Note: This is not financial advice.  I’m not a financial advisor and I’m wrong 100% of the time.  Investments are risky and nothing mentioned here should be considered financial advice.  Invest at your own risk.

Preface: I want to start this off by first discussing the interesting thing that happened last year when oil hit -$37 per barrel. The root issue was people bought oil futures, but the contracts state you MUST take delivery. Speculators were caught off guard, and suddenly, had to pay people $37 per barrel to take it off of their hands.

What many of you do NOT know is the hedge funds were watching all of this unfold, and knew what was about to happen. Did they get in on this? No. What THEY did was rent oil tankers. When this problem happened, people then PAID them to take delivery of this oil. Hundreds of millions of dollars in oil were then pumped into these tankers, at a cost of $30,000 per day.

The item above sets the scene for what has been unfolding in gold and silver for months. What is happening now, at this moment, is that the big money is literally using the bullion banks as a piggy bank they are smashing every month to extract everything they can from it. When there’s no crumbs left for the vultures to pick, they are taking the house. And it’s coming.

West Chester (PA) Quads, about 1990. I was playing a game and in deep thought, and I saw checkmate 13 moves out. I circled it on my pad. I knew that when I touched my piece, it was about to set a chain of events in play that the other guy had to react to – by force. My eyes lit up. I wrote out the sequence. I put my pen down. And I took him out in 13 moves in quick sequence. He had zero choices.

When you can see checkmate in 3 or 4, it is an amazing feeling. When you see it 13 out, it’s just euphoric.

When I got into gold and silver and miners, to me it was the most asymmetric play of my lifetime. I started off the game with my opponent down a queen in 5 moves.

The only issue is my opponent has been pesky. You have a piece advantage on him that is ridiculous, and he needs to capitulate. He’s looking at your clock. He figures if he can delay this long enough, that I’d lose on time. Sneaky.

The only play is to delay. The game has been won on material and position.

Now, checkmate in 3.

3 hours? 3 days? 3 weeks? 3 months? 3 years?

Doesn’t matter. Foot on neck. Done.

I see this ending, and for whatever reason, I’m having a hard time having others see what I see. What people see right now in front of them….

  1. Tesla is going to go up!! Buy!!
  2. Bitcoin going up!! Buy!
  3. Nate screaming Gold and Silver going up! Buy!!

One of them is different than the other 2. First, the first two are speculations, not investments. Tesla is 1700x P/E ratio and apparently now has 20x the market cap of Ford, but is a glorified hot dog stand in respect to supply chain size and ability to deliver. The product may be nice, but at 1700x, the price is most likely to come crashing down at some point. To put it into perspective, a 15x P/E ratio is solid. Tesla is…..overvalued relative to earnings. Will it do great things? Maybe. My personal belief is that Ford and Volkswagen have products coming out that can challenge Tesla. They may not be as good, but who cares. Some of that $800 billion market cap may come out of Tesla and go into Ford or VW. My thoughts are that Tesla’s ONLY play to not collapse their share price is to essentially buy any automaker that is a threat. Use their factories and supply chain to build Teslas. Keep the Ford brand, but make Tesla the luxury version like Toyota and Lexus.

Bitcoin is a joke. It’s an asset…kind of. Way overvalued. You only buy because people say it will go up. No fundamental reason for it to. Oh….but it’s SCARCE!! So what. I made a finger painting in kindergarten and it’s one of a kind masterpiece. That’s rare. Rarity does not mean higher value. Demand does. And right now there’s a demand because people have FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out.

That leaves Gold and silver in it’s own lane.

Let’s examine:

  1. Why it has value
  2. Why has it been manipulated
  3. Checkmate – How the end game with manipulation is about here and what that means

Why do gold and silver have value?

Truthfully, I didn’t know a lot until about a year ago. What I found is that gold and silver have been money for 5,000 years and both are explicitly written in our Constitution to be MONEY. What you have in your wallet is called CURRENCY. There IS A DIFFERENCE.

Back in the day, you could take a $20 bill to the bank and get one ounce of gold. For 150 years or so, gold was $20 per ounce. Don’t believe me?

Or – you could also take money to the counter and get silver.

See – while the Constitution mandated gold and silver was money, they realized it wasn’t practical to walk around with 5 pounds of silver in your pocket. These pieces of paper were redeemable for gold and silver.

