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Financial energy stores of wealth – furthering the case with “jewels” of “financial energy” to be stored in a “financial battery”

Many people might have to bookmark the last 3 or so blogs I've written within this subject. This is a whole different way to look at money, and it may save your life if what I think is coming is... Continue Reading →

Gold and silver as FINANCIAL ENERGY stores of wealth

Preface - a few days ago, I wrote a piece stating that gold is the center of the financial solar system, not the dollar. When they replaced gold with the dollar, it messed up all systems and the only way... Continue Reading →

Gold at the center of our financial solar system – and how we will go back to the gold standard once again, Part 2: valuing items in gold

In a continuation of the discussion from yesterday, I wanted to get into the charts were saying. I mean translate a chart into plain English. Unfortunately, 95% of my followers won't read this, but if you bare with me, I... Continue Reading →

Gold at the center of our financial solar system – and how we will go back to the gold standard once again, part 1

I'm going to touch on some things here that others may have covered over the last few decades. Maybe not. If there's anything here you see that is a well known theory or the like, let me know and I'll... Continue Reading →

Silver nuggets – Patience, Kinesis, Rick Rule unleashed, Happy Hawaiian, the Perth Mint, and media mockery

Note: All - please check out Wall Street Silver web site for the most amazing content!!! Occasionally, I'm going to venture from my long winded persuasive essays into some smaller pieces from around the silver world. This is kind of... Continue Reading →

Is there a $100 ceiling to silver?

I was listening to an interview yesterday at with Don Durrett whic inspired this lunch time quick article. A topic was brought up that I thought was very interesting to discuss. The conversation was essentially that, "if a silver... Continue Reading →

Why Jeff Currie’s 25 billion ounce silver supply number is misleading – silver squeeze still on

Doomsday supply In 1969, my mother was a foreign exchange student to Peru. She must have told me hundreds of stories about it over the years, but many of them came back to the silver she got while there. In... Continue Reading →

The true price of silver – and what about those pesky spikes?

I believe the true price of silver, now, is $50-$125. For now. And it will be soon. A reader tipped me off to GoldSilver's recent article about the length of price spikes of silver. I love reading everything that Jeff... Continue Reading →

Is the 61.8% retracement the key for gold and thus for silver? 2 key times in history to look at and to learn from

Was up at 3:00 AM again. 10 month old with teething issues and some sort of sleep regression. Fun stuff. ********************************************************************************************************************* I'm a student of history. No, I'm not a historian, but history fascinates me. When I saw Mike Maloney's... Continue Reading →

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