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Time has run out – storm clouds are here! 20 macro reasons we are in for a bad month or two | Quick note on uranium

Edit: I wrote this in pieces the last 2 days. Wouldn't you know we close up 261 on the dow. Step back from the daily close and whatever narrative the muppets on CNBC tell you to take stock in your... Continue Reading →

Navigating the macro picture of the next few months – eviction moratorium, jobs, inflation, Afghanistan, China, etc.

The setup.... If you look at the daily highs on the stock markets, you'd think all is peachy in the world. Well, in reality, if you think about who owns a vast majority of these stocks, you are making stupid... Continue Reading →

What can happen to silver in the next 13 days? Also – look at the BIG names backing gold and silver now!!

Look, anyone telling you they KNOW where this is going is full of shit. We look at probabilities, history, supply/demand, global politics, the dollar, interest rates, debt - and we all try and make our best long term guesses. Most... Continue Reading →

Installing my new government – run by my gold and silver guys. Who is your choice for president?

Let's have some fun. 6 months from now, CNBC is one story after another how gold has gone bitcoin in price leaps, with silver actually doubling it. David Morgan has had his 37th appearance for the day and all of... Continue Reading →

Still ape$*&% about GDX – why?

The most hated sector right now might be precious metals. All time highs daily in the markets. Crypto making a rebound. And there is a pet rock. Luckily, my pet rock has been money for 5,000 years and don't look... Continue Reading →

Where do we go from here with gold and silver?

I'm not going to bust out charts to point to some sort of divergences today. There are far better people for that, but I do have a GDX and SILJ to at least consider. What I wanted to do was... Continue Reading →

Taking a closer look at short term GDX

This is NOT financial advice. Do your own due diligence. This is for educational purposes and a follow up on my options play with GDX that I have been documenting. At the end of this upcoming week, I will publish... Continue Reading →

Have you seen record low sentiment in metals? I have…

This is a shorter blog, as the title tells the story pretty clearly. Have most of you observed what I have this week? "These "experts" are idiots and I'm done with them""No one really knows""I think TAs are trying to... Continue Reading →

The root cause of the destruction to come – CPI is wrong

I have written about this a lot over the last year, but I wanted to have a more concise and direct - yet shorter - post many can see as my point of view. I share a lot of the... Continue Reading →

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