Well, the point of this was to prevent our government from over spending. See, our forefathers who wrote the Constitution were some smart bastards. And, they also knew, that when countries went off of these standards or debased their currencies, debt piled up and people lost faith in the currency. All of these civilizations, in the entire history of mankind who did this, failed.

And this is how you eventually buy a loaf of bread.

History is riddled with many more recent examples of this – Weimar republic, Russia in the 1990s, Venezuela now, Argentina a bunch of times – and how can we forget Zimbabwe (I think it’s on its second time now in a decade?)?

Basically, everyone seemed to know that when setting up this country, we cannot outspend our budget or else we will end up like the Roman Empire. Well…..

Our country ended up spending like drunk sailors. Gold is now $1850 an ounce. Not $20. Gold did not get more valuable. Our dollar actually became that LESS valuable. And, funny as this may sound, if gold was not suppressed, it might actually be over $100,000 per ounce right now. More on that later. But yeah. You’re about to understand why checkmate is upon us, them, or whoever.

So ultimately, it has value because everyone knows it has value, and have known it for 5,000 years. It is a relatively rare element, so while it can be mined, it costs money to mine it. For thousands of years, people would find it on the surface, or near the surface. Most of these are gone now, which costs a lot more to mine underground.

There is a finite amount of gold and silver we have in the earth, and as it becomes more expensive to mine, it also becomes more rare and valuable – which pushes the price up and makes it economical to mine more.

Bitcoin is potentially rare like gold – in a sense. It can be a store of wealth. Where I see bitcoin far superior to anything is an example like Turkey. In Turkey – they have seen this play out with fiat collapsing dozens of times in history. As we speak, they are in extremely high inflation – not technically hyper inflation, but on their way there. Let’s just say you have gold. This preserves your wealth extremely well as the paper currency loses value daily – but if you wanted to flee Turkey by plane, they aren’t going to let you walk on the plane with lots of gold. Besides, you could get mugged. Take the gold, convert to bitcoin, fly to the US, and convert to gold or currency here. Most of us here in the US are not looking to flee the country, at least not yet.

Ultimately, on the other end of this shit storm we are going through, will take us back to the Constitution. And people will start to see what happened. And why staying on gold and silver is important.

A quick timeline

1898 or so the Wizard of Oz is written. It is a parable written to warn about the dangers of going off of the gold standard. “Follow the yellow brick road”.

1913 – Fed was created. Start your printing presses people! Cheap credit is coming!!

1920s – literally everyone lived outside of their means and racked up credit.

1929 – Stock market collapse, part 1. It recovered (like now) and then fell another 90% later. Liquidity was a big issue. Bank runs happened. With cash leaving banks, they could not lend out. Velocity of money fell.

1933 – Roosevelt makes gold illegal. Commie bastard tells people that they need to turn in their gold for $20.68. Executive Order 6102 – Wikipedia

1934 – Country buys back a bunch of gold at $20.68. Passes gold reserve act to pin gold at $35. Instantly, stealing money from the people. Gold is still illegal for people to own, despite being listed in the Constitution.

1944 (July) – Bretton woods accord makes the US the world’s reserve currency. See – all of those years we were neutral and didn’t fight the Nazis? We were selling goods to France and England and demanding gold in return, not worthless paper. At the end of the War, the US was left with a massive portion of the world’s gold. US promises to back the US dollar with 40% gold.

1944 (August) – US immediately starts to ignore this and print money like drunken sailors.

1954 – Gold at Ft. Knox last audited. Said to have 8,800 tons then. And…this is before we started “leasing” gold that other banks then sold. More on that later too.

1961 – London Gold pool starts up with the idea of suppressing the price of gold. France calls bullshit on everyone and collapses this like a house of cards. They took dollars and the like and demanded their gold. Wasn’t there. Not great.

1971 – at height of Vietnam war, Nixon and his predecessors were printing money to pay for war. See – this is why you have gold and silver pegs. When people can’t afford war, they tend to not do it. Nixon “temporarily” closes the gold window and de-pegs gold to the dollar. Hijinks ensue.

1971 – gold at $35.

1974 – gold hits $200. It does a 6x in 3 years, as worthless paper currency is being shunned as people want gold.

1974 – Commodities Exchange created to help commodities producers hedge production. Gold and silver added, and price of REAL MONEY is now created by a paper derivative market.

