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How do I see metals options expiration playing out this month? Is BoA’s leased metals a factor here?

I might be on a show this week to discuss this, and I wanted to put out some full analysis ahead of this in order to have my thinking explained with visuals. I'm a kind of guy on these shows... Continue Reading →

How FedCoin will save the US Dollar – and our country, from disaster

In my article this yesterday, I essentially postulated that it is POSSIBLE they really might burn the stock market to the ground to save the dollar. But then I touched on a concept that I wanted to have as a... Continue Reading →

Could they let it burn? A contrarian look at why rates may actually go up and fed balance sheet may go down

As metals people, we are already contrarians. Right now, I'm seeing lots of comments like: "The fed is trapped!""They can't let rates go up!""Once the hikes start, they have to reverse course!" I don't really disagree with much of the... Continue Reading →

Libertarianism versus Authoritarianism – the future of money is gold and commodities

I took this idea from Tim Pool last week. He was basically saying there is no right or left. There is no democrat or republican. "There is only libertarianism versus authoritarianism". I wanted to bring this up in the context... Continue Reading →

Ted Butler’s 800m oz silver BOA short claim – what is he looking at?

I wanted to write this article to help the community get better information by asking more and more questions. Not provide the answer. Often, we see an article like Ted's come out, take it as fact, and spread it all... Continue Reading →

Follow up – high silver premiums from dealers excessive?

I try and stay away from math in these writings because eyes glaze over, but I wanted to go a little further in depth here to not only defend the silver dealers, but also tell you about other options out... Continue Reading →

Why are there high premiums on silver – still? Don’t worry, Apple Resources will fix that for you

I'm going to take a very unpopular stance here and defend pretty much any bullion dealer right now. I have seen many people beat up on bullion dealers, and I'm going to take the position of analyzing this industry for... Continue Reading →

How to look at gold price as a Cat 5 hurricane in the making about to make landfall – a beginner’s guide to understand gold pricing

I have used the hurricane analogy a few times with gold, and I want to bring this message to a larger audience to understand how the pricing mechanism works in the grand scheme of a hurricane. For decades, you have... Continue Reading →

Why such disbelief in $300 silver by end of decade? Let’s look at how we COULD get there and the threats to it

Let's have a little fun - and with this, I'd like to explore $300 silver. I once heard $300 silver by the end of the decade and thought it was comical. Here, I go into how it is possible -... Continue Reading →

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