I took this idea from Tim Pool last week. He was basically saying there is no right or left. There is no democrat or republican. “There is only libertarianism versus authoritarianism”. I wanted to bring this up in the context of money. More and more, through every interview I’m seeing – today was Doug Casey on Palisades – everything I’m seeing is backing what Tim Pool said.

In 2015, I had enough of being registered as a Democrat and switched parties to Republican. Most of my early life was libertarian to an extent. These guys were kinda crazy though and wanted no drug laws and no taxes, at all. The candidates they marched out were nobodies and they could never win elections. But whatever you want to say about Trump and the tweets – his actual politics were more closely Libertarian. He seemed to not want to war with others. He wanted to get away from using supply chains elsewhere. In no speech can you ever find him saying anything about gays that is negative – he was agnostic. A VERY important element to me. Let people live how they want, as long as they don’t infringe upon me, to an extent.

Trump wanted tougher borders and to enforce the laws on the books. Order. But not authoritarianism. He fought hard to get a vaccine to help those who wanted it – get it – but there was no talk of forcing it on anyone. The far right establishment hated him. The far left establishment hated him. His downfall, ultimately came to not only his tweets, but also how he threatened both of the authoritarian regimes of both the right and the left. Anyone remember Bush and the Patriot Act to spy on Americans, for our safety? Remember Obama and the phone taps, for our safety? Now, we have forced vax mandates, for our safety. Work places are to get involved with personal medical decisions and fire them for not complying, meanwhile it is abundantly clear to everyone that the vaccine does not stop illness, AT ALL, but does provide some order of protection to those most vulnerable.

I have voted for both Democrats (Obama) and Republicans (Trump) in my life – but find myself most closely aligned with politics that minimizes government, reduces taxes, and allows for free markets. Obama once ran talking about how we had 9 agencies trying to regulate salmon, and he would fight to reduce things like that. I’m not sure he did. Bush (I didn’t vote for) was supposedly a conservative but grew our government size and debt. Trump, for as much as I liked him, grew our debt even more – then dealt with pandemic spending measures.

Where I find myself now is on the forefront of calling out authoritarianism. I am seeing us marching closer to something like this, and vaccine compliance is just a barometer of who is compliant and who is not. Now, I’m most certain I’m on lists of those who did not comply to be used against me perhaps 5 years down the road. Rather than being quiet and going about my business, I need to be on the offensive to let people know what is going on to proactively perhaps save my life. While this might sound rather silly, we have to look at where this is going. Skate to the puck, if you will.

Socialism and fascism

Anyone who reads this knows I’m big on gold and silver, but I’m more interested in miners. With this, you end up understanding jurisdictions and political risk quite well. I’m not a poly sci expert, but I know that all of these mines with all of these minerals can, at any time, be nationalized. We have seen how Hugo Chavez took Venezuela from one of the wealthiest oil producing nations in the world to one that is caught up in hyper inflation and in third world status. When you look at what happened there, and look at what’s going on in many other places, you can see how sympathy for socialism ignites fires with the citizens. Equity is shown as the solution to all of society’s problems – with constant promises of “this time it will be different” muttered by everyone.

The root cause of a lot of this is hidden inflation over many years. IF you go off of a sound money like gold and silver, you start to run the risks of printing too much currency. Those who run the largest companies tend to then absorb a lot of this extra currency like a sponge.

Then, these largest companies start to buy out smaller companies and put ma and pa shops out of business. Collectively, more money printed off then allows for consolidation of power at the elite classes. I have seen over the last 20 years as one mega merger after another has happened. As these mega mergers are happening with hidden inflation – you may be seeing 2% raises, but your cost of living is increasing 5%. Meaning, each of the last 20 years you have gotten 3% poorer. Unless you went to college, got multiple graduate degrees like me – you perhaps are poorer, by a lot, relatively to where you were 20 years ago.

Eventually, what happens is things you used to buy with savings you are now buying on credit. Ultimately, with hidden inflation over the last 50 years, you have seen the erosion of the middle class of savers into an upper class of owners and a lower class of borrowers. Even those who might consider themselves in an upper class don’t have any clue how far apart they are from the Gates and Bezos of the world. Unless you are 1%, you are probably borrowed to the hilt showing off to your friends on Fakebook what you have – and when you ask around, you find that person is in debt to their eyeballs.

You then have a situation where this has occurred with companies…

See the source image

What about SEED companies consolidating to control food?

