Short post today…

Had a mini-plateau and dropped 3 pounds this week.  I love when that happens.  The sudden shed of some weight.  Total loss now at 107 pounds.  265 on the scale.  I now weigh what I did as a sophomore in college.  Next step is 257, what I weighed at the last week of freshman year of college, then 227, what I graduated HS at.  Keep in mind my “normal” weight during most of high school was 240-250, then I broke my foot and went up to 295 at my highest.

In 4 months, I’ve now lost 37 pounds.  I would say the weight loss is on par with other diets, so it’s not a “miracle” as far as weight loss goes, but I can tell you it’s pretty consistent in results, where other diets you might have very long plateaus.  Also with this diet, other than every other diet I’ve ever been on, I eat my face off.  I like to eat….lol.

So for me to get this last 38 pounds to get to my HS graduation weight, I see this taking another 4-6 months.  Given it’s now the end of April/early May, I see this going to early September to early November.  My 43rd birthday is November 18th, so I would LOVE to hit this by then.  However, I do have a lot planned this summer with walking, hiking, biking, running, and tennis – so there’s always the outside shot I do hit this by the end of August.  That would be exciting!!

My facebook is now blowing up with people doing keto, so I’m happy to see a sort of support group forming.  For me, it was a miracle for the below reasons:

  1. Tons of energy.  I am completely full of energy.  Most diets with lots of calorie cutting, you get lethargic over time.  Your body hurts a lot.  Tired.  Grumpy.
  2. Amazing sleep.   When you rid your body of sugar, wow, the sleep you have is comparable to coma-like sleep after the first 2-3 weeks.
  3. Delicious foods.  For years, when you did “standard” diets, you cut out the fats.  Low fat this, low fat that.  Terrible substitutes.  Well, guess what.  When you add fats in and reduce sugar, you can make some amazing shit.  My taco salad last night I put in a half of an avocado and 2  TBSP of sour cream – dear god that was good.   One of the most delicious meals I’ve had on keto yet.
  4. Loss of appetite.  I still am hungry, but it’s manageable.  I get hungry around 11 at work, but I have a hot unsweetened tea and I’m good until 6 or 7 at night.  I have a keto coffee every morning.  I then have to fight to get an additional 1800 calories in me at dinner.  But I sort of like the feast.  Often I struggled with 4-6 small meals because my gauge wanted me to keep eating.  Like, a stick of cheese and 10 grapes as a meal?  I could not deal with the tiny meals.  So, I feast like a king once a day, go to bed extremely satisfied, and wake up less weight each week.  This also has reduced my food bills and time for prep, because I usually make a feast that lasts 2 nights.  So, I only have to cook now 3-5 times a week.
  5. Healthier – believe this or not, but I just feel healthier.  A LOT of the vitamins and minerals we are supposed to get….are something called Fat Soluble vitamins.  Meaning, they need fats to work and be digested.  When you have LOW FAT diets, you can also be depriving yourself of a lot of vitamins.  And, believe this or not, cholesterol is good for you.  All of your hormones come from it, and your brain needs it for mental health.  The extra sugars, to me,  are the root cause of most of all of our health issues today.  No one makes money by pointing this out.  Think of all of the pharma, big food, and medical establishment personnel that make money off of selling you the ability to eat sugary foods.  They could tell you that we could prevent you from having that heart attack by stopping the sugar, or they could sell you statins, low fat foots, boner pills, heart medication, and heart surgeries.
  6. Mental alertness – holy shit the fog is lifted.  I feel “sharper” on this than the regular diet.


Many of you who are wanting to start this or considering it, read my last post on how to get started.  I would highly recommend that someone reduce sugars for 30-90 days before doing this so they can see what they are getting into.  Going from 3 snickers bars, 4 cokes a day to 30g of carbs is not something many of you will be successful on long term.  I’ve done low carb diets before so I had a clue what I was doing, and I had 15 months of “standard diet” with reduced added sugars and 70 pound weight loss prior to doing this.  That being said, this might have been one of the best health decisions I’ve ever made.

Below are some of this weeks foods – also adding in here the magnesium I get.  I have 500 mg each night right after dinner and this helps me relax and sleep soundly.  Also is a chart on booze one of my friends posted.  I mostly gave up alcohol, but it is nice to see what alcohol you can have on this.  As a word of precaution, when you don’t have breads/pastas to help soak up the booze, this will get you quick and hard.   So, be very careful with these.


  1. Chicken thighs and cabbage.  In my instant pot, I put in a pack of 4 pounds of boneless/skinless chicken thighs (the with-skin might be better on keto, but I didn’t like the bone).  Make this with 1 head of chopped up cabbage and 2 cups chicken broth.  Put on pressure cook for 14 minutes.  3 BIG ass meals.  I couldn’t finish meal 1.
  2. Taco salad.  Featured is about 1/2 of the mix.  You get 1 pound of 85/15 or grass fed beef.  Add avocado and sour cream!!