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Silver shorts – Inverse head and shoulders, inflation and empty shelves, long term call options

Some have brought up the inverse head and shoulders forming a few weeks ago, but now I wanted to show it seems to be popping up on a lot of charts I'm looking it. It's pretty clear on the gold... Continue Reading →

How much could silver be smashed by October 28th?

If you are someone who just buys miners for a 3+ year hold, you aren't going to care about the daily gyrations of the prices of metals. This article may not be for you. I have several tiers of investments.... Continue Reading →

Solar panel buying part 2 – evaluating the energy cliff from Steve St. Angelo

I highly recommend you check out Steve's latest interview at Palisades HERE. I wanted to add an intellectual discussion as part of my solar purchasing series. For those looking for KWH break downs and my monthly solar bill, this isn't... Continue Reading →

DXY – know thy enemy to understand gold’s next leg up – and how silver gets to $100

Most people reading this from Twitter are learning a lot about PMs as we go. I had 4 years of MBA studies at 3 schools before finishing it (moving has a way of stopping your grad school for some reason)... Continue Reading →

Gold and DXY wedges paint a story to come?

While in my previous article I busted on TA a little as a psychic power, I also mentioned I use it as part of where to enter/exit positions and use it with my macro outlooks. I do not manage billion... Continue Reading →

Where are the sellers?

I have to be honest - I was in 60% cash for like 3 weeks on lots of worries about Chinese real estate. Those problems will get here, eventually, and we may face other oddities like the debt ceiling and... Continue Reading →

Time has run out – storm clouds are here! 20 macro reasons we are in for a bad month or two | Quick note on uranium

Edit: I wrote this in pieces the last 2 days. Wouldn't you know we close up 261 on the dow. Step back from the daily close and whatever narrative the muppets on CNBC tell you to take stock in your... Continue Reading →

Gold’s cup and handle about to explode? Why we fight…

Edit: I wrote a lot of this yesterday over lunch and last evening (9/7). I then start to see TA's everywhere calling for new lows. On ONE fucking day people....with no news. In an environment where a company with $305... Continue Reading →

Navigating the macro picture of the next few months – eviction moratorium, jobs, inflation, Afghanistan, China, etc.

The setup.... If you look at the daily highs on the stock markets, you'd think all is peachy in the world. Well, in reality, if you think about who owns a vast majority of these stocks, you are making stupid... Continue Reading →

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