See the source image

You have this kind of consolidation with pharm companies

See the source image
See the source image
See the source image

Now take a look at the banking realm?

See the source image

You then had these MEDIA companies consolidate

Let me explain how our lives have morphed over 40 years – but keep this saying in mind: “gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter the money of peasants, debt the money of slaves”.

  1. We got off of a sound money standard. This allowed for printing of money which began collecting like a funnel to the largest and biggest people/companies
  2. Inflation was hidden – which allowed you to be drained slowly of wealth a paper cut at a time over 50 years. This eroded a middle class of savers and created a lower class of debtors.
  3. Large companies consolidated and bought more influence with our government.
  4. More people had to work for larger companies and abide by their rules
  5. Our “free market” is now gone, replaced by a government controlled market which selects winners and losers.
  6. We are now at a point in time where they are about to roll out “compliance” and those who do not comply can be ex-communicated from society, or worse.
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You see, we are at an inflection point in our history. Those people lined up on the wall to be shot. In every country. In every instance in history. Inflection points happened to lead to these situations. You have to understand inflection points in order to prevent these things from happened. To me, I believe it is the continued grab of power going on that needs to be stopped.


Many people like to quote the “50% inflation per month” as hyper inflation. But my question is often more cumbersome and makes people think too much. “What STRUCTURE led to hyperinflation”. It’s rather easy to do the math to then tell someone, “yup Chuck, we’re here. 50% per month!” But it’s a lot more of a critical question to ask how the hell they got there. What specifically broke for it to get to that point. If hyper inflation is A then B then C that results in D at 50% per month – would it be important to understand A, B, and C to then determine if you are on a path for D?

I believe the same can be done to look at the Pol Pot, Hitler, etc situations. What events happened. What chain of events happened that led to people accepting that as their fate?

We see in Venezuela while there is a hyper inflation, we aren’t hearing reports of people being lined up on a wall and being shot. So a hyper inflation state doesn’t necessarily lead to brutality. But, a hyper inflation in Weimar Germany indirectly then led to a Hitler to rise to power.

I ask this because when you talk about the roaring twenties and the Great Depression – many people today can bring up the 4th turning. Many can then look at how a Hitler was inevitable to come out of Germany. You blame a certain group of people for your problems, you dial up the rhetoric, and you take from them at all costs. You make them the blame for all of the problems of society.

How can you predict when a Hitler is amongst you? Can you then look around and quite plainly see that in my country, a certain group is being blamed for all problems in this country. I can’t even discuss the problems here for fear of being branded something this or that, which I’m most certainly not – but the problem is that this is where we are. The divisiveness has prevented us from even having discussions due to censorships and cancel culture.

There’s a lot of division going on. Companies are then enforcing mandatory education on people blaming groups for problems. With the recent pandemic, we are now at a point in time where an experimental drug has become mandatory. This experimental juice does not prevent the sickness, only hopes to dull the lethal effects of the sickness. The problem is – that media and pharm machine above convinced everyone that if you take this experimental drug, you will not get the disease. Then, the other large companies acted at the behest of the government to enforce these rules of compliance.

To me, this was a fucking chilling demonstration of how the state and corporations have merged.

And, if I did not comply, I would be out of a job. I’d then not be able to pay my bills. I’d be homeless. Because I’m in debt for my house, the government could make rules that if I did not comply, they could make me homeless. Boot to the neck. Only because I was in debt could they have this power over me by wielding the corporations as their enforcement arms.

This is fascism. At least in Mussolini’s definition.

I did not comply. I am on lists. At work. Within the government. My PRIVATE medical decisions are now on lists with the state.

To me – I can see a chain of events happening that led to some bad times in history…

  1. Disarming the citizens
  2. Propaganda campaigns to divide citizens into groups
  3. Spending citizens’ money and going into massive debt to fund public works or military
  4. Controlling the money to take wealth from citizens while blaming groups for the problems – government seizure of private property to strip citizens of any power or means to fight
  5. Civil war/unrest/change in government happens

To me, in the above, we are at step 4 where COVID has been used to get Blackrock at $10 trillion in holdings while seizing homes and businesses at the benefit of the banks and enrichment of the pharm companies. Media companies are then sponsored and bought and paid for by Pfizer.

