I don’t know about you, but all of this CBDC talk has me on edge. How can “they” do this? I didn’t vote for this!!

A few weeks ago a potential future presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis, had a speech where he blasted the future CBDC.

Knowing NOTHING ELSE, he has my vote based on this. He seems to be the only politician speaking out against it!

But are there ways we can stop all of this madness?

The Supreme Court.

How? Let’s get out the Constitution. Let’s also look at how “money” has changed since the Constitution.

What does the Constitution say about money?

If we look up what our Constitution says….

Basically, gold and silver is money. Period

In this article, the writer talks about 6 other clauses of money in the Constitution along with 5 rules.

Here are the clauses, according to him:

1863 – let’s play with paper

In 1863, the “gold seal” was introduced to our money. Check out the full article here

Meaning – “well, lugging gold around is a pain in the ass. Maybe we can create pieces of paper that are receipts for this gold”. In theory, it is a RECEIPT for the gold or silver.

This then came to be…

So – gold was $20….ok.

1910 – enter the creature from Jekyll Island

G Edward Griffin wrote the book The Creature from Jekyll Island where he outlined the birth of the Federal Reserve. While the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, how did our money change?

If you look at the $20 bill from above, it established that there was a deposit in the treasury of $20 in gold – pegged for one ounce.

If you look closely at the top of the bill today, you see “Federal Reserve Note”.

What the Fed Reserve Act of 1913 did was give the central bank of the US the power to control monetary policy. They can, essentially, create and destroy money. Now, there’s a ton of inner workings between them and the U.S. Treasury with regards to the plumbing of creating Treasuries, rates, repo markets – far beyond my expertise here. The treasury still has the ability to print the money as well as issue treasuries. So not entirely clear about what Investopedia put below.

The big picture is….gold was in play with paper.

1933 – FDR confiscates gold

I only learned of this a few years ago, and my jaw dropped. Had no idea. I’d bet that for 95% of the people walking around, they would not have known holding gold coin was illegal for 40 years in this country, even though it was explicitly stated in the Constitution that it is money?

So an EXECUTIVE ORDER went out to confiscate gold. Mind you, it was on our money, and $20 gold coins WERE money. Likewise, it was in the Constitution. Why the !@$$%T@$ didn’t anyone stand up to him to challenge the president on this order???

1934 – revalue of gold

Above, they offered to pay you $20.67 for your $20 gold coin. The they turned around, with the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 and revalued gold at $35. Not a bad deal, huh?

1944 – Bretton Woods

Essentially, everyone agreed that the US would be the reserve currency, but they need to have gold pegged at $35. Read more about it here. Guess what. We goofed. I also put out a Twitter post yesterday that I believe this date could have been the genesis of World War 3. No real tin foil hat stuff there, but an interesting perspective perhaps in history.

1971 – Gold backed dollar disappears

Nixon “temporarily” suspends the Bretton Woods system.

Also in 1971, it started the “petro dollar” system. To strengthen our currency and keep its dominance – the idea was that we would protect the Saudis from the USSR and Iranians with military force and sell them weapons, and in return they would only take USD for oil.

Worldwide, anyone who then wanted energy was primarily using dollars. This is what is cracking today and seems to be untangling.

What’s missing here

If any of you have ever taken a civics class in high school, you are aware that our Constitution AND the amendments trump ANY legislation OR executive order. Right?

So where the @#%@#% is the amendment repealing Article 1 Section 10? I’m waiting.

What they kind of did, over years, was pull a “swicheroo” on us.

It started with this!!

Then…to make it “portable”….they went to the gold certificate. This pegged gold at $20 per oz. Then they took your gold and paid you $20.67, then turned around and made it $35 an oz. Then, in 1971 – by EXECUTIVE ORDER made gold not money anymore.


So the fed can “create” notes – ok (Federal Reserve Notes on dollar). Where’s the gold to back it? Right. Doesn’t exist. Then, the PRESIDENT by EXEC ORDER seized something protected in the constitution? Then the president, by EXEC ORDER stopped the “gold window”?


Congress cannot write laws that supersede the Constitution. The president, by EXEC ORDER cannot violate the Constitution. Meaning – they have to create an amendment to repeal this IF they want to do so.


Someone, get off your ass, and sue.

