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The re-birth of the United States in the 2030s to come

I can guarantee you I get terrible views on this, as a LOT of my international readers love to hear about the decline of the US, and the decline of the dollar - but in this piece, I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – Using ratio charts and statistical process control to understand if your favorite mining stock is undervalued or overvalued

This is something quick I'm whipping up to get the Excel and idea to paper. I had a background in quality control in IT services, and I had remembered statistical process control I had used for a bit 20 years... Continue Reading →

Investment idea – shorting PMs to hedge miners

First - this is NOT investment advice. If something like this sounds of interest to you, please contact a licensed professional. I am not a professional trader, nor have I ever claimed to be. Be careful shorting anything! I first... Continue Reading →

Why be short gold and silver this weekend? I explain why it was considered

Note - this is MOST CERTAINLY not trading advice. It is IMPORTANT to note I use PMs to hedge my real estate positions. I have vaulted physical, lots of miners, and use the paper game recently to play moves up... Continue Reading →

How we get to $100 silver – let’s take a stroll

The setup "Silver is HALF of what it was in 1980!" Well, given the recent smashes, it's actually closer to 40%. The last time I checked, silver was the only commodity to hold this distinction. Yet, we saw a $50... Continue Reading →

Is First Majestic a good buy right now?

I spent years going back and forth with Taylor Dart on Seeking Alpha. He is REALLY good at analyzing mines, but seems to forget that investors buy shares, not a calculator. I hate to admit he's right with his analysis,... Continue Reading →

Does gold store energy? I think not – let’s take a look at what it actually DOES store!

I had recently seen a post relating to Steve St Angelo's talks in the past about gold storing energy. He got me thinking about this a few years ago. Like, deep thinking stuff. I tried working it out in my... Continue Reading →

Why I think gold (and silver) will fly to the moon – and why Kinesis is part of my strategy

This post here is the wakeup writing you can send your non-metals friends. This, hopefully, is the wakeup call for many. Feel free to share with non-metals friends all day long. I'd even love for some crypto people to even... Continue Reading →

The metrics of silver squeeze – part two – taking a new approach!

The first attempt at creating metrics for this was interesting. However, the failure with this mostly was that a specific entity did not buy the 100m+ oz it was supposed it - but rather changed their prospectus. This took a... Continue Reading →

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