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Is the price of silver manipulated?

I have written a few hundred grad school papers in over 6 years across 2 graduate degrees. One in business administration, the other in cybersecurity. I could posit that degrees like this do not make you "smart". Nor, do they... Continue Reading →

Why I say these markets are fake – silver price discovery WILL move East

I got into a tussle the other night with a Twitter friend. It was nothing against him, AT ALL - but the markets. I was venting about the COMEX smashes in silver I was seeing, again - but this time... Continue Reading →

What is Kinesis in relation to gold and silver, and what role will it play in the new BRICS+ world ahead?

My Kinesis referral link is here. Please sign up to Kinesis after this if you feel this is something for you! I have tried to tell some of my friends what Kinesis is, and with the current state of crypto... Continue Reading →

The coming silver COMEX debacle – anyone can see this coming a mile away

I wanted to write this to capture my logic here after a spirited discussion last night. I want people to understand my frustration with not being understood to a clearer degree, as the Twitter 140 or so character limit doesn't... Continue Reading →

Opinion – Russian sanctions will be removed inside of 3 months (and lessons learned from this)

I have two parts to this - first is my opinion, but at the end I have bullets here of "lessons learned" that I think can provide great value to those tracking geopolitics. Many of you may already understand a... Continue Reading →

Did someone just buy $50m in silver? Implications here… So I look at Twitter yesterday going nuts on this report from Andy. I have no reason to doubt Andy, as everyone in the industry says great things about him. But I'd like to unpack some of this. At... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – Canada, WTF? Miner shares and how they work against metals, COMEX EFPs and hiding physical silver demand

Canada - WTF? I've been to see you twice. You were so beautiful. Your Toronto streets were amazingly clean. Your people are friendly. I so want to come back to visit you and explore your wilderness, fishing, and mines. But... Continue Reading →

Where may silver land for Options Expiration for February 23rd?

I don't see this month as a severe beating - same as last month, for somewhat similar reasons. Last month my call about 2 days before was $23.60-$23.80 and we landed around $23.76. The reason was FOMC was 35 mins... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – Gold move, Comex metals options expiration could be interesting

None of us are spiking the football yet with gold. We broke above the triangle, and so far, have held.... We have a few things going on here... We had a nice strong move above the triangle and are back... Continue Reading →

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