Compliance and your money

What we have now seen demonstrated is that the government can make any rule, and then use corporations to enforce these rules. IF you do not comply, you have to hope that someone fights this in the courts, and you have to hope the courts are the last bastions of freedom. Even then, you are worried that these courts are now highly political appointees. You can see this clearly when people go court shopping. It’s disgusting.

What is being talked about now are the central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. This is where the US federal government creates a crypto wallet for everyone and then can more easily “stimulate” the economy. This is how they get you. “I want to give you something. I need your compliance”. This then leads to everyone getting this set up for $50 or $200 or whatever nominal fee they want to give us.

It then turns into something very sinister, very quickly. Because we now have the cooperation of the largest companies and media outlets, we can now get this wallet out to everyone, easily. And, we will have companies pay you directly to this wallet. No more dollar bills into a private bank. The big 5-10 banks may act as clearinghouses, but now all transactions go through your FedCoin wallet. Those big banks also happen to be the largest shareholders of the Fed. So, more or less – these big banks are kind of running everything. Which is why most of the politicians early in history hated central banks.

If you do not comply to federal mandates, they can simply freeze your wallet. You will not have the ability to buy food. Gas. Pay your mortgage. You may need to have boosters all the time, and if you do not comply, your wallet is turned off. IF you violate curfew, your wallet will no longer work after 7PM. You have been a bad actor, so you are now restricted within 1 mile of your home.

Gold and Silver were there from the beginning to limit the authority of our governments. Our forefathers were lawyers, but they were also farmers, newspaper publishers, doctors – you name it. They were students of history, and knew how that once the currency is corrupted, the government eventually runs out of control. Eventually, they spend themselves into oblivion OR seek so much control that revolution happens. In the case of the French Revolution – you could quite simply see massive income disparity led to lots of beheadings.

In my country now, I feel we are at number 6. I feel that with the vaccines, the lies that were told are starting to get people to question those in charge. My president’s approval rating now rests at 33%. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that low. The rhetoric coming from my leaders sounds like “compliance” rather than anything that makes any sense.

Let me get this straight. In California, you cannot be an unvaxxed doctor or a nurse at a hospital due to rules stating you need to have a vaccine. Yet, right now they are at terrible shortages because doctors and nurses (who are vaxxed) are coming down with COVID at alarming rates. This is not a vaccine. It is a therapy to help lessen the effects of COVID. Meaning, what the hell is the point of needing someone to get the vaccine for “work place safety”? I can go to work now, IF I test negative. However, I can go in there, showing EVERYONE I have a negative test to only be surrounded by those with the vaccine who could be positive but are not tested? Meaning, if you want work place safety, you’d test everyone at the door. But they aren’t. Because you have dull and dim witted authoritarians running this stuff.

Now we are also seeing the clown car that is the fed having one after another resign because they have been involved with the stock market, THEN creating Fed policy which juiced the stocks? Only when the jig is up, and it looks like the stock market is about to rollover do these guys leave? Furthermore, you have one congressman after another making bank off of the stock market by creating laws which enrich the companies you invest in?

At the same time, many people in my country felt our elections were fraudulent. To suggest this, you are labeled crazy and fringe conspiracy nut. All of us saw it with our own eyes. 80 million votes for a guy who never left his basement during the campaign, and the “mail in voting” was then done in such a way where strategic close call precincts decided the entire election?? This was what I saw once every 4 weeks from Biden’s team.

See the source image

To 50% of our country, it just didn’t pass the sniff test. Trump got 73m votes, a record – except for Biden who got 80 million. Today, you have a 33% approval. To most of the people when Biden won, it was, “meh – at least it’s not that racist Trump”.

And here’s where the media comes into play. 4 years of constant drubbing. We have now lost faith in our media, as well. They spent 4 years trying to tell you that Trump was a Russian agent. Then, the NY Times on page 245 quietly reports that Hillary’s team actually hired the people to create the fake dossier to create the Trump Russian agent narrative. Many are also now understanding that the Hunter Biden laptop WAS authentic. Trump asked Ukraine to look into what the hell was going on with this, and then the establishment went after Trump for doing a “quid pro quo” which….as it turns out…was actually what Biden did with Hunter. They actually impeached Trump for looking into Biden’s crimes. Can’t make this shit up. So many of us now have lost faith in our media – which essentially was the 4th branch of our government – to provide checks and balances on the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

Civil War

Tim Pool suggest a civil war is coming. I don’t think it will be like that. I feel that in this country, despite how we feel about our polling, or our pharm companies, or our media – we STILL feel that we can potentially vote evil people out. I believe, based on what I have seen over the last 18 months, that there will be a red wave taking over from the blue. However, this is primary times. I believe that LIBERTARIAN red (Rand Paul type) will defeat the conservative establishment Red type. I believe this wave will draw in a lot of the blue that is not progressive, but still liberal.

