.  I could not tell between this and a “non-keto” cookie.  I split this with my wife after dinner after we both put in 4 hours of intense effort, so we had little guilt.IMG_3968
  2. Quest pizza.  These are sold at target, and are low carb.  DEFINITELY worth it for convenience.  They are frozen pizzas and taste like….frozen pizzas.  But really friggin tasty for me and scratch my itch for pizza.
  3. Chipotle.  I got the salad with barbacoa, sour cream, cheese, and salsa on the side.  Topped with tabasco sauce.  450 calories.  REALLY good.  Great in a pinch.  I felt this was a great lunch portion for me but too small for a big ass salad I’m used to.


And there you have it folks, shorter than most of my posts.  I’m hoping to have another mini-celebration at 227 pounds which I’m estimating somewhere near my birthday in November.  I’m planning a 3 day keto break around then to indulge in a few more non-keto things.  My guess is it will be another 5-10 pound gain and then loss shortly thereafter.