I haven’t written much about “healthy living lately”.  It’s still on my mind, but I decided to take a break for a few months.  Big mistake, as I think many of you know already.

I still ate mostly low carb, but my life was altered this past fall with the passing of my mom at 66 from Pancreatic cancer.  I ran my fastest 5k ever in like 29 minutes in early October, but between that and the turkey trot I didn’t run much.  I slowed – a lot.  Well, 2 weeks ago was the first time I ran since the Turkey Trot – and OMG.

With my “mostly low carb”, there have been a few days here and there where I have had “full carb”.  I was pretty decent over the holidays, but leading up to the Turkey Trot, my stress levels increased – enter cortisol.  I had a few days here or there where I wasn’t great, but overall, I’m 20 pounds heavier than my lightest day ever.  Not really a big deal for anyone who has been on keto/low carb.  You all know that the carbs bind with water and after 2 more weeks of committing to keto, that 20 pounds will go down to about 5-7.  So my REAL gain in the last 3 months has been about 6 pounds.  Given I stopped running and working out, and had some cheat meals here and there, that’s legit.

But fitness.  Dear God.  The overall idea here was to give my body some physical time to heal up.  I went through a lot of mental anguish mixed in with a lot of weeks of barely sleeping, and throw in layers of job stress and you have a perfect storm.  After a good 8 months of running/biking/lifting – there was a conscious decision here to back off a little.  My wife is now pregnant, and I focused a lot of my mental energy from exercise to safety – provisions, investments, cutting costs, etc.  It’s not really about how much money you take in, but how efficiently you can spend the resources you have.

With fitness, I didn’t realize how quickly you lose it.  I noticed in my 5k run in October with YCP that I was MOVING.  I did lots of speed work leading up to that.  I noticed with the Turkey Trot that my top end had left me – in 6 weeks or so, that lost me about 1 minute per mile.  Well, 2.5 months after the Turkey Trot, I also lost distance.  And, with 20 pounds or so more, the HR went up and my body HURT.

Two weeks into running now and it’s getting better.  Just hopped on my bike mounted downstairs on the dumb trainer yesterday and hit some weights.  I plan on a 3 day fast this coming weekend to really get back to it.  I feel inside of 10 days, I’ll be back to 205ish.  I can work with that for training.  My season goal is to get in the 180s.  Maybe 179?  I figure I will have until the Turkey Trot to see that goal.  So in about 8 months, I’ll be looking to take off 25-26 pounds, or about 3 pounds per month.

Lessons learned from this.  Maybe take 1-2 weeks off to heal up in the off season.  But 2.5 months?  Feels like you are starting from scratch.  Ouch!!

Also – one thing I didn’t mention was I just went through 3 months of physical therapy for my left shoulder.  Over the years, I developed an impingement which had me unable to throw a ball – at all – or even reach up to a shelf, change a light bulb, etc.  Physical therapy got me to 99% and I can now throw again, but I don’t have the zip on the throws.  I’m 44.  Don’t really care at this point about throwing 75mph or having a 100 mph serve.  But my arm is now back in shape and I will be getting on some of you to hit the tennis balls around this spring!!  P.S. – I haven’t played tennis, really, at all in a LONG time.  It might be interesting to play tennis in the 180s in weight.  As a freshman, I was the 4th best on the college team at 245 pounds.  I wonder how I can move at 180?


Coronavirus update

I’ve been on this since the beginning, and friends of mine have called me a conspiracy theorist.  Long story short right now, looks like the virus came from the Chinese CDC which was 300 yards from this fish market where the virus was supposed to have originated.  Some other things coming out:

