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Deflation ahead? The solution to high prices is…

A thought occurred to me yesterday when I was reading through Twitter and saw Happy Hawaiian's post... If you follow this trendline, you can sort of draw a line to doom. You can see an analog here with the 2008... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – Why I’m short to my eyeballs in non-metals

I'm really not a doom and gloomer. However, in my "normal" portion of my trading account, it's about half gold and silver miners or so where my expectation is, that over time, the PMs will gain a lot of value... Continue Reading →

Is Artificial Intelligence coming to take all of our jobs?

In the case of my career, perhaps, but not anytime soon. I have tried to insulate my career at many turns - and even got my second graduate degree as an MBA in case the day would ever present itself... Continue Reading →

Is the housing market dead? I take a look at both long and short sides of this trade through the eyes of builders

This is not licensed financial advice. This is the observations and musings of some dude on the internet with graduate degrees who likes to share his research with his closest 6,000 friends. I spent a few days putting this together,... Continue Reading →

Crash or Rally coming? How am I positioned?

Look - I'm writing this not for you to mimic what I'm doing, but to point out where I think we are, and what might be ahead in the near term. I'm seeing mixed signals right now, and I think... Continue Reading →

Could China be making THE currency move as we speak?

"Buy it all, today". I believe those short may need to start buying back their shorts, damn near immediately. I could be very wrong with this, so don't go posting this everywhere. This is an academic exercise that is walking... Continue Reading →

Why laws are important in our democracy

I once lived in a condo about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia in a town called King of Prussia, which was right next to Valley Forge. When I lived there, I lived so close to my job at Vanguard Group... Continue Reading →

The dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

I have written about this topic a few times, but as time has gone on, I've seen more of it in the news. I think I wanted to weigh in here with some fresh takes on this, and combine it... Continue Reading →

My review of gold backed tokens – and the winner is? Some surprises here

With a recent article about gold-backed tokens, I wanted to discuss here about some of the more popular ones out there. It's probably not a surprise that Kinesis is my favorite, but honestly, I didn't know a ton about a... Continue Reading →

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