1975 – Gold smashed down to $100. Manipulation works! Errrr…inflation is running away. Interest rates are rising, but not as quickly as inflation.

1980 – gold hits $880. Silver hits $50. Despite best efforts of manipulation, physical ownership overtook paper derivatives due to massively high inflation. Gold prices defined by REAL YIELD, that is, 10 year interest rates MINUS inflation.

In order to curb inflation, interest rates MUST be higher than the inflation rates. After this, they also took out certain things and made substitutions to consistently make inflation look lower.

1980-2011 – Gold is continuously suppressed and in a rut. We buy things and outspend the commies on the cold war. In fact, we were mostly in war consistently since then. This makes debt increase.

2011 – With the housing bubble bursting in 2008, TARP is created to bail out banks and costs tax payers $900 billion. Fears of inflation hit, and gold hits a NOMINAL high of $1923 and silver hits $50. Governments panic that faith in the dollar will disappear, so they PROMISE to end QE and “tighten” the balance sheets, at the time we were about $10 trillion in debt. The FEARS of inflation and what happened in the 1970s drove people to metals.

2018 – early – legitimate attempts to unwind the Fed balance sheet by raising interest rates cause stock market crash. Everyone looks around and realizes how dumb it is to ever, ever, ever raise interest rates ever again. A blip of a hint of a rise of interest rates takes down the housing market instantly and can pretty much bankrupt us.

2021 – With COVID fun times, we just started printing and dropping money first from helicopters, but now are taking out the money bombers, if you listen to Mike Maloney. Not only are we now at $27 trillion, but the Fed balance sheet is at $7 trillion, could get to $20 trillion, and they are buying $120 billion in bonds a month to PREVENT interest rates from going up. Fed is shoveling us horse shit of “lack of inflation” while families are getting squeezed with higher prices weekly.

The current problem is – they cannot admin inflation, and they cannot raise the rates to stop inflation.

If they admit inflation is high on your supermarket bill, they then have to raise payments to social security recipients. No bueno. So they take things out of this – and seem to concentrate on the macro. Meaning, if you refinance your house due to lower rates – you are essentially shrinking the future economy because instead of you now owing $400,000 over 30 years, you now only owe $300,000. All of these assets continually re-financing is a deflationary action with money supply. However, this also leads to….inflated ASSET PRICES.

We are now caught up. When inflation hits, people run to gold and silver to PRESERVE their wealth. As things inflate, the gold and silver inflate at the same rate – therefore you protect your purchasing power on the other end…where your currency loses value.

In the 1970s, gold went up 24x and silver went up 29x.

Since 2000, gold is at an 8x.

And…..if any of the above is telling, inflation is coming. You just drop nukes of currency for a year or two on the economy, things start to inflate. Take a look at housing prices over the last year. Stock prices (market caps of companies) – you see these money bombs going into this.

Gold and silver have been money for 5,000 years and are in the constitution. Bitcoin has been around for 10 years, no one knows who created it, and apparently billions of it is permanently locked and cannot be retrieved. It has a specific usage I think it’s superior for, but gold and silver will win this battle, long term.

Why it has been manipulated?

Well folks, if you thought you missed Bitcoin at $10 going to $40,000….just wait for gold and silver. If you have seen how this has inflated over the last few years, you can imagine how gold and silver would have moved had they not been manipulated.

First – WHY do it?

For thousands of years that gold and silver has been money, when societies have collapsed with a form of fiat not backed – it takes only about a decade or so for that society to collapse. Somehow, we have made it 50 years. What’s the deal? Well, we still have gold and silver around, and we can convert fiat into gold and silver, so we’re good.

Well…..not so fast.

If you can continue to push the price of commodities down, you can, in a sense, control inflation. At issue is eventually these schemes break with real supply and demand fundamentals.

Long story short, they create paper contracts out of thin air to show “supply”. They do NOT NEED TO OWN THE COMMODITY TO SELL IT. Yeah. That.

On January 8th, over 1 billion ounces of silver were sold. In a day. On paper. This is how they derive the price of silver. Problem is, there’s only 800 million ounces mined in a year. Don’t believe me?

Each silver contract is 5,000 ounces. So, that red circle from the 8th shows over 200,000 contracts. This also shows 138,000 contracts in “open interest”. Meaning, these are contracts buyers and sellers agreed to. That’s 690,000,000 ounces that show they would want to take deliver in March. That many ounces. In as single month. On a single exchange. Where….probably 50% of this interest doesn’t have the metal or doesn’t want it. But yeah, that makes sense.

