Hopefully this is not as long as my other posts.  Hit 105 pound weight loss today.  It’s slowed a bit the last 5 weeks for me, might be switching things up a little soon, who knows.  For me, I like OMAD as it helps reduce the cooking and grocery bills – but 11 weeks into it, the last 5 were a near-stall.  I may opt to go to 2 meals a day, but I still like OMAD and may return to it down the road.

I watched something from Nina Teicholz this week about vegetable oils .  So get this….

  • vegetable oils used to be industrial lubricants until they made them “shelf stable”.
  • Vegetable oils introduced into food population in 1911.
  • Heart disease “rare” and relatively scarce until 1920-1925
  • 1977 Food pyramid essentially tells you to eat “heart healthy” vegetable oils
  • American Heart Association essentially founded with the help of Proctor and Gamble in the mid 1950s.  Proctor and Gamble made Crisco.
  • Food policy in this country steered people away from “bad saturated fats” to consume “heart healthy” polyunsaturated vegetable oils.  Heart disease exploded in this country since then.
  • Polyunsaturated fats are high in omega 6, and these oxydize under high heat.  This is where a lot of the bad stuff happens where these turn to trans fats
  • The food pyramid was NEVER evaluated for safety – and it is a theory that has caused millions of people their lives.  People are only evaluated on their adherence to this.  Therefore, if you are obese, get cancer, get diabetes, or any other horrible disease – the problem is YOU didn’t follow the FOOD PYRAMID CORRECTLY.  However, people never asked the question – is the food pyramid SAFE?
  • Over the past 40 years since the addition of the food pyramid – people are getting fatter, sicker – while watching the medical industry grow exponentially along with the pharm industry
  • If we simply ate the way we did 100+ years ago, we could heal ourselves


Tin foil hat

What is clearly evident to me at this stage of my research is this:

  1. Food industries/companies create a lot of studies that favor them.  It’s junk science.   The scientists follow the money.
  2. These studies are then used to create national policy, often favoring industries that may reap the rewards
  3. Scientists over years who have dissented and provided alternate studies have been targeted.  Look up Tim Noakes.
  4. The consumer is indoctrinated, over time, in a dogma that these companies/industries want you to believe
  5. Peer pressure and “common knowledge” often dissuades you from asking difficult questions and being “different” with how you eat


3 years ago, I just thought all people died of cancer or heart disease when they got old.  “Dying of old age” just meant dying from one of the two.  Well…..I was really wrong.

The Nina Teicholz talks are really getting to me with conspiracy stuff.  If we simply looked back 120 years ago or so, prior to coke, prior to Crisco (and veg oils), prior to cheap corn-based high fructose corn syrup, we find:

  • Heart disease was rare
  • Diabetes was almost non-existent.  Something like 3 in 1,000 people got it
  • Cancer was rare.  1 in 30 got it.

People died younger, yes, but think about that.  Your average life expectancy was younger because people died of tons of shit we have since cured/fixed/improved.  What did they die from?

  • industrial accidents – unsafe working conditions
  • childbirth (this will really skew your population down)
  • flu/sickness
  • foodborne illness
  • no soap.  Let this one sink in.  Surgery was extremely risky from dying of infection
  • No antibiotics
  • Tooth problems
  • tiberculosis
  • “black lung” with coal mining
  • ulcers

So all of the above really drove down the life expectancy.  While we sit right now at 76 years old – I want you to ask yourself how you want to live the last 10 years of your life?  2 of my grandparents are still alive.  My two grandfathers passed around 90, and I have 91 and 89 year old grandmothers alive today.  What did they eat?

  • Vegetables, lots of them
  • Meats
  • Lard
  • sugar in moderation
  • butter


Food history

So, let’s quickly recap some “food history”

1890 – people ate butter, steaks, eggs, bacon, meats, and vegetables en masse.  People died of a lot of shit, but heart disease, diabetes, and cancer were not prevalent.  No one knew what a calorie was and not one person in the country counted calories.  3% obesity.

1900 – Coke and other sugary drinks start hitting the US

1911 – Crisco and vegetable oils hit the shelves

1915 – diabetes starts showing up in big city hospitals as an “outbreak”

1918 – first guide on how to treat diabetes published.  Low carb diet.  Works.

1920s – rash of heart disease starts

1940s – leading nutrition sciences were in Germany/Austria.  Decimated with World War 2.

1955 – Eisenhower has a heart attack, public wonders why?

1955 – food sciences start getting momentum in the US.  “Junk science” starts with studies without rigorous controls.  Ancel Keys creates “7 countries study” directly linking heart disease to saturated fats.  Study omitted the other 15 countries with no correlation, including the inuit who had the lowest rates of heart disease (nearly non existent) while having the highest consumption of saturated fats

1955 – Proctor and Gamble help found the American Heart Association — which promptly promotes vegetable oils as “heart healthy” and demonizes saturated fats

1960s – low carb explodes, people lose weight.  Ancel Keys attacks the leader of this movement, essentially clowns him and movement dies down

1970s – recent data has shown heart disease, cancer, and diabetes increased.  McGovern commission called to investigate

1972 – high fructose corn syrup hits the market.  Corn gets subsidies.