I believe that in 2024, a Red Libertarian sort will win. And, I believe, that if those two election outcomes are not to be seen, this country has a real fracture coming after the 2024 elections.

To me, we are at the 7th stage – and soon – where a currency crisis is to happen. In 2008, they bailed out the banks. This time around, there’s a lot of language written to BAIL IN the banks, where they take from the holders. This is a possibility which can happen in the next 6 months.

I can’t tell you the price of gold tomorrow, or next week, but I know in the next few months/years it will be much higher. What I can also tell you is that I don’t know if the stock market is going down tomorrow or next week, but it is going down. And soon….

What you learn a lot in finance when you dig in is the amount of shit that people bet on is enormous. In the derivative markets, you are looking at hundreds of trillions, if not quadrillions. I believe this next crisis will lead to a lot of the derivative markets untangling and collapsing. I don’t know how that’s going to look. I just have a feeling that with a currency crisis, people may get out of whatever “shit” they have to buy real things.

One thing that concerns me is all of the dollars we sent overseas for 50 years. In 10% inflation scenarios, why would people around the world hold dollars? If you talk to a Marin Katusa or a milkshake follower – the dollar is the best currency around the world. Well, I believe its mask is about to come off and reveal that it is worthless toilet paper

The issue is – mostly – those who believe in this currency have no idea how fractured the country is that uses this currency. While the odds of civil war with guns is remotely slim, it’s a civil war that may be fought in the courts and in the press. Meaning – the left for many years wants to take the guns of the right. Translating – those who are authoritarians want to take the means of resistance from the libertarians – and they have used the press to try and rally people around this narrative. However, the internet has provided the resistance needed to clown the likes of a CNN.

When you look at the above chart from like 5 years ago, there’s only one logical conclusion to draw. You must ban all knives. Seriously – the problem is that concentrated media above will run stories of a rifle-based shooting, then try to create gun control. There’s 400 million guns out there, and if you listen to the progressives, they want no guns. None. But 1,817 people died by knife? These knives did not pull themselves out of the drawer and stab people. Likewise, the rifle killings were not done by a rifle by itself.

IF they feel they can take the weapons away from the Libertarians, the Authoritarians feel they can then more firmly control the country.

If you simply look at Australia, you could see how in the 1990s they all gladly gave up their guns. And now, you turned them into a Banana Republic by deporting Djokavich. Meanwhile, there are camps they have there – anyone who has been suspected of being in contact with someone with COVID can be removed from their homes and placed there. Indefinitely. Meaning, what if you protest? Could that even be a mass spreader event and they round up these people?

Just look at what happened in Canada, where they admitted they tracked 33 million peoples’ phones without their consent to ensure they were following lock downs?

In this country – we have lots and lots of guns, and for now, no one is taking them away. We have all learned from history, and none of us planned to be lined up on that wall.

Coming to a head

While I mentioned that no one really knows what is going to happen with markets tomorrow – you can see that the auto market is about to catch up. Used car prices are about to plummet. Lots of people are about to be upside down on auto loans. The housing market now just has seen a 3.45% avg rate and dropping inventories. Lumber shot up in price again – and I feel the housing market is in for a steep decline. At the same time, you have the Evergrande situation where many of these bond holders have billions going to zero. Many don’t realize that Tether is based in Hong Kong and has 97% “commercial paper” which may have been bonds like Evergrande. The fabric of a lot of cryptos can be wiped out.

At the same time, our stock markets are historically overvalued. A correction is imminent, and with rising interest rates, many feel they either cannot raise rates, or if they do, they can only do 1 or two before collapse of the stock market.

To me, this appears to be a controlled demolition, and I think it’s plausible to see that interest rates rising could lead to the end result they want. The controlled demolition of the system. In 2020 and 2021 insiders did a lot of selling. Central banks have been buying gold out the ass.

Could we see a controlled demolion in the stock market be intentional? If we are to get CBDCs, the most likely way of doing it is with stimulus. Well, if we are mostly past COVID, the mostly likely candidate to me would be a recession/depression to roll them out. You had the Andrew Yangs of the world advocating for a base amount of money everyone gets. This could be the way the progressives want to roll it out.