So this COMEX is designed for banks to paper the commodity to push it down. By doing so, it helps the US dollar not look like a banana republic. See – if we took all of the debt 1980 and divided by the gold price, you could have paid off all of the national debt in gold. That’s when gold went up 24x.

Today – if you took the national debt and divided by the ounces we “supposedly” have in Ft. Knox, or about 8,800 tons. Each ton is about 32,000 ounces.

This gives you 281,600,000 ounces.

The national debt is $27.795 trillion.

Let’s do this. Let’s peg the dollar to gold now. That gives us…$98,703 per ounce. What if we only do a 40% backing? That gives us $39,481 per ounce. The 100 year average for gold to silver is 33, so that gives us a $1,196 price for silver. For 5,000 years, silver was at a 15:1 ratio to gold, so this actually has silver at $2.632.

What this means is the COMEX (at 40% backing) has suppressed gold by a factor of 21.4x and silver by 48x (at 33:1 ratio) or about 100x at the 5,000 year ratio.

So these commodities have been supremely undervalued, RELATIVE TO THE DOLLAR.

All I’m suggesting here now is that it’s gone too far, and it’s about to snap WAY back to reality.

But why?????

The US can spend a LOT while keeping gold prices in check. At the same time, the banks DOING the actual job make mint.

If the price of silver is cautiously moving up, it looks to be weak buyers. This looks like the “bear flag”. You just draw up contracts out of thin air and drop them – saying, “hey, look at all of the silver I got!!”. Price drops now seem to happen all the time and on little or no “real news”. For example, you see weak price moves to take the price up to $25.50, and then you draw up 500 million ounces in paper contracts to make it look like “massive supply just hit the shelves!!” and with this, those weak hands get out. Bullion banks then buy back at $24.75 and you were just used like an ATM machines. This is what happened yesterday.

See the bear flag pattern?

So the technical guys now are forecasting doom and gloom. I get it.

You now see WHY they do it. To turn you into a human ATM and keep running the con game on the US dollar.


All of the above is fascinating to me. You may have one of my friends chide me, “Nate, you’re a genius. Look. Prices just went down”. Yeah. I get that. Because you are looking one move ahead like checkers.

In chess, you must devise a strategy. There’s a thing called “tempo” and “space”. There are tactics as battle parts of the bigger strategy.

In this instance, my opponent is desperate. Have you ever played a game of chess where you took most of your opponents pieces and it’s basically just the king left? You have plenty of firepower, but the idiot just won’t tip the king? In tournament chess, if your opponent is VERY low on time, you might hope to win on a time situation perhaps force your opponent into a stalemate.

That is what’s going on. But many of you cannot see it. You look at daily price. You think there’s going to be some miracle recovery with the economy.

Gold price is driven by a few factors. I want to really cover the main two for this.

  1. REAL RATES. This is the 10 year treasury minus inflation.
  2. Debasement of currency. The more a currency is debased, the more costly gold and other commodities are. They do not become “more valuable”, as much as the dollar has less spending power and you need more of them to buy the good.

Real rates

Like you saw in the 1970s, inflation was high. Interest rates went up to try and keep pace with inflation. Gold went up 24x during the decade. The same is happening here. Almost.

When we borrow money from people with 10 year treasuries, we are taking their dollars in the existing money supply and promising to pay it back with more dollars later with tax money. We are taking their money from their pocket and spending it.

When we borrow money from the Fed, they CREATE new money supply. This INFLATES the currency. This means you have less spending power.

If you look at real rates, today , you get 1.1 (treasuries) minus 1.3 (CPI rate) to get -.2. Gold gives a zero yield, so this slightly favors gold. They are saying they have an “inflation deficit” and must ramp up inflation. Hence print more money from the Fed. At the EXACT same time, this CPI they are using doesn’t really reflect what you and I see as inflation. The government GASLIGHTS you into telling you we are at 1.3% inflation, meanwhile many indexes out there plainly show all of us have roughly 8-10% inflation per year. Higher rents, higher daycare costs, higher taxes, higher prices of houses, groceries – the list goes on and on.