  1. The R0 is suspected to be between 4-6.6.  This is far more spreadable than the flu
  2. You can get it through your eyes, meaning these masks are useless.
  3. The masks are meant to prevent you from giving to others, not from getting it from others.
  4. The incubation period is up to 24 days, not 14.  So all of these 14 day isolation periods are useless.
  5. The Chinese now have 700 million in quarantine.  Twice the population of this country.
  6. The one cruise ship now has 365 people infected, the second largest cluster outside of China.  This is showing how easily it spreads.
  7. The numbers are thought to be an order of magnitude larger than reported.  The idea is that maybe the virus has hit 10 times more than reported, but 80-90% of the people that have this will experience a mild to severe flu – but nothing that will hospitalize them.  These people aren’t even being tested
  8. The fatality rate is thought to be 1-2%, but this will most likely end up infecting 4 billion people over the next year.  That’s between 40-80 million people.  The Spanish flu was 2.5%.
  9. While people think they are safe in the US because we have “better tech” and “better hand washing” – this is spread through surfaces, air through coughs/sneezes, and through aerosol – so tiny droplets that linger after sneezes/coughs and get in your eyes.
  10. A couple just got it from Hawaii, and had no known contact with anyone from China.
  11. It is thought that the Chinese are using Draconian measures – but if they hadn’t done this, it’s possible the death rate would be much higher.  Their idea is to slow this the best they can so those infected will get the highest quality of care.  If they hadn’t done this, it is thought many more people would have died.
  12. No one trusts the Chinese infected/died numbers in the medical community.  These are thought to be VASTLY under-reported.
  13. This apparently was a man-made virus, and a paper that came out of China via Beijing stated that this most likely came from a bat in their CDC either biting a tech or a tick on the bat bit a tech.  That tech then probably went to lunch at the market and then began transmission in NOVEMBER.  The rates of infection double every 4-6 days, so that’s why it’s taken until mid February for 70,000+ cases reported.


Something to note about this.  Notice how global travel will be down, 700 million people in China are quarantined, companies are lagging already in parts/products shipping from China – and stocks continue to rise?  Looks like the US and China are papering their markets over with QE.  Everyone is racing to de-value their currency at record rates.  The problem is – this leads to significant inflation.  But Nate, the CPI is 2.1%!!  Yeah.  This number doesn’t take into account food or energy costs.  Pretty much what drives your cost of living up from year to year.  And they don’t count it.

So…the 10 year is now curving downward again.  How much QE is left before SHTF?

I can tell you, I think quarterly results are going to be trash.  You can inject money, but you can’t really fake sales.  Maybe EPS are manipulated by company buy back of stocks…but this cannot go on forever.


Cutting the cord

I’m having a little one in June sometime.  I’m trying to find more ways to store away resources, money, etc – and one way of doing this is by cutting costs.  I’m not someone that was ever interested in expensive brand names or high fallutin living.  My experience with this was somewhat interesting – back in the day, there were these shorts called Jams that were all the rage.  They were like $30.  Back 30 years ago, that was expensive for shorts.  My family wasn’t rich.  I was in all of these classes with these kids that came from a lot of wealth, and it was intimidating.  While I could be scoring the highest grades in the class – it didn’t matter because I would never be as good as them.

So I got a pair of Jams once – and then some kid asked me where I got them.  If I recall, it was at a local department store in our area called Boscovs.  Well, apparently that wasn’t good enough because it wasn’t bought at a more expensive store.  Stupid.

I have then spent most of my adult life trying to buy high quality, but not be excessive.  I did own an Escalade once, but it was 5 years old when I bought it.  LOVED the quality.  But didn’t love the 14MPG, constant parts breaking, and total cost of ownership around $1400 per month.  F that.

But now at 44, I really don’t have shit to prove to anyone…anymore.  I mean I still live in that shadow of the 13 year old in a school with people who always seemed to have more money than me.  But I just stopped caring now.  I’m someone who has interest in buying in bulk, wondering how I can get some coupons.  I used credit cards for the free points and pay them off every week.  One thing I’ve been toiling with has been TV.

Unlike 10 years ago, I barely watch TV anymore.  I barely watch movies anymore.  What do I care about?

  1. Eagles.  Need my football
  2. CBS shows.  Seems like I don’t watch much else outside of CBS other than SVU.
  3. Some live news.

Turns out, my cable/internet bill comes out to be about $3,000 per year.  Over the course of 20 years, that’s about $60k.  I’d much rather put that towards my unborn son’s college.

So I just put out to my Facebook friends to get some ideas.  My step father has the HD antenna and that is pretty good, but it’s not a complete solution.  5G could be a great internet solution, but it’s not here yet.  DSL is too slow.

Why in today’s day and age, is Comcast my ONLY solution?  Monopoly anyone?

Anyone who has some thoughts on the HD antenna, recording devices for HD antenna, other internet solutions – drop a comment below.