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When is share dilution a good thing? A look at how Fortuna Silver Mines and First Majestic pulled off amazing moves in gold mining

Disclaimer - I'm stupid long FSM, and have been for about 10 months now. I've been smashed tremendously in miners and continue to HODL what I feel is the most under-valued mid-tier miner out there. My trust in the company... Continue Reading →

Silver primary producers are dead? For now – yes

At this second, you are saying to yourself - "Nate, I know you invest in Fortuna, First Majestic, Pan American - are you telling me they are dead?" No. Not by a longshot. But they aren't silver primary producers, anymore.... Continue Reading →

This is a once in a lifetime transfer of wealth opportunity about to happen

I need to preface any of the below with this is NOT financial advice - this is research on what I have observed over the last few years and have drawn conclusions in this paper that lead me to this... Continue Reading →

The arc – perfect price information or flawed system? Gold a fake out or break out?

Bottom Line, Up Front - I think anyone holding gold and silver/mining stocks is about to have money reflate that trade quickly. I think lots of shorts are getting decimated as we speak and with that, rocket fuel is happening... Continue Reading →

Where may silver land for Options Expiration for February 23rd?

I don't see this month as a severe beating - same as last month, for somewhat similar reasons. Last month my call about 2 days before was $23.60-$23.80 and we landed around $23.76. The reason was FOMC was 35 mins... Continue Reading →

$SNAP and $FSM – let’s look under the hood at future moves

I was recently asked by a friend for a project to analyze snapchat and Fortuna for how I might play these in the short term. Meaning, this is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a professional trader as I have... Continue Reading →

Review of Ted’s 800m silver short claim by BoA – new evidence from OCC sheds light on the discussion

Summary: The OCC report does NOT contain gold, as Ted and Bix have claimed all along. Derivative contracts appear like they could be double counted if one of these 4 banks is the lessee and the other is the lessor.... Continue Reading →

The FIVE risks of bitcoin that need to be looked at

I have friends and family involved with bitcoin. As an investor, I have things I love to invest in - like silver and gold miners, and other things I don't have interest in that I more or less stay away... Continue Reading →

Triple bottom here? Check out what I’m seeing and why I’m bullish AF when you are sticking your head in the oven

OK - a bit much on the article name, I know. Catchy though? I have a bit of snark there because my Twitter feed yesterday was crushed with negativity. I could SEE capitulation and fear, while I'm legit trying to... Continue Reading →

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