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Update to Healthy Living 123 – progress pics | self image | fueling with keto – targeted keto

I'm going to post a picture that makes me pretty uncomfortable below so you can kind of grasp where I've come from.  This past weekend, I hit 211.  Not as much weight lost as I want to, and I'll explain... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 119 – what carbs to eat with keto, and how much?

In my previous article, I sort of went into low carb vs. keto. So many people think keto is NO carbs. That's not true. It can be, but that is near impossible because vegetables have some carbs, even if it's... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 88 – 125 pounds | Marathon bike | more keto friendly food

Technically, I hit 126 pounds this morning at 246!  Remember, the top was 372.  It might be short lived, as I really drained myself yesterday on the bike.  More on that below. With this goal, I'm now at the midway... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 45: Sciencing the shit out of this

I PICK TINGS UP AND PUT DEM DOWN. We've all seen the commercials.  They are pretty hysterical.  But there's an element of science behind bodybuilding, which many like to call "bro science".  There's a lot of things this community has... Continue Reading →

Update to healthy living 42 – To err is human!

I've never been on a cruise. People rave about them.   All of the places you visit.  The food.  The drinks.  The FOOD.  My advanced physics professor in college, Dr. Khanna, used to love telling us that every time he... Continue Reading →

Healthy Living 39 – Pizza, pizza, pizza!

I love pizza.  Too much.  It's a core reason I ended up in the position I was in.  I gross myself out now thinking what I did...for many years.  But - I have also been learning a lot about nutrition... Continue Reading →

Those special moments in life…

As I have stated before on here, I'm writing this blog as somewhat of a legacy of my life.  Not an autobiography, per se, but a collection of my thoughts and memories which might better describe who and what I... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 14 – first check in, product alerts, and more food updates

My first "check in" with weight was today with the trainer.  I started with her on 11/18 (my birthday) and got the weigh in there.  Today, I was 10.4 pounds less!!  This is including my birthday meal, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! ... Continue Reading →

Weight loss – how it all started clicking for me

I hope to update some folks on this over time - but for now, I wanted to write the "initial" post about 1 month into my journey.  I'm a bigger guy, and below I'll write about how some of that... Continue Reading →

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