By demolishing the system, and then handing out money, the progressives can further morph into a socialist cabal intent on controlling the narrative while giving out money to the masses. Meaning, if a libertarian wanted to run in 2022/2024 against them on reduced government and spending – it would mean no “free money”. Remember how Andrew Yang got scolded for wanting to “buy” peoples’ votes?

This is essentially how we get to CBDCs and free money for millions of people.

You have to have a controlled demolition of the stock market. All of those people who then lose thousands or millions of dollars, and lose their jobs – they will need government subsidies in order to buy food. It will be because of the greed of the few, they say, which caused the problems.

I believe the system as we know it, is in danger. If you think they might stop at one rate hike, consider if CBDCs is their end game, they may want to take this shit down.

Gold as money

I don’t own gold, but I do have some constitutional silver. My beliefs are that with supply/demand fundamentals we will see a much, much, much higher silver price in the next 5 years. I do believe the investment demand will soar. Lobo Tiggre was on Palisades recently and he has talked about now how yo can divide gold with the blockchain that it will be money again. I agree – which is why I’m very much invested in Kinesis Monetary System. With Kinesis, you can buy a gram of gold, or a fraction of a gram of gold, and then spend this by sending to a merchant or someone else’s wallet.

Just like you can use PayPal or Venmo to send someone dollars, you can use Kinesis to send others gold and silver. I also believe there will be a lot of competitors for Kinesis showing up in the near future – and these competitors will be like Visa, Discover, MasterCard, AMEX – all of them can co-exist. All of them will have little features and benefits to have over another. I also believe merchants may start taking these more and more. Why? First – unlike a 3% Visa fee, the fee for these are .45%. So the fees are less. Second, I believe major banks may start to use this at some point. IF CBDCs could emerge, the free market cryptos could be gold and silver backed. This could be the free market choice to NOT be trapped in a CBDC system.

Furthermore, I believe gold may be what is in the vaults to buy a lot of stuff with, but silver can be in the hands of people. I do believe there will be a bimetallic system only because of how much gold and silver exist. IF you agree with the CPM group that there has been 60b oz of silver mined, at perhaps a historic rate of 15:1, it would tell you there are 4b oz of gold on the planet. And 8b people. That means, that each citizen would have roughly 16g of gold to go around. This would imply an ounce of gold might go up 100x OR they also add silver to the mix for money. To me, it would be much easier to have silver go up in value 6x to be 15:1 with gold. This would perhaps assign 225g of silver to every person on earth. A lot of that silver is in dumps and silverware, but the idea is that using a bimetallic standard would not be unusual.

I called these “jewels” in my financial energy research. For example, perhaps a jewel of financial energy would be the equivalent of 1.93g of gold or 29g of silver OR 1 barrel of oil – you get the idea. You can pay for things in jewels of financial energy. This jewel might be called something else, because people don’t do well with fractions. Maybe this jewel is divided by 1,000 and items are priced in 1/1000th of a jewel. Today, that might be about $.10.

I see a future 5, 10, 20 years from now how people start seeing the value of items in grams of gold and resources, and not dollars, euros, or yen. The one problem they had this time around was the internet. Too many people can learn far too quickly what happened to the Romans – or any other civilization.

I believe that in the next 2-3 years, people will embrace the scarcity of our resources, and these resources themselves will become money. Why do people accept Canadian dollars? Because they know Canada is rich with resources. Why do they accept USD? Because we are rich with resources.

The future here is gold, silver, oil, copper, uranium, etc. Scarce resources will be money. If you look at the stages of civilization above, the thing that comes at the top is sound money. To ME, a Red Libertarian wave in 2022 and 2024 COULD be the best way out of the controlled demolition that can happen.

I do NOT believe we will vote for authoritarianism here. I believe we will vote for freedoms – and with this, recognize sound money as we start to have a lot of problems in 2022. One group will offer cash and things for “free” and the other group will paint a way ahead with sound money. The thing is, I believe we will understand money is more than gold this time around.

Out of the ashes

With my series on financial energy, I pointed to gold’s relationship with all commodities. It’s why I said a jewel could be worth 1.93g of gold – which is what an avg barrel of oil is. Steve St. Angelo also showed the other day on Palisades how the price of oil and gold was interconnected. He suggested the price of gold goes up with oil (energy). I don’t entirely disagree – but in the past, that could have been gold and coal…or gold and trees. In the future, it could be gold and uranium if uranium power is used to melt gold and power battery packs that mine gold.

