Man…I get some shade for my “diet” choice.  Every other day at work, someone is giving me side eye or shade over it.  I try to tell them a little about it, and then I can just see a look in their eye and I just stop.

I try….

For a background here, I’ve lost 137 pounds over 2 years.  While I’m not a doctor, I feel I have some expertise in weight loss.  I did a 40/30/30 for 15 months (70 pounds) and keto the last 10 months (67 pounds).  Suffice it to say, I also dieted 200 other times in my life and have experienced everything under the sun.  I am on the right path…for me…but what I’ve learned along the way is…gold.  I am trying to share what I can.

I am alarmed by the obesity epidemic in the US.  This has then gone on to create a ridiculous sized budget for medicare/Medicaid to pay for treatments.  It’s disheartening because….

We were all lied to.

Let me tell you how this works.

  1. You punish yourself with insulin over years from eating diets high in carbohydrates.  This is called the “standard American diet”.
  2. You get what’s called insulin resistance.  This leads to metabolic disorder.  This is the genesis for most western diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes.
  3. You are told that you are fat, and you’re not following the food pyramid guidelines properly.  You are prescribed pills that will change numbers on your charts that are supposed to save your life.
  4. You follow the guidelines, and you get sicker.  You go for expensive tests, surgeries, and possibly drug “treatments”.
  5. You are told to eat “whole grains”, legumes, fruits, fruit drinks, processed foods.
  6. You get sicker


Where is the break down?

The issue is that people are eating way too many carbohydrates.  This mostly manifests itself in sugar and processed foods.  Something like 90% of the 650,000 products in the supermarket have “added sugar”.

If you are overweight, there’s a better than good chance you are “pre-diabetic”, your fasting blood glucose is high, you have high triglycerides, high H1AC, and low HDL.  This has been told to you that this is because you are fat.  The answer is to lose weight….by eating a diet with 60-70% carbs.

The solution is to reduce the carbs and allow your body to use the stored fats already on it.  The big problem we’ve all had is caloric restriction over so much time can cause issues.  Restrict too much, and your metabolism slows down and you’re always tired.  Restrict not enough, and the scale doesn’t move.

This is a hormonal problem, not a caloric problem.  Yes, we can play with calorie math, but hear me out.

When you eat carbs, your body breaks all of this down to blood glucose.  If your blood glucose goes too high, your body secretes insulin.  Insulin’s job is to shutter the glucose out of the bloodstream and into the muscle (glycogen stores) as well as fat stores.  Your glycogen stores are in your muscles and liver.  You can only store so much here, so if this “overflows”, it is stored as fat.  Of interest, fruits (sucrose) can only be stored at about 1 serving size in your liver.  Fruits are not shuttered to your muscle glycogen.  Glucose and high fructose corn syrup are made up of about 50% sucrose and 50% fructose.  So…all of the table sugar, fruits, and “high fructose corn syrup” are routed to your liver for processing and storage.  I used to think fruit was healthy.  Well, I limit myself to about a cup of berries a day, at MOST.

When you break down complex carbs, you still get your blood glucose, but this can be shuttered into your muscle glycogen.  So after a big workout, yeah, you non-keto folks can have a sweet potato or pasta to help with your muscle glycogen recovery.  Eating a lot of fruit….will just be stored as fat.

So this hormone called insulin is released every time you have carbs.  Carbs with fiber have it dulled a little, and there’s something called the “glycemic index”.  The higher the number, the higher the insulin release.  So – in theory, if you have foods lower on the glycemic index, it’s less punishment with insulin.  Yes, protein also has an insulin response, but nothing like carbs.

Furthermore – when insulin is released, it forces this glucose and other nutrients into the cells.  Sometimes, it can create new fat cells with denovo lipogenesis.  It also prevents you from burning fat, and locks the cells to prevent them from releasing fat.

Read that again.

You eat lots of carbs, things are going into your cells, but you aren’t taking anything out of them.  When you are eating 3-6 times a day of primarily carb-rich foods, you are mostly blocking your body from tapping your fat stores.

Also….you get hungry every 3-5 hours.  This is because you are burning carbs as your primary fuel source.  When your insulin level is spiked – on its way down, it releases hormones to tell your body to feed again.  It completely disrupts your body’s ability to listen to its natural hunger.  It has been hijacked by your sugar.

“But whole grains!!”….

This is some fancy marketing.  It’s possible these items are lower on the glycemic index.  But you are still releasing an ass ton of insulin.  A piece of white bread may be 20g of carbs and have 1g of fiber.  A “whole grain” piece of bread may have 20g of carbs and 5g of fiber.  It’s still 20g of carbs, or “15 net carbs”.

On the flip side…

Let’s say for argument’s sake you are living in northern Canada or Russia.  Or Sweden.  Or Norway.  Let’s go back before grocery stores existed.  If you look around during the winter time, there are no carbs.  People shoot moose for food.  They fish.  They primarily eat fat and protein.  These are among the healthiest people on the planet.

What is happening?

