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How much could silver be smashed by October 28th?

If you are someone who just buys miners for a 3+ year hold, you aren't going to care about the daily gyrations of the prices of metals. This article may not be for you. I have several tiers of investments.... Continue Reading →

DXY – know thy enemy to understand gold’s next leg up – and how silver gets to $100

Most people reading this from Twitter are learning a lot about PMs as we go. I had 4 years of MBA studies at 3 schools before finishing it (moving has a way of stopping your grad school for some reason)... Continue Reading →

Have you seen record low sentiment in metals? I have…

This is a shorter blog, as the title tells the story pretty clearly. Have most of you observed what I have this week? "These "experts" are idiots and I'm done with them""No one really knows""I think TAs are trying to... Continue Reading →

Metals outlook – Michael Oliver vs David Hunter

I wanted to more or less summarize what I see from both of these individuals so most can get an overview about how this all can shake out. I am a blogger and financial writer, and not a market professional... Continue Reading →

Playing monthly attacks in gold and silver

I put out a Tweet the other day which got over 47,000 views and wanted to put this in a blog to track and analyze. Why? Because I like the idea of trying to make money off of this and... Continue Reading →

The definitive guide for investing in silver

I'm writing this to you new silverbacks on WallStreetSilver and perhaps some of you hedgies out there reading through these posts to see why we are crazy about it. I'm going to structure this into several sections so you can... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts week of 7-19: takedown of silver, David Hunter’s crystal ball, sentiment index, silver futures and Jim Hunter, metrics dashboard, and coming reversal?

Edit: Since writing this early this morning, I just hit refresh and saw the cliff dive of the metals again. Looks like 2% pull back in the markets is too much to handle in a day before the Invisible Hand... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts week of 7/5 – miner weakness, inflation “high” double digits, options update, sentiment indicator update

This week I'm on vacation so getting to do this has been nearly impossible. I write and do videos because I enjoy it, and make no money off of any of it. This is FUN for me. You have to... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – week of 6/28: Steve St. Angelo and my thoughts on “transitory deflation”, Kinesis announces yields, why I am bullish AF on PMs, and updates to my options plays

Steve St. Angelo was on Palisades yesterday, and I watched early this AM struggling with my 1 year old getting him ready for day care. I love all of Steve's work, and he's one of the people I watched closely... Continue Reading →

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