  1. You cannot grant rights via Congress to usurp money creation to move away from gold and silver. You can allow the value of these metals to increase, but you cannot keep it from being money.
  2. You cannot, by executive order, confiscate Constitutional money.
  3. You cannot, by executive order, suspend gold as a money.

This then also implies….

The government cannot issue CBDC as money.

IF they want to do ANY of this, they need repeal Article 1 Section 10 from the Constitution.

Supreme Court

I believe that the Supreme Court, as constituted today, is a attuned to the laws based on the Constitution, not judicial activism.

While I’m not calling for a reversal to the “gold standard”, I also believe you cannot introduce new legal tender without reversing the above, first.

What I have seen probably about to happen is that I believe gold will be reintroduced at the international exchange level at the BRICS nations. You want to buy oil at an exchange? OK – give me 1.2g of gold per barrel. You want 5000 oz of silver? Give me 5kg of gold for a 31.1:1 ratio.

I can see a day where our exchanges are directed to settle, in gold, to comply with international standards. People will use their fiat fed notes to buy gold in the US to then transact on the COMEX or Shanghai exchange.

However, I believe this day may be 20 years out, but they need to legally challenge the CBDC first. Should the Fed be “ended”? Not really – I do see the purpose, for now. I also see them potentially trying to get rid of regional banking to usher in the CBDC. I can see the IRS 87,000 agents lined up to use the CBDC for auditing to inspect your colon for taxes. However, the Constitution was not setup so one man, Jerome Powell, could continue to push rates higher until HE was satisfied. This isn’t how this was setup.


I can also see them mandating how you are allowed to spend your CBDCs. Can you imagine a day when these are rolled out, a far leftist in office then orders the treasury to ban purchases of guns with CBDCs? This doesn’t outlaw guns, it just disrupts your ability to pay for them. This can destroy the gun companies. An end around, if you will.

To be fair, imagine a far right person comes in and says that no one can pay for abortions with CBDCs, are not allowed to gamble, cannot spend money at gay clubs. No one wants government to have the power to STOP YOU from buying LEGAL items with your currency to suit THEIR political objectives.

The point is that money should NOT be ABLE to be directed by ANYONE in political power.

While CBDCs have great upside, IF privacy can be enacted – it won’t – because politicians want to own you and rule you.

IF CBDCs come to be, that is the end. Period.

I have defended the use of CBDCs, and with a proper federated system, with privacy controls, and NO political ability to turn off your ability to purchase things – it could work wonders as a tax revenue source. However, at issue is that government WILL usurp this power and oppress people against them. Just look at what they did to trucker protestors in Canada. That was before CBDCs were even rolled out. Can you imagine that power granted to a government to then defund and arrest you for protesting them?

Furthermore, look how we veered from our own Constitution?

The kill shot

Mind you, the goal here is NOT to go back to the stone age walking around with a velvet bag of gold to buy a pint. However, it is clear to even the most casual observe that since we went off of the gold standard, that our spending has gone exponential. Meaning, there is no tether to the debt or other things, only that we will continue to have $1-$2T deficits until we get rugged.

If you closely follow what is going on, today, they have lost control and appear to be spackling up a new issue every week with shit they are slinging against the wall. This also doesn’t account for the Fed’s $9T balance sheet. Ot the $150T in unfunded liabilities.

This system broke in 1971. All of the belligerents to us also saw this.

The further we move from the framework of the Constitution, the worse our country gets. The more political we get on fringe issues, the more our division. To me, it is also clear that foreign actors may use the internet to create shit stirring pots that they launch at us to rile us up. Daily dopamine levels of “hate orange man” or “hate ice cream eater” are everywhere for those who want the hit.

I’m here to tell you, there’s ways of saving this country.

  1. All exec orders ever issued are to be reviewed by the Supreme Court to be repealed. Congress writes laws that allow exec orders for SHORT DURATIONS (30 days or less) to respond to immediate emergencies. This prevents anyone from seizing gold with this type of move, ever again
  2. The Constitution needs to be reviewed in respects to CBDC, and this currency needs to be proactively shot in the head. Today. Stop.
  3. The gold that is on the books for the treasury – 8100 tons – needs to be valued at market value. The last time I checked, it was about $500B in market value.
  4. I believe the gold chains need to be set free. Europe has talked about re-valuing their gold. The east has been stock piling it. Gold chains here are getting harder to hold back. If gold is to be “revalued”, this number could go vertical. This would help everyone – they can simply pay their debts in gold.
  5. I like the gold bond idea. Vince Lanci talked about it, and so did Tom Luongo. I don’t understand all of the plumbing, but it seemed to be a way of issuing new debt using metals. Maybe a 30 year bond, and at the end, you get the gold.
  6. Hard caps to budgets. Spending needs to stop, and now. Constitutional amendment against having a deficit in any year higher than 1% of the debt. Balanced budget requires that no deficit be planned for. This overage allows for immediate hurricane funding or the like.
  7. Term limits – congress at 6 terms, senate at 2 terms, Supreme Court at 15 years. We have for the president, but no one else.
  8. Require gold to be used for international commerce on exchanges for commodities. I believe this will solve 99% of the problems we have today.