There is no insulin, or very low insulin reactions.  They don’t get as hungry as you “carb burners”.  Maybe they eat a big meal a day.  A few hundred years ago, maybe people at every few days.  Do you think 1000 years ago there was breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone?

Without insulin being released, your blood glucose number starts dropping.  Your body is smart, and releases another hormone called lipase to then extract triglycerides out of your body through a process called lipolysis.  These are then converted into ketone bodies and glucose.

But you need glucose to live!!!

Yes, and your body produces it all by itself just fine, thank you.  You do not need exogenous carbohydrates.  Let me reiterate.   There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

As much as you love brownies, you do not need any carbohydrates to live.  Ever.

Think about that.

So let’s go back to our diet.  If I’m fat (which I’m still about 235), I want to use the fuel on my body I already have.

What if….instead of my body telling me to eat every 3-4 hours and I pig out on McDonald’s – what if I trained my body to just pig out on the fat cells already on my body?

This is what I do with my OMAD during the week, and then I fast on most Fridays.  What ultimately happens is I get a caloric deficit of about 500 calories on each M-Th, then a caloric deficit of 3500 or so on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday, I probably eat about 3000 calories in 2-3 meals.


This is why this “diet” is sustainable.  If you cure your sugar cravings, and you maybe have a cheat meal every now and then, this is totally do-able.

You just have to understand that this is a lie:


Let me explain why:

  1. This is designed off of a 1956 study by Ancel Keys who made up a theory that saturated fats caused heart disease.
  2. Cholesterol is not the boogeyman they thought it used to be.  Dietary cholesterol is now a joke, as your body makes about 8-10 times than what you ingest.
  3. Newer science is pointing to sugar/high carb diets as the root cause of metabolic disease – which is the base for all of western diseases.
  4. In populations without sugar, people did not have obesity, heart disease, cancer.  Once sugar was introduced, rates became what the west were.
  5. You have a gall bladder.  It is meant to release bile when you eat fat.  When you eat extremely low fat diets, you get gall stones that may then require surgery.
  6. Diabetes is a product of sugar.  Remove the sugar, type 2 diabetes disappears.  H1AC returns to normal over time.  120 years ago, diabetes was a relatively rare disease that affected one in several thousand people.  Today, it’s one in 7.  Meats/eggs have not changed, but sugar consumption has.  Gary Taubes in, “The case against sugar” writes a compelling book that creates an ironclad “legal” case against sugar as the culprit to all of western disease.
  7. Cancer has been proven to feed off of sugar.  120 years ago, 1 in 30 were affected by cancer.  Today it is 1 in 3.
  8. If we want to fatten our chickens, cows, turkeys, and geese, we feed them corn.  If we want to fatten humans, we feed them lots of corn/high fructose corn syrup.


People are going to tell you that this is a fad diet.  Sorry….this is how our bodies were essentially designed to run.

Let’s go back 1,000-5,000 years ago…

  1. We are walking around…we see some greens to eat, maybe some berries.  We live in northern Europe.  Greens and berries aren’t around in the colder months.
  2. We walk a ton.  We eat berries and use them for energy.  Greens help us with satiety and vitamin C.  Anything we don’t burn off, we store because winter is coming.  We might then put on 10-20 pounds in the fall, and perhaps eat a GIANT meal to fatten ourselves up before the winter.
  3. In colder months, no berries are around.  We hunt every few days.  Our bodies use the stored fats.  We burn ketones as a natural part of us.  We go 6-8 months with zero carbs.


Can we occasionally indulge?  Yep.  But day in and day out of punishing yourselves with insulin is the root of all western disease.

Put down the OJ, “whole grain bread”, bowl of cereal, and banana.  And slowly walk away from what is causing your disease.

Remove the carbs.  Limit them.  Once in a blue moon, have a piece of pie.  But for all that is holy – start asking questions.  Ask your medical professionals:

  1. What is the nutritional requirement of carbs in a day to live?
  2. What is the cause of diabetes?
  3. Does cancer feed on sugar?
  4. Do you recommend the food pyramid, and why?
  5. How much medical training in college did you get on nutrition?
  6. What happens inside my body when I have 80g of carbohydrates in a meal?
  7. How much added sugar would you recommend in a day?  (hint, the answer here is that the body’s limit is around 25g in a day.  A can of coke is 38g.  Most people have 150-300g of added sugar a day.  One pound is 454g.  So you are eating 100-200 pounds of sugar in a year.  Look up that whole insulin resistance thing again.


There you have it folks.  YouTube is filled now with a lot of new studies, medical experts, and tons of new information for you.  Here’s a list of people to start watching on YouTube:

  1. Gary Taubes
  2. Robert Lustig
  3. Virta Health
  4. Diet Doctor
  5. Dr. Westman
  6. Dr. Stephen Phinney
  7. Dr. Volek
  8. Jason Fung (autophagy and fasting)
  9. Dr. Tim Noakes
  10. Dr. Ken Berry
  11. Low Carb Down Under
  12. Dr. Steven Attia


This chart below is what the medical field and pharm field do NOT want you to do.  Please, take another look at obesity rates and the skyrocketing costs of medical care in this country.