So, in reality, the 10 year at 1.1 minus 10% (actual inflation) gives you a -8.9% REAL YIELD. If the US population knew THIS number, they would all run out tomorrow and buy gold. We are seeing inflation in commodities prices, with gold up 25%, silver up 45%, copper up 35%, wood up, etc. Beef, pork, all of it going up – and IS showing up in higher grocery store bills.

But they do it a penny a week. You do not see it.

So the government is telling you there’s no inflation. They will use tools to create inflation. Meanwhile, they actively allow the suppression of gold and silver. That is unwinding as physical demand is now overwhelming bullion dealers, and has for 11 months. The last 2 delivery months in the COMEX, it came down to the last trading day for them to close all open interest. Something called “Exchange for Physical” is a tool used to try and get people to use fractional shares of LBMA 400 ounce bars.

And money printing continues.

Yesterday, the silver price and gold price was smashed a day after they announced $1.9 trillion would be spent on the next round of stimulus. A Dem president and Dem congress means they can literally pass whatever spending bills they want.

Massive money inflation.

And metals went down.

But none of you are watching the COMEX. Check out Andrew Maguire on YouTube. The COMEX, I need to tell you, is the LAST PLACE anyone can seem to source metal, and there’s virtually none there. Hedge funds have been using the bullion banks as an ATM to settle these contracts the last few months, at MASSIVE losses.

Meanwhile, the Fed has promised no interest rate hikes until 2025. They will buy $120 billion per month pretty much forever. This will keep the 10 year under 1.5% for maybe the next 4 years.

By the time the Fed DOES see 2% inflation, what do you think that will mean to OUR wallets? 15% inflation? Remember, the media today takes their cue from government. Where in 1976, we might see Walter Kronkite run a story on inflation, the government would not permit this type of story today. This is the type of censorship we live in with a free society. Why? It’s a con game.

If people knew inflation would hit 10-15%, the REAL RATES would be -9 to -14%. Gold would double in a month, and perhaps double a week after that. And double a day after that.

Of interest – to fight inflation, they CANNOT raise rates, short of taking down our entire economic system. anytime they try and tick rates up a few basis points, the whole system freezes. NO ONE CAN SERVICE THEIR DEBTS AT HIGHER RATES.

This is a re-finance your mortgage scheme for the government every quarter.

With the COMEX, we are playing a billionaires game of musical chairs. They have all put cash into bullion, and a LOT of it. There are still some aimlessly wandering around waiting for the music to stop. By the time the music stops, there is no $2,000 gold. It’s $10,000 gold if anyone would even think to part with it for worthless trash dollars.

With REAL RATES, we have established:

  1. The REAL RATE by official government numbers is negative, and will deeply go negative with endless money printing. The REAL RATE by definition of what YOU and I see is most likely actually at -8% as we speak, and could climb to -13 to -20% when “real” inflation hits in the upcoming months and years from printing trillions out of thin air.
  2. The CANNOT raise interest rates like in 1980 without defaulting on debt. Rates can go up, gradually, but that’s with massive inflation of the currency (and hence tax base) to then raise taxes. So the rates may tick up years down the road, but will not keep up with inflation, even giving us perhaps an “official” negative 4% rate.

Debasement of currency

The dollar has gone down 10% in the last year. Actually 13% since April.

What this means is….if you had $100 in your vault last year, you could get $100 worth of “stuff” with it. By decreasing the spending power of your dollars by 15%, that $100 in your vault today would only get you $87 worth of “stuff”. To get the same “stuff” you would have gotten last April, you would need $113 now to buy the same amount of “stuff”.

This, folks, is a form of inflation. Those avocados you buy at the store are from Mexico, and this means you need more dollars to buy the same “stuff”.

What happens then is as this goes down, there’s less and less confidence in it. If you took that $100 in cash last year and bought gold or silver, the idea is today you could then convert that back to $113 in today’s cash to…preserve the spending power. Gold and silver may overshoot or undershoot, but you get the idea.

As us and all other nations are now printing trillions out of thin air, we are all DEBASING OUR CURRENCIES AT THE SAME TIME. We take turns on who goes down worse that month.

So with debasement, you are seeing the PURCHASING POWER of your hard earned saved cash go down. This leads people to buy precious metals, not to get rich, but to PRESERVE THEIR SPENDING POWER.

Above, you have two big catalysts for precious metals.

But…mate in 3?

The brewing issue is the supply/demand of this whole thing.

