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Top 21 theories I have been cooking up

I mention here above all that I appreciate the ability for people to formulate theories and back it up with data/information. It takes a lot of guts to put things like that out there. Many look at things through a... Continue Reading →

Why I think gold (and silver) will fly to the moon – and why Kinesis is part of my strategy

This post here is the wakeup writing you can send your non-metals friends. This, hopefully, is the wakeup call for many. Feel free to share with non-metals friends all day long. I'd even love for some crypto people to even... Continue Reading →

My 2023 macro forecast

I made a ton of good calls for 2022, which I will highlight below quickly before getting into my 2023 view. I wanted to do this to get my thoughts down on paper so I'm on record. Unlike some out... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – The inflation roller coaster

I wanted to share some charts I saw recently, and link some discussions which I feel are very relevant to where we are, and where this is going. Currently, these charts signal my mood. And then Tavi's chart which essentially... Continue Reading →

Why I hate bitcoin as a gold bull?

Don Durrett just asked this on Twitter. I'd like to first start off and classify my feelings... Laser eyes and Saylor level investment in bitcoin - this is cult-like behavior that, as part of the business model needs to get... Continue Reading →

How to end inflation? Let’s dig into policy outside of the Fed

I wrote something a few days ago on Twitter after I was considering my apple analogy below. The thinking was, "if they could now just increase energy supplies, this should more or less neutralize a lot of inflation we are... Continue Reading →

The Fed is trapped! Or are they?

Many months ago - we all heard "the fed is trapped!". I believe it - I still do, to an extent, but I think many people predicated this on the cost of interest on the debt going sky high, leaving... Continue Reading →

You have to listen to Don Durrett’s latest interview on Palisades

I love listening to Don on the shows. One thing I like about him is he's an ideas guy. Many of the other guys you listen on the shows are fund managers, wall street pros, etc. Don has an IT... Continue Reading →

Why such disbelief in $300 silver by end of decade? Let’s look at how we COULD get there and the threats to it

Let's have a little fun - and with this, I'd like to explore $300 silver. I once heard $300 silver by the end of the decade and thought it was comical. Here, I go into how it is possible -... Continue Reading →

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