I have to be very careful here – especially on this post – because everyone needs to do the research for themselves.  I am NOT a doctor.  I am NOT a medical professional.  In fact, many medical professionals are VERY much against keto due to LDL cholesterol levels.  I am NOT smarter than doctors.  I am NOT smarter than the medical professionals that have been servicing hospitals and communities for decades.  This video is a 30 minute video from 2015 which might give you a big picture overview of LDL’s role in heart disease, which is virtually nothing.  The culprit they found is lipoprotein (a) which comes about due to an evolutionary problem with our inability to produce vitamin C.  However, the big problem in the past 100 years is that added sugars not only compete with the arterial receptors for vitamin C, but they also cause inflammation which exacerbates the issue.  Take a look at this video, which might help update the healthcare community on newer findings.

What I possess is knowledge of newer information they may not have had.  This information is what I wish to share with you.  This topic IS controversial, but given all of my recent research, feel this is the best path for ME.  I will plan on sharing my information below and help you see at least what I have seen.  And why I decided on this path.

Some factors that make me question how we got here:

  1. Let’s start at the beginning.  In the 1950s, Ancel Keys (founder of the K rations and respected scientist at the time) did a study of 7 countries on the causes of heart disease.  He found a strong correlation in those countries to consumption of saturated fats to heart disease.  The only problem with this is that this was actually a study of 22 countries, and he omitted the results of the other studies.  One plot point he omitted was the inuit, who had the highest consumption of saturated fat – AND the lowest heart disease.   What was not recorded in this study was that the inuit also did not regularly consume any carbs and lived a mostly high fat low carb diet.
  2. In the 1960s, three Harvard researchers were paid by the sugar industry the equivalent of $50,000 each to point to saturated fat as the key to heart disease and not sugar.  In fact, there were studies at the time pointing to sugar as the main culprit, but the researchers were not well known and were ridiculed by more elite professionals – that were paid off by the sugar industry
  3. More than 85% of the 600,000 products on the shelves today have ADDED sugar.  The sugar industry is massive, and most food studies are “framed” to make sugar not look like the bad guy.
  4. Studies that linked fat to heart disease did not count sugar into this.  So, they would study fat intake, but not how much sugar people were taking in.  The combination of sugar and saturated fats are the issue, as we’re learning.  In fact, sugar appears to be the leading issue.  Dr. Lustig is calling type 2 diabetes “processed food disease” because he strongly believes with the beginning of the processed food industry in the mid 60s, that this was the beginning of the crisis.  Processed foods have chemicals and added sugars.
  5. Not one study was done on the effectiveness of the food pyramid prior to it being implemented in 1977.  This diet recommended 6-11 servings of grain every day.  The problem that I found is that there are ZERO grams of carbohydrates needed for the body to survive daily.  ZERO.  There are essential amino acids and essential fatty acids, but no essential carbs.  So why are we being told to eat up to 11 servings a day?
  6. The body cannot tolerate more than one serving of fruit per day in the liver.  Fructose is not metabolized like other sugars, and if you have too much fructose, it turns into fat.  So no, you should not eat multiple servings of fruit per day.
  7. I’ve learned that doctors have about 1 semester of nutrition in their 10 years or so of college.  This is not their strong suit, and most of what they are learning is based off  of the junk science of the 60s.  Doctors tend to lean on the low fat diets prescribed by the food pyramid – despite the fact that no studies were ever done on this.
  8. When I was an MBA student at Villanova, I did a 25 page paper on why doctors were leaving southeast PA.  One of the biggest reasons were that malpractice rates were going through the roof.  In research, I found that many doctors  who have been practicing for more than 15 years or so stopped learning new methods/procedures, and this drove up malpractice.  For example, methods of treating a knee wound today might cost 1/5 of the old methods and have a 90% reduction in recovery time/infection possibilities.  The older doctors refused to learn new things and when problems happened with these older methods, it drove up malpractice for everyone.  This told me that as a whole, doctors who had been practicing for a long period of time were not comfortable with continuing education or learning new methods.  Meaning – as a patient, I needed to be aggressive in understanding the latest and greatest treatment methods.