1977  – using Ancel Keys’ study (the one with junk science) and a Harvard study pointing to saturated fats as the cause of obesity/heart disease, the Food Pyramid is created advising 6-11 servings of carbohydrates/grains/tubers per day.  Many scientist cry fowl, as ZERO clinical studies are done on these official FDA guidelines.  Food industry takes care of their own.

1977-2006 – diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease explode.

  • People are told they are not following the dietary guidelines close enough and are not counting calories properly.
  • Patients are blamed for their condition.
  • Low fat products high in sugars/high fructose corn syrup hit the shelves
  • Pre-diabetes/heart disease everywhere.  Rather than cutting carbs, people buy boner pills and statins.
  • Medical industry explodes in size

1980 – scientists find ulcers are caused by bacteria.  Patients routinely die of ulcers.

1996 – year scientists finally treat bacteria with antibiotic.  Cure ulcers.  Only took 16 years for medical industry to follow suit.  How many people died using the traditional methods of treatment?


  • 1 in 7 get diabetes
  • 1 in 3 get cancer
  • 40% or so die from heart disease
  • alzheimers epidemic
  • unknown cause with epidemic in autism
  • record obesity levels
  • pharm industry is massive and wants to “treat” our illnesses with pills.
  • medical industry continues to explode.  Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are great for business.
  • Food industry has 85% of all 600,000 food products on shelf have added sugars.  They continue to preach “a calorie is a calorie”
  • AHA only recommends 25g of added sugars per day, we have close to 300g.
  • Doctors are sued and chased after by established medical industries to prevent them from teaching/preaching low carb – despite overwhelming evidence they are right.  He was accused of “dangerously curing type 2 diabetes”.
  • Traditional medical treatments today for type 2 diabetes never cure the patient – and continues to feed them carbs.  “Traditional science” still believes diabetes is caused by someone being obese rather than sugar.   Patients of type 2 diabetes don’t realize they do not need insulin – they need to stop the carbs.  They are told to go on all kinds of medication and to follow the food pyramid – which continues to make them sicker.   Current treatments for type 2 diabetes never result in patient getting better.


So, I ask you this…


  • a calorie isn’t a calorie?
  • Something else is making you fat?
  • What we have been told is “healthy” the last 40 years is indeed not?
  • Food industries have shaped what consumers buy?
  • Pharm industries WANT people sick?
  • Medical industries WANT the business?
  • “Traditional treatments” which are “established sciences” are meant to treat the symptoms and not the ROOT CAUSE?
  • The explosion of diseases in the last 40 years suggest the FDA food pyramid hypothesis in incorrect.


In the last 10 years….

  • We now know eggs are not bad for us. DIETARY CHOLESTEROL has little to do with the cholesterol in our blood
  • Saturated fats were unfairly demonized in bad studies meant to blame it for heart disease.  People ate these all the time when heart disease did not exist.  The “true” cause appears to be trans fats coupled with high levels of sugars.
  • LDL is not the number you’ve been looking for.  Statins are a $40 billion industry and apparently there is zero correlation between high LDL numbers and heart disease.  I have written about this here and provided many recent studies from prominent institutions
  • We have learned more about the dirty tricks that food industries did only after extensive research by a few individuals.  Taubes/Teicholz have done a lot for this
  • We have found that low carb diets are safe
  • We have found that low carb performance is equal to, if not better, than “traditional diets” for many athletic performances.  For 40 years, it was believed that carbs are the fuel of athletes
  • We have learned that fat does not make you fat.
  • We have learned that weight gain is more a matter of biology and hormones and not “calories in calories out”
  • Keto is exploding.  I’m counting a LOT of my facebook friends now either directly doing it or their spouse is.  And guess what.  They all lose weight
  • LEADING INDUSTRY EXPERTS say – “yes, without a doubt, you lose weight on low carb diets.  There is no doubting that”.  They go on to say, they are probably not recommended because “they are too hard to follow”.   They also say, it’s not a great idea because you will clog your arteries.  This is now shown to not be the case.
  • It is now becoming common knowledge that….THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ESSENTIAL CARBS.  Our bodies do not need carbs to survive.  We need fats to survive.  We need proteins.  We do not need sugars/carbs.  SO WHY DOES THE FOOD PYRAMID TELL US TO EAT 11 SERVINGS A DAY????
  • YouTube and other outlets have exploded with academics who have cutting edge studies at some of the most prominent institutions in the world.  Health industry is slow to respond.  Doctors/dieticians still point to saturated fats, food pyramid, and blaming the patients for not following the food pyramid – same thing that never had a clinical trial and was deemed dangerous by many scientists at the time.


If any of this  resonates with you, please go to youtube and check out:

  • “The Calorie Myth” by Jonathan Bailor
  • “Type 2 diabetes is processed food disease” by Dr. Lustig
  • “Why we get fat” and “the case against sugar” by Gary Taubes
  • “Carb Loaded” a documentary to give you an overview
  • Anything with Dr. Noakes, Mark Scisson, Nina Teicholz, Dr. Phinney, Dr. Volek