With number 8, the idea here is – you want to buy commodities? You need to buy gold with your fiat currency to credit your account gold. Buy all the commodities you want. The gold stays on the exchange as the person paid in gold can keep it there to buy other things, or cash it out for fiat currency. This has gold (as a commodity) exchanged for other commodities. Meaning, a cow can be 50 grams of gold. This might vary depending on supply/demand of gold/cattle. If more gold is brought into the exchange, prices of commodities go up – these commodities come more on to the exchange to account for higher gold prices and flood the markets.

IF things that MAKE THINGS are valued in gold, to me, that satisfies my appetite for “gold as money” in the Constitution. Gold can then be exchanged for any fiat currency on the planet. GOLD is the UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR.

I believe BRICS is going there inside of 5 years.

When countries stop trusting other country’s currencies – what do you do? Exchange GOLD for THINGS. Consider you are selling cattle on the COMEX or Shanghai exchange. No one should care what shit currency you use to get gold, only that gold is what buys things. I do NOT care if you have $2000 to buy an oz of gold or $200,000. But that gold should also be a universal money around the world. Which, it is.

As for the Fed and debt? IF the exchanges use gold, the Fed would then need to use their bells and dials to work in tandem WITH gold, not against it.

I talked about commodity exchanges and gold. But if, over the course of 30 years – all national debt is issued with gold backing, this has implications that all countries can then use this mechanism fairly. If they do NOT mine gold today, they will get in the business of it. Would it nationalize gold mines? Perhaps in some countries, yes, but for me, the Ghana model is what I could see – countries are not gold mining experts, but they could then set their fiat notes to allow for a forced exchange of 20% of the product of those mining it. This can have a way of stabilizing the currencies, allow countries to get gold in their vaults, to then issue debt from them.

I believe we need to fix our country by doing a HARD EDIT of everything not Constitutional and get back to it. Should we perhaps have 20 more amendments? We can have that conversation. But I’m sick and tired of our country making shit up as they go and we now have unelected people steering the way for us, who obviously have no checks and balances on them. It’s time we do a hard edit.

The way to fix this? Lawsuits for a decade to challenge exec orders and laws that are against the Constitution. Trim down everything, and then find things that we all agree on and add amendments.

The path we are on is not sustainable. Everyone knows it. I feel like grandma Yellen is at a high end gift shop with her rich daddy’s credit card trying to run it up as far as it goes until someone cuts them off. Then, they simply have all the “stuff” and it’s “your problem” 10 years from now to figure out solvency.

We have the answer. We just need to understand the best way to get back there. Our enemies have, and this is their vector of trying to win. Kill our currency. And you know what? If we don’t act, there is an almost certainty in 5-10 years that my country is in ruins. Everything I write here is to fight FOR our Constitution and democracy. But over the course of years, people just got complacent listening to exec orders that are not Constitutional.

Edict 1 – today – Constitutional amendment – all exec orders are for imminent danger only, and have a max life of 30 days Any exec order goes to Supreme Court for an up/down vote within MINUTES to ensure no “grave” Constitutional rights are not violated. Meaning, perhaps a president should NOT use this, ever, during his presidency. Let’s start with that, which would prevent a president from confiscating gold ever again here. These types of things have spiraled over the years, and now any president feels they have the authority to push a test juice in our arm. That’s not how this works. Any of it.

I was born 1 hour west of Philly, and my family came here in 1732. You bet your ass I’m a descendant of the revolutionary war. I’m a descendant of the Civil War (north) and both of my grandfathers fought in World War 2. My weapon, today, is the pen, to try and fight for our freedoms as granted to us in the Constitution. And ALL of this starts with the money. Fix the money, you fix the world.