It is clear to me that early man did not have an abundant supply of carbohydrates.  It wasn’t until a few thousand years ago that humans began agriculture.  For most of the history of mankind, they lived in tribes and were nomadic hunter/gatherers.  It is clear to me that humans would go days without eating and going into ketosis. It is clear to me that they would have a kill and eat until they were satiated.  That berries and some fruits might be found along the way for bursts of energy, but were not the primary fuel source.

Then, recently, I’ve been reading how only 100 years ago, diabetes was a RARE disease – in fact, at epidemic levels 100 years ago, it was a rate of about 3 in 1,000 people got it.  This was being found in the big cities and it was a “crisis”.  Well, today, apparently 1 in 7 are being diagnosed with diabetes.  100 years ago, 1 in 30 people were diagnosed with cancer.  Today, it’s 1 in 3.  Think about that – those statistics are telling you that you will die a mostly horrible and expensive death.  Also, heart disease is there, and there is a major overlap with diabetes and heart disease.

Now, my people come from a “meat and potatoes” background.  So – I’m not going destroy potatoes, at this moment, but the fact remains from everything I’m telling you above that our country’s addition of sugar – in vast quantities – into their diets are what causes most of today’s issues.

LDL and the lipid panel

Advocates of the sugar industry who influenced us to go to the food pyramid want to point to cholesterol and fat as the culprit to all of life’s problems.  In fact, for the longest period of time, people said diabetes came from being fat.  Not from sugar.  Diabetes is a blood sugar problem.  It’s a metabolic disorder from killing your body with insulin and getting insulin resistance.  So they want to tell you to eat a low fat diet, rich in whole grains.  Yeah.

They like to point to LDL cholesterol as the side effect of eating saturated fats.  BOOOOO!!!  Well, let’s look at something else first.  Take a look at this:


In 1984, time essentially said eggs and cholesterol were bad.  Just recently, they have been reviewing the same science I have been and determined – it’s not bad.  Take a look at this video from Funny or Die – it made it’s rounds on facebook.

Confused?  Well, as it turns out, dietary cholesterol has virtually zero impact on your blood cholesterol.  Your body naturally produces cholesterol.  But why?  What is it?  Cholesterol is needed by all cells for repair.  Your brain is made out of it and saturated fats.  Inflammation should be your key thing you’re looking at today.  When you consume sugar, it’s like sandpaper inside of your arteries.  Tiny micro tears happen all over the place.  Inflammation happens – inflammation is needed, and essential – imaging having a cut.  Locally, inflammation happens and clotting happens.  Cholesterol is deployed to the area to patch things up and fix it.  So – cholesterol is vital, and not there based on the cholesterol you put into your body.  But when you take in sugars, vegetable oils, lots of omega 6 fatty acids, trans fats – this causes inflammation inside of your body – and cholesterol goes to these areas and acts like spackle.

What problems the American diet has is twofold – we have lots of added sugar and we eat lots of vegetable oils/trans fats.  This inflammation then causes our bodies to produce lots of cholesterol to patch up the damage.

Interestingly enough, the LONG term fix is to have vitamin C and vitamin K2 go into our bodies.  This removes the cholesterol from these areas and returns it to the liver for processing.  When you think of vitamin C – most people think, “hey, I’ll have a big glass of orange juice”.  Well, that’s been the problem.  All of the sugar in that – more sugar in a glass of that than a coke, mind you – creates more inflammation.  To top it off, it’s fructose, and will most likely be stored as fat.  Lastly, when you have sugar flowing through your bloodstream, this competes with vitamin C on the receptors we want to do the repair on.  If you want your vitamin C – SKIP the OJ, reduce your sugar next to none, and eat broccoli and supplement with K2.  This will also have the effect of driving these nutrients out of your clogged arteries and into your bone to improve bone density.

But what about the LDL?

Your body has the “good” cholesterol, the HDL – and the “bad” cholesterol,  the LDL.  As it turns out, there’s a “good/bad LDL” and a “bad/bad” LDL.  This is based on LDL size particles.  At least that’s what the literature is saying today.  The problem is the small dense LDL particles, and the “big fluffy” LDL particles aren’t a problem.  So, if you just did a standard lipid panel and were on a low carb diet, your LDL will most likely increase.  But is that bad?  Let’s consider some of the following:

The newer research is  showing that when you take overweight people with bad numbers and put them on a low carb/high fat diet, it beats a “standard” diet in every single category.  This is research being performed at Duke, UCONN, Harvard to name a few.  This is not big sugar, but the low carb folks creating real studies that are peer reviewed and replicated – and THESE are the new research studies that have been getting people excited for the last 5-8 years.


