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Crash or Rally coming? How am I positioned?

Look - I'm writing this not for you to mimic what I'm doing, but to point out where I think we are, and what might be ahead in the near term. I'm seeing mixed signals right now, and I think... Continue Reading →

Could China be making THE currency move as we speak?

"Buy it all, today". I believe those short may need to start buying back their shorts, damn near immediately. I could be very wrong with this, so don't go posting this everywhere. This is an academic exercise that is walking... Continue Reading →

Why I think gold and silver miners are the 4D chess investment of this decade

Gold and silver miners have been brutal to invest in for many. For me, I love the excitement. I am hooked on miners. But why? I did a few pieced on this in the past, so some of it may... Continue Reading →

The dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

I have written about this topic a few times, but as time has gone on, I've seen more of it in the news. I think I wanted to weigh in here with some fresh takes on this, and combine it... Continue Reading →

The re-birth of the United States in the 2030s to come

I can guarantee you I get terrible views on this, as a LOT of my international readers love to hear about the decline of the US, and the decline of the dollar - but in this piece, I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Top 21 theories I have been cooking up

I mention here above all that I appreciate the ability for people to formulate theories and back it up with data/information. It takes a lot of guts to put things like that out there. Many look at things through a... Continue Reading →

Where is gold’s place in the 21st century? One can see gold backed exchanges as the logical endgame coming

When I first got into this stuff, the thing that got me most was the gold de-pegging in 1971. Surely, we need a gold-backed system! Well, the problem is, it's not like they rang up the credit card a little... Continue Reading →

How to “end the fed” and CBDC with one sharp dagger – the Constitution

I don't know about you, but all of this CBDC talk has me on edge. How can "they" do this? I didn't vote for this!! A few weeks ago a potential future presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, had a speech where... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – is it Gold FOMO time or the real deal?

This one has bothered me the last two days. I think it's "the real deal" this time, but I think we all saw what happened with Ukraine and the fear play. Gold skyrocketed, the miners followed. Then - everything seemed... Continue Reading →

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