Remember before, above, how if banks just wanted to push price down, they could just draw up “supply” out of thin air to push prices down????

Well, yeah. That’s kind of going away.

With BASEL 3 rules to take effect June 28th, this means banks MUST have 85% reserve, either in bullion or cash, in order to make these sales. This prevents….overleveraging. Remember how 1 billion ounces of silver traded in one day? Well, no.

Meaning, the governor switch to short gold and silver is being taken away – in time.

In the short time, there are supply squeezes going on.

Imagine the COST to produce silver was $18. But, the “paper” COMEX contracts told the market that price was $13. What is going to happen is that people will come to collect their metals, and none will be there. Why? Because no one wants to produce at less than cost to make it. Is there silver? Sure, but not at that price. To get supply, price would have to go up to get those holding silver to let it go. However…..this had cut off new supply.

What we have seen with COMEX gold and silver prices are attempts by the COMEX to keep prices JUST ABOVE cost of production. They have failed in some respects with this – as a HIDDEN cost of gold/silver mining is exploration. That is, with price cuts over the last 10 years, virtually all miners have cut their exploration budgets to near zero. Mines have a mine life of maybe 10 years, some maybe longer. The tier 1 assets, or “big boys”, are harder and harder to find. With silver, almost all surface silver has been mined, and most silver that has been mined has made its way into TVs and electronics and is not economically recoverable with recycling. 60% of its usage has been industrial and disappears.

Today, silver is found at 8:1 of gold, but the gold to silver ratio is 70:1. Meaning, silver is potentially 9 times undervalued. Historically for 4900 years, silver was valued at 15:1.

Lastly, in 2019, you saw central banks make ALLOCATED gold a tier 1 asset. Central banks have been accumulating gold over the last 10-20 years and with a ‘great reset” of some form coming, it appears central banks want to inflate the value of gold. To do this, all they need to do is to force the end to naked shorting by concentrated shorts. By turning off the governor switch, you should see a significant price re-rate of gold and silver over the next decade.

And this is “before” the green new deal. If you want to go green, it involves a LOT of silver for solar panels, electrification, and electric vehicles.

To wrap up

  1. Gold and silver have been money for 5,000 years and are in the constitution.
  2. REAL RATES and debasement of currency are leading factors in determining values of precious metals
  3. real rates, whether juked government numbers OR actual numbers, will continue to plummet for a long, long time. Attempts to rate interest rates without significant inflation will take down any economy. You cannot do a “Paul Voelker” and put 20% interest up with $27 trillion in debt and $150 trillion in unfunded liabilities without defaulting on US debt.
  4. Debasement of currency will continue, as “investment in deficit spending” appears to be the mantra of the next administration. We cannot stop printing without defaults.
  5. Bullion banks have suppressed metals prices. Physical demand is now overwhelming paper attempts to suppress. Constant attempts to suppress price are having less and less effect, as everyone now understands the scheme.
  6. Governments now WANT inflation, and part of this would welcome inflation of gold to increase the nominal value of their wealth. For example, if gold does a 10x in 10 years, and they had $800 billion in gold, they now have $8 trillion in gold. All they needed to do this was to have the central banks create a reserve policy to stop naked shorting and increase reserve to 85%.
  7. Any currency reset in the history of mankind has had a metal backing. The Chinese are introducing this now with their digital yuan, and have estimated 25,000 to 40,000 tons of gold.
  8. If the Chinese roll this out, it might be the most trusted currency. It could be MMT (modern monetary theory) in the west to its knees and crash the dollar overnight. Gold could be re-valued at $10,000-$20,000 per ounce by the Chinese, making the COMEX numbers instantly bunk.
  9. Any attempts to suppress price by bullion banks literally make the explosion worse for them. No one wants to produce a good for less than its value. Apple uses silver in every device, but small quantities. To apple, it makes no difference if silver is $25 or $250 per ounce. They need silver. When there is no supply for Apple to buy from the COMEX at $25, or from miners, there will be a supply squeeze where a REAL price point will be found which creates dissonance from the paper price. It is almost the case today, as REAL price of gold is $100 more than spot due to premiums and silver is $5 more than spot. NO ONE IS SELLING METALS TO BULLION DEALERS.

So…whether it is 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years….this is a game that is over. It’s won. Gold and silver have won. But the opponent is just simply running around the board trying to force stalemate or have me lose on time.

I have time. They are out of it.