The citing on the bottom is from Volek/Phinney.  Again, these are peer reviewed studies and have been published for anyone to review.  These are the types off studies that never got funding 20/30 years ago.  Why?  Take a look at the below:


What I want you to consider is this:

  1. Cause – the cause of all kinds of problems today are added sugars.  This causes metabolic syndrome, which then causes obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and a million other problems.  It is not natural for our bodies to have this much sugar, and it causes problems at the mitochondrial level.  “Calories in/calories out” is mostly a myth.  Why?  Because no one was fat or having these problems 100 years ago before they learned what a calories was – when they were eating all of the fat they are today, but had none of the sugar.  Coke anyone?
  2. Effect – take a look at the pharm industry.  We now have pills for everything. Every other commercial on TV is about a pill to solve a problem – that was mostly caused by….sugar.  Guess what.  Ask anyone on keto how they FEEL.   Inflammation disappears, aches and pains disappear.  You sleep better than ever before.  It reverses type 2 diabetes.  Or, you can get pills for one of 1,300 conditions caused by the above.
  3. Addiction – it has been shown that sugar is as addictive as cocaine.  So the above industry adds sugar to the foods.  It hooks you in.  It disrupts your leptin levels and spikes your insulin levels, making you want to consume more of their products.  Then, when problems happen, doctors tell you to eat more of the poison that put you in that position, and prescribe you pills to “treat” your condition, not cure it.

Everyone…welcome to our western food industry, and how it is the main cause for our exploding healthcare crisis.

But silly, by eating fat, you will DIE!!  Your LDL levels will cause you to have a heart attack!!

In fact, one of the leading obesity researchers today ignores a standard lipid panel as useless, and orders NMR lipid panels for her patients at the University of Indiana.  Dr. Sarah Hallberg can tell you better than me in this video.  She goes on to tell you about LDL sizes as a bigger indicator of heart disease.  This is the same thing Phinney/Volek/Noakes and everyone else is finding in their studies as well, replicating the results of each others’ studies.  What I’m guessing is there is a relationship between these “small dense” LDL particles and lipoprotein (a) particles.

In fact, they found this…

While the “standard” diet above that produced the pretty chart I added showed improvement in the LDL-C small particles and problems for the small LDL particles in the standard diet.  What this told them was that if you want BAD LDL numbers, have a “standard” diet with 6-11 servings of grain.  They furthermore found strong correlations in the small dense LDL numbers and  heart disease, and virtually no correlation in large LDL cholesterol and heart disease.  Signaling that the “big and fluffy” cholesterol is harmless and the small dense LDL cholesterol is the problem.  Furthermore, apparently statins DO reduce LDL cholesterol, but actually only help 18 in 1,000 people reduce the small LDL cholesterol that is problematic.  And in fact, the statin industry is a $40 billion industry – that doesn’t really help them because it doesn’t address the lipoprotein (a), but reduces your overall LDL – which, as you are reading, has virtually no correlation to heart disease.

For the above, I’d like to refer you to the works of Phinney, Volek, Hallberg, and Noakes.  There’s a series on youtube called “Low Carb Down Under” which was apparently a Ted talks type of symposium for the low carb scientists.  One of the leading researchers/doctors in the world, Dr. Tim Noakes, was a high carb advocate.  In fact, he literally wrote the book on carbing up for marathons in a book called “The Lore of Running”.  Dr. Noakes was an avid runner, and started to get type 2 diabetes, despite running over 70 marathons.  About 5 years ago, he publicly apologized for writing his book and apologized up and down about how he was wrong – and now is a leading researcher on the low carb high fat diets.

This is another doctor who is leading the battle.  This guy had contempt for diabetes patients – “if they just exercised, weren’t lazy, and put down the donut” was sort of the type of attitude he said him and other doctors had.  He had to cut the limb off of a diabetes patient.  He was a triathlon competitor.   And then he got diabetes, and his world view of what doctors are prescribing patients to do changed in a moment.

