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How to reduce risks in a financially unstable environment – a book in this?

I was inspired by the Bill Holter interview on Palisades Radio the other day to write this. He makes some really good points and discusses some end of days scenarios, but a particular idea caught my attention that drew me... Continue Reading →

The coming debt implosion and why this could be good for society

Time to stop and smell the roses... I'm about to discuss a topic that might give some of you some stress. For this, I apologize. The concept here is that there are some troubling times ahead, but there is a... Continue Reading →

Gold, cryptos, and war

Update: I heard May 27th is the silver delivery date, not this week.  Getting my popcorn out next week. Have you seen what's up with 2020?  I mean, one thing after another.  Oil had recently hit -37 per barrel and... Continue Reading →

What our future looks like

The picture above is not a cue for me to speak about basketball.  Rather, it is being "posterized".  This is when you completely dominate a game and dunk over someone so badly that you wind up on a poster.  It's... Continue Reading →

Darwin in practice | Ways this could play out

Forgive the length below - it's an in-depth analysis how I see this playing out in the US over the next 3-24 months.  I have been writing about the looming financial crisis for 4 months now, and the above picture... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus – what to not worry about, and what to have some concern with | Economic outlook

Intro - I'm a little hopeful these days about the coronavirus.  Yes, we are in the midst of a pandemic.  I'm not going to just blow smoke up your ass here.  I'm going to tell you why I've been alarmed... Continue Reading →

What to do in an emergency situation Part 1 – Building your zombie apocalypse team

I'm going to put together a series here on what to do during emergency situations.  Some feel there's a massive recession to hit us in 2020, and if that isn't bad enough, you have North Korea, Russia, Iran, China, and... Continue Reading →

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