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Why I think gold and silver miners are the 4D chess investment of this decade

Gold and silver miners have been brutal to invest in for many. For me, I love the excitement. I am hooked on miners. But why? I did a few pieced on this in the past, so some of it may... Continue Reading →

Are my Eagles turning into the SEC all star team? 10 strategies I see them doing now to be serially successful

I noticed something 2 years ago, and then something last year - and now this year it is even more glaring. Howie Roseman, the GM of the Eagles, is perhaps creating a blueprint that other teams are about to follow.... Continue Reading →

How to “end the fed” and CBDC with one sharp dagger – the Constitution

I don't know about you, but all of this CBDC talk has me on edge. How can "they" do this? I didn't vote for this!! A few weeks ago a potential future presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, had a speech where... Continue Reading →

The money bombers are on the runway – are we soon ready to buy the gold majors?

NOTE: DO NOT read this and say, "Nate is calling for $3000 gold, let me take my kid's college fund and put it into GDX. This article is that by observing the latest banking issues, it appears that the Fed... Continue Reading →

The case for and against silver – at this moment

TLDR - my weather forecast has cloudy overnight with strong chance of torrential showers with a sunny sky tomorrow with rainbows. Bring your umbrella to be certain. Like many others, I'm stupid crazy bullish silver, but over the last few... Continue Reading →

What will the price of silver be on OpEx?

$21. There, end of article 🙂 Of course it's not the end, but too damn many of you are squirrels and goldfish. So, the above is the BLUF. What I wanted to do in this article is teach you how... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – metals pullback, mine nationalization, silver primary miners gone, Kinesis Virtual Card, Patreon

Metals pullback I have been looking at the astrology charts lately...sorry - my trading view charts - and you can see on the charts that things are looking particularly overstretched. I had sent out a few tweets about it the... Continue Reading →

Is TA useless? Let’s dig in

I'm going to catch hell for this, but I'm going to start by saying I think those best at it, that I have seen, are Kevin Wadsworth, Patrick Karim, John Powell, David Brady, Steve Penny, and Gareth Soloway. This is... Continue Reading →

The MEGA setup for gold and silver is here. Today – but not without a risk

The below is a macro economic analysis of the conditions we are seeing today. This is not financial advice - talk to your financial advisor, but this is meant to show how someone can see the world's events playing out... Continue Reading →

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