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This is a once in a lifetime transfer of wealth opportunity about to happen

I need to preface any of the below with this is NOT financial advice - this is research on what I have observed over the last few years and have drawn conclusions in this paper that lead me to this... Continue Reading →

The arc – perfect price information or flawed system? Gold a fake out or break out?

Bottom Line, Up Front - I think anyone holding gold and silver/mining stocks is about to have money reflate that trade quickly. I think lots of shorts are getting decimated as we speak and with that, rocket fuel is happening... Continue Reading →

Where may silver land for Options Expiration for February 23rd?

I don't see this month as a severe beating - same as last month, for somewhat similar reasons. Last month my call about 2 days before was $23.60-$23.80 and we landed around $23.76. The reason was FOMC was 35 mins... Continue Reading →

$SNAP and $FSM – let’s look under the hood at future moves

I was recently asked by a friend for a project to analyze snapchat and Fortuna for how I might play these in the short term. Meaning, this is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a professional trader as I have... Continue Reading →

Review of Ted’s 800m silver short claim by BoA – new evidence from OCC sheds light on the discussion

Summary: The OCC report does NOT contain gold, as Ted and Bix have claimed all along. Derivative contracts appear like they could be double counted if one of these 4 banks is the lessee and the other is the lessor.... Continue Reading →

The FIVE risks of bitcoin that need to be looked at

I have friends and family involved with bitcoin. As an investor, I have things I love to invest in - like silver and gold miners, and other things I don't have interest in that I more or less stay away... Continue Reading →

Triple bottom here? Check out what I’m seeing and why I’m bullish AF when you are sticking your head in the oven

OK - a bit much on the article name, I know. Catchy though? I have a bit of snark there because my Twitter feed yesterday was crushed with negativity. I could SEE capitulation and fear, while I'm legit trying to... Continue Reading →

Michael Oliver predicts $9 natural gas this winter and has me intrigued to research – my natural gas picks amongst all of the suggestions

I think this week may be a wash for me, as I might nibble on some quarter positions for tranches here and there in the miners, but this week I wanted to research some natural gas in my spare time.... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts: are we going to run out of silver?

NO! Ok. End of article, we can wrap it up here. Wait. Maybe we should dig into this more. Nate, how can you call for $100 silver and NOT think we will run out? Well - let's look into that... Continue Reading →

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