First, I’d like to suggest that within 5-10 years, over 50% of the population will be eating a “low carb” style of diet.  This, as opposed to the SAD (Standard American Diet).  The films listed in the title I would also think are the beginning of what will be an avalanche of movies coming out about this in the next 3-5 years.

The first thing that happens when you tell someone you’re doing low carb is the question, “what about the saturated fat and the cholesterol”?  Long story, but over the last 10 years, the non-industry directed research has solidly proven this to be a myth.  In fact, most of the research you “know as true” was funded by industry to promote their products, or perhaps to confuse the dialogue.  If any of you have followed the “eggs are good for you” or “eggs are bad for you” debate for the last 40 years, you have found that every year, some new study comes out to refute the one from the year before.  As it turns out, most of these studies are industry funded by a group, then published in shitty journals and then force fed to media companies who may also have a financial interest in peddling you the goods.

The overarching narrative I need most people to grasp is that food/medical studies from the 50s/60s were done a lot by D scientists on the payroll of some industry study.  This then led to really shitty policy and education in this country, which has led to a horrible epidemic of disease in this country.

These films do push the narrative that sugar is bad.  And they show you how in two different ways.


The magic pill:

This film gives you the information of the early days of the science.  It then follows around several groups of people and introduces them to a high fat/low carb diet.  Each of the groups has a miraculous turnaround of their lives.  The “magic pill” means, in a sense, “what is the magic pill to rid western culture of modern disease”?

Most people feel this is literally in the form of a pill, but it shows that all of these diseases are borne from a metabolic disorder at the cellular level – caused by sugars.  When you remove the added sugars and processed foods and eat whole foods rich in fat, your body can undo the cellular damage and prevent/reverse disease.  So – the “magic pill” is a way of eating food to cure most of the problems today.

In this film, they followed:

  1. A family with an autistic child.  The LCHF (low carb high fat) diet significantly reduced the girl’s seizures and calmed her down to the point where she was engaging and “waking up”.
  2. A woman who was going down the wrong path and lost like 60 pounds and her asthma disappeared
  3. A woman who was on tons of diabetic medications who then lost 45 pounds  and went off all of her diabetic medication
  4. A group of aboriginal people in Australia who all had type 2 diabetes and all of them reversed their condition within 2 weeks.
  5. A woman with breast cancer who reversed her cancer without any treatment – she choked off any sugars into the body and starved the cancer.

With this, they also tracked Tim Noakes’ trial.  He has been accused of “dangerously curing type 2 diabetes”.  In this situation though, he advised a woman who was breast feeding or the like to introduce a LCHF diet to her child.  A nutritionist ratted him out and he faced losing his medical license.  He showed the review board that the evidence is sound over the last 10 years and he was found “not guilty”.   The overwhelming medical evidence today is there – it just needs to be socialized now and movies like this help that narrative.

On a side note, my personal opinion is that it somewhat oversimplified the problem today.  I loved the movie, but the reason was to provide this as an intro to anyone who may be going through ANY type of shit today.

Growing up, I just KNEW people died of cancer or heart disease in their 60s or 70s.  It’s just how it was.  Well, no.  That is unique of western culture over the last 40-50 years.

And guess what – most of these conditions are reversible/preventable by simply changing your diet.

It also doesn’t necessarily address the challenges of how one simply starts eating LCFH.  I think the washout rate of people going this direction is extremely high.  I would recommend people start over a few months by reducing the shit foods they eat one at a time, find some substitutes, then flip the switch off one day.  Do your research. The film just jumps right into LCHF to these folks as if it’s changing from white bread to wheat bread.  It is not easy to break your sugar addictions, and this was glossed over a lot.

To me, sugar is something that is poisoning all of us over a 15-30 year period.  Very similar to cigarettes.  If you smoke for a year or two, you might have some issues, but smoke for 30 years, you have all kinds of problems.  Sugar needs to be addressed in the same fashion as smokes.

To watch – find this on netflix

That Sugar Film:

This film was likable, but more n=1 and anecdotal.  I felt I highly related to the subject material.  This was about a 40 something guy who decides for 2 months he’s going to eat a high carb/low fat diet.  He eats 2300 calories a day prior to this, and 2300 a day on this diet.  He posits that if a calorie is a calorie, nothing should change.  He does NOT go for cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream – but instead goes with everything labeled “heart healthy”, promoted as “healthy”, and low fat options.

What happens to him in 2 months kind of scared the shit out of the scientists/ doctors working with him.  He gained 20 pounds.  Remember, he’s eating THE EXACT SAME CALORIES HE DID BEFORE.  He noticed almost a manic side of him, massive mood swings, energy drain, and increased hunger – by a lot.

While he went to the extreme, I did relate to the concept of reading packaging as “heart healthy”, items presented as healthy, and low fat – and stocking my refrigerator with these items for 15 years of my life or so….and GAINING weight.  This, often with doing ridiculous amounts of exercise and eating “whole grain” healthy foods.

For those of you with any form of celiac or “gluten sensitivity”, it might also show you that we aren’t really supposed to be eating these products as in the entirety of mankind, our bodies have been seeing this food for less than .5% of the time we have been on earth.  Our food has also been genetically modified to have more carbs in them.  Look at watermelons and carrots 2 hundred years ago.  They didn’t look/taste like they do today.

The point of the movie was made.  The QUALITY of your calories  matter.  SUGAR negatively affects you.

This can be seen on Amazon Prime


I would encourage any of my keto friends to watch this and see if this is anything any of your family or friends might find of interest.


I put my 100 pound balloon up as the main profile pic – I’m down 109 at the moment, but the point is that I’ve done the weight loss thing a few times in my life.  I took off 70 pounds over 15 months with the SAD and exercise, eating “healthy”.  Yes – you can take off weight with calorie restriction and exercise.  But many of us who have lost weight many times in multiple ways would tell you that losing weight in this manner is like “renting weight loss”.  You lose the weight on the scale, but it is temporary.  Your body doesn’t seem to accept this form of weight loss and eventually hunger or exhaustion may revert you back to earlier behaviors.  I can honestly tell you the effort that I have put into weight loss my whole life is absolutely insane.  What most people saw of me was the 5% of my life I was out and about.  They didn’t see the struggle of the other 95% of my life calorie counting, portion controlling, running myself to collapse, or my jeans no longer fitting after 3 months of dieting and gaining weight.

The last 40 pounds or so has been with keto – and I used the discipline above to then carve that into a well formulated, ketogenic diet.  Note the wording I used there.  I did tons of research, listened to every expert on the planet.  And 40 pounds came off with relative ease.  I’ve been on a bit of a stall, but I don’t give a shit now.  Why?  Because how I FEEL.  I feel “awake”.  I feel like what I’ve put into my body my whole life significantly screwed up a lot of my life.  I tried your food pyramid, and I REJECT IT.

I write these things to reach people – to have them consider that the extra 30 pounds they have on them.  The headaches.  The fatigue.  The diabetes.  The poor shape this country is in with medical issues is NOT the result of people missing their calorie intakes – it’s because we have all been “fed” a lie based on shitty science.

And it’s time to get the word out.  We cannot wait 10-15 years for the government.  We must get the word out using social media and youtube.  The citizens will then heal themselves, in spite of our government.  And – big industry will do what they can to prevent this.

So – my 100 pound balloon is there as a reminder that I know what I’m talking about.  I know how I felt losing 70 pounds on the SAD versus 40 pounds on keto.  Night and day.  Coma sleep.  That should be good enough of a reason 🙂