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Suddenly Died – a fair review of the documentary

I watched "Suddenly Died" on Rumble on the night before Thanksgiving, and I tweeted out the below... I also read the "mainstream" reviews, which all paint it as an "anti-vax" movie. Sponsored by Pfizer. The truth is, the movie does... Continue Reading →

Political Short: What is fair with student loan paybacks?

I'm 47 today. I'm at the peak of my earning potential. That being said, I don't really care much about the $450 loan payment I have to make, relative to my earnings. I owe like $70,000, but this was after... Continue Reading →

Political short analysis – Lindsey Graham cost the GOP the “red wave”, not DJT

Any channel you are putting on now, you are seeing how the democrats have held off the "Red Wave". Instant analysis is that Donald Trump inserting him into the mid-terms drove a sea of blue to the polls to push... Continue Reading →

What the climate and green people got wrong – and what they got right. A bi-partisan look at how this is going and what solutions can actually work

Gas prices in this country are insane. Let's start there and work outward. It is simple to see how day 1 of Biden administration gas prices started moving up via policies that limited or inhibited petroleum production, exploration, and transport.... Continue Reading →

What does Tulsi leaving the Democrat party mean?

What I did NOT see was, "I'm a Republican". She kinda sorta appears to be in a no man's land at the moment. I feel this woman has a legitimate chance of being the first woman president. I think this... Continue Reading →

Know thy enemy – what evil are the Republicans up to?

UNITED WE STAND - DIVIDED WE FALL I am starting with this to START THE HEALING. I WANT Republicans and Democrats to get along. I want the Democrats to know I'm not their enemy. FAR from it. Perhaps this is... Continue Reading →

Opinion – Russian sanctions will be removed inside of 3 months (and lessons learned from this)

I have two parts to this - first is my opinion, but at the end I have bullets here of "lessons learned" that I think can provide great value to those tracking geopolitics. Many of you may already understand a... Continue Reading →

Why I would want to run for Congress – someday

Before I dive in, there's some things I have to get out there. I'm currently gainfully employed, and do not plan on going anywhere, anytime soon. This is important to note in a "what if scenario" because if indeed I... Continue Reading →

The dominoes are falling – is this the beginning of the end of our system as we know it?

Yes, I believe it is the beginning of the end of the system, as we know it. It's not all doom and gloom, stick around until the end. To me, the nickel market was probably the most defining element of... Continue Reading →

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