The youtubes of the world are littered with:

  1. Doctor after doctor after doctor who was fit, in shape, and get diabetes following the standard American diet.
  2. Person after person after person who have lost 100+ pounds on keto and feel amazing and in the best shape of their lives
  3. More and more studies coming out with research showing cholesterol/saturated fats are not the enemy, that added sugars are the enemy.  This might be one of the most convincing presentations I’ve ever seen.
  4. Videos showing that “C and D class” scientists went into the nutrition sciences in the 60s.  Apparently, the leading science in this was in Europe in the last 1930s.  When Europe was decimated during WW2, the scientists/researchers/methodologies were lost.  This led Americans to do science (wrongly) in the 1950s and 1960s.
  5. Videos showing that early research in the 1950s/1960s was paid for by the sugar industry.  Laws more recently forced studies to disclose funding, but ALL of the earlier studies that went into the food pyramid were never disclosed to be paid for by big food/sugar.



  1. Weight management is not calories in/calories out.  It’s a hormonal issue caused by manipulation of insulin and other hormones.  Processed foods/added sugars significantly impair your hormones and put you in a fat storage mode.
  2. The food industry promoted many studies over the years pointing to fat as the problem.  Added sugars continued to go into foods we ate, as well as other chemicals and MSGs which manipulate our ability to regulate satiety.
  3. Satiety can be regulated properly with a low carb/high fat diet.  Cholesterol/saturated fats are harmless in diet WHEN added sugars are not present.  No breads/pastas/cupcakes/waffles/pancakes/cereals.
  4. Newer science is proving the junk science of the 50s/60s was incorrect, leading to the food pyramid and 1 in 7 people getting diabetes.  Newer science has findings that are PEER REVIEWED, REPLICATED, and NOT INDUSTRY FUNDED.  This is very important.  In fact, a meta analysis of studies shown ZERO correlation between saturated fat and heart disease, the issue was TRANS fats.
  5. Low fat diets increase small-dense LDL cholesterol, which are the particles actually correlated to heart disease.  The big-fluffy LDL cholesterol, which is what raises your LDL number on a standard lipid panel, is harmless and not correlated to heart disease.
  6. In the 1950s, everyone knew smoking was bad for you.  It took nearly 40 years for warnings to go on cigarettes.  The tobacco industry controlled the narrative, PACs paid for politicians, and these politicians owned policy and directed public research/funding.  We now KNOW sugar causes these issues, yet all of you are still looking at 50 year old text books based on junk science and telling me I’m going to die from LDL cholesterol, which we now see is not accurate.  This is a great documentary to at least get you started on more recent research.
  7. You can reverse damage by reducing/eliminating sugars, increasing your vitamin C, and supplementing vitamin K2.


Overall takeaways….

  1. Stop the sugars/trans fats/vegetable oils which create inflammation and cracks/tears in artery walls.  The sugars also compete for vitamin C in the arterial walls leading to cracks and stress – and lipoprotein (a) and NOT LDL is causing heart disease.   Check out the video by Dr. Rath.
  2. Increase your vitamin C/K2 to reverse arterial damage.  LDL is not your main concern, it’s inflammation, vitamin C deficiency (caused by competing with sugar), and buildup of lipoprotein (a).  When you reduce inflammation/tears in your arterial walls, you will also reduce the need for lipoprotein (a) to go do repairs.  With increasing foods high in vitamin C (your greens!) and not abscorbic acid (the supplement that is not a complete vitamin C), you can start to chip away at damage and prevent more damage from occurring.


What you find is that added sugars are the cause to most of modern western issues.  Once someone is “normalized” to a normal weight and healed their internal structures, it makes sense to then go to a more paleo route where you can have your tubers and steaks.  But not when your body is in a state of shit.  Get healthy, then add potatoes back in naturally.  It’s the processed foods, fast foods, and sugary drinks which are accelerating our death.  Or, go get some pills and live the last 10 years of your life in and out of hospitals.  Our health crisis today is of epidemic proportions – and I’m telling you – these models make the most sense, and this is modern science re-writing textbooks based on shitty science.