I strongly believe all commodities have been stripped down over 40 years in price – but many are about to understand the value of food, energy, and money much better in the years ahead. All efficiencies have been found, but we see lower grades of ore. Large oil fields are non-existent. It’s harder to grow food. Natural gas is more expensive. Everything from now on will be driven by the scarcity of commodities.

I heard a few weeks ago that unfortunately, I shared a point of view with Karl Marx. Both of us apparently arrived at the conclusion the below is money.

I feel that on the other side of this shit show, sound money may come about using the block chain. Lots of these commodities you should be able to trade for other things of value. I believe the JEWEL will be the central form of money, and these commodities will be on an exchange valued in it. For example, today 1.93g of gold might be a jewel. That might be a fixed value – but then everything else is relative to that. Copper, lumber, corn, etc.

The way out of authoritarianism is to keep them out of our money, and not consenting to overreach with privacy. If the money falls, all is lost.

A decision is coming soon during a currency crisis. This is how I see the USD….it is falling…..

How to fight what is coming?

Look, I don’t know what is coming of this. I can tell you it’s clear to see storm clouds. I am being blamed somehow for someone’s problems halfway across the country because of my skin color. If I do not comply with certain trainings blaming me for peoples’ problems, I can be fired. If I don’t take an experimental drug, I can be fired. And down the road, if I do not comply to what I am being told, I am either being lined up against a wall or my wallet will be turned off and I and my family will starve to death.

I have a plan to potentially help me and others mitigate those grim scenarios. Maybe it’s a 5% chance? My grandmother who is 95 in May lived through the Great Depression. There was no one lined up on a wall and shot in our country, but that was happening in Europe when she was a child. With socialism and Mussolini fascism sweeping the world right now, with controlled demolition of all paper currencies, you can bet the Great Reset is underway. Maybe they use “climate” as the pretense for CBDCs. A “climate emergency” if you will.

Any which way it goes, here’s what I’m trying to do to fly under the radar of the next 4th turning.

  1. Acquire things of value. Some silver, but food, supplies, and even gold/silver cryptos from Kinesis. IF there’s a competitor to CDBCs, it may be in the form of crypto gold/silver.
  2. Get out of debt. This is a lot easier said than done, but my plan here is to try and win big with miners to get out of debt and invest in “things”. I think over the next few years, people will understand “things I need” versus “things I want” and come to a conclusion we need to dial back stupid shit. They will stop charging things they don’t need, and this lack of buying will take down a lot of retail.
  3. Buy an RV and some land. I am not there yet, but I do like the idea of buying a few acres remote and being able to take an RV there. I plan on planting all kinds of plants there – perhaps like raspberries. I worry a little about bears, but food may attract animals, which are essentially food.
  4. Get armed and learn how to use it. I’m not talking Rambo. But if there is civil unrest and people riot for food, you need to protect your home and loved ones.
  5. Buy solar and a battery. I know this sounds silly – but my solar and batteries are going to replace my power bills. If energy prices go 10x in the next few years, I am self sufficient. My refrigerators/freezers will still have power. And, if we get to a point like Venezuela, and rolling blackouts happen, I am insulated from that and have power to keep my family safe.
  6. Get supplies and stock. Canned goods, rice, pasta, etc. You don’t need a bunker, but we are seeing grocery store problems here in the US. What if we fast forward 3-4 years from now and there are significant issues? Get some medical supplies. Bandages, gauze, etc.
  7. Get skills. Over the last few years, I intentionally tried to learn a lot of skills. I finished my basement – learned how to build walls, sub floor, drywall, construction, drop ceilings, flooring, painting. I also fixed my dryer a few weeks ago by replacing a tensioner for $10. I was about to take apart my snow blower to clean the carburetor after watching a video. IF your job goes away and you are an office worker, how can you provide for your family?
  8. Vote towards libertarianism. Right now, the Republicans are most aligned with them, but the traditional conservatives might be more further right and want to control you in other ways. PATRIOT act, etc. Look for those who want free markets, less war, lower taxes, and less regulations. I am hoping in primaries this year, a lot of libertarian republicans come about. The libertarian party cannot get elected. They just cannot. To me, it’s best if they merge or ally with the Republicans. Believe it or not, this may also bring in traditional liberals.