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Are there any silver “primary” producers left? The list is very few….

TLDR for the squirrels and goldfish. It appears as if there are only perhaps 5 (updated 2/1 to add GoGold) silver primary miners left in the world with a market cap over $100m. I could have missed a handful -... Continue Reading →

Is the price of silver manipulated?

I have written a few hundred grad school papers in over 6 years across 2 graduate degrees. One in business administration, the other in cybersecurity. I could posit that degrees like this do not make you "smart". Nor, do they... Continue Reading →

Why I say these markets are fake – silver price discovery WILL move East

I got into a tussle the other night with a Twitter friend. It was nothing against him, AT ALL - but the markets. I was venting about the COMEX smashes in silver I was seeing, again - but this time... Continue Reading →

BRICS gold-based commodities exchange WILL challenge the USD reserve currency majority

I've been going back and forth with some Milkshake disciples, and I can't answer back in 140 characters. I need to explain the mechanics of this, or my head is going to explode. First and foremost, I do not doubt... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – metals pullback, mine nationalization, silver primary miners gone, Kinesis Virtual Card, Patreon

Metals pullback I have been looking at the astrology charts lately...sorry - my trading view charts - and you can see on the charts that things are looking particularly overstretched. I had sent out a few tweets about it the... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – How are gold and bitcoin valued? You might be VERY surprised with this analysis.

I saw someone I like and respect do a video recently about how bitcoin may not have intrinsic value, but neither does anything else - including gold. It got my wheels spinning to the point where I thought about it... Continue Reading →

Is now a good time to look at miners again?

As usual, this is not financial advice - merely to educate you on what I'm seeing. I'll look at the con side first, and then show you why I jumped in bigly last week with a trade, and how I... Continue Reading →

IF commodities are money, how does the US fare in a new system?

// TLDR for the squirrels... I have written extensively the past few weeks about commodities. They are fascinating to me - I mostly like the stuff you dig out of the ground, but I've spent a few hours now pouring... Continue Reading →

Is TA useless – part 2, strike pinning

Could we see $3000-$3500 gold in the next run up? Perhaps. Or maybe not. Who knows. We'll look into it below. In part 1, I dug into TA, told you the guys I like the best, but I got some... Continue Reading →

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