Note for the squirrels: We are at the very end of stage 6, and it’s a matter of time before we enter stage 7, and this is possibly due to current global conflict that triggers a situation where the USD is abandoned rather suddenly as the world’s reserve currency. In this piece, I analyze the destruction we are seeing in stage 6 and why we are soon approaching a currency crisis.

If you talk with Marin Katusa or the milkshake gang, they love the USD – compared to other currencies. Marin, if you take the time here to read this, you might change your tune. Katusa talks about traveling the world and flashing USD and it being treated like gold. I get it. Also – I don’t want to disparage the milkshake gang. I have listened to a lot of what they say and they make a lot of valid points and no one can really discount some of this happening in the short term. There ARE conditions where that can come true. I also love to listen to David Hunter – and he and others talk about a final melt up, blow off top. David’s Twitter is gold where he smacks trolls around all the time. Worth a follow.

Then I look at the S&P. Zoomed out.

To me, it could have already melted up?


Or the DJIA

And you compare to Venezuela’s stock market

See the source image

Now, Venezuela here went vertical in no time. What did that symbolize? Loss of purchasing power? Currency debasement? All we did with ours was hide it better over a longer period of time. It’s like the boiled frog situation. One degree at a time, you don’t feel it. Suddenly, you are boiling – this is one reason I don’t agree with the 50% per month definition of hyperinflation. Their stock market went up 6x in 2 years? Well, look at their inflation rate.

See the source image

//Side bar – does hyper inflation really matter?

I’m going to ask you this. If I’m dropping a car from 100 feet on you – you use gravity at 9.8m/s^2 to then determine the speed at which it hits you. You then see force = mass x acceleration and the force hitting you is significant. However, if I drop that car on you over a week at a time, one inch every so many minutes – the force is virtually non existent but the end result is there’s a goddamn car on you and you die. With a hyper inflation, you are seeing a massive impact force – a quick death, if you will. With what you see above with our charts is a death blow – it’s just the force is less when it hits you.

In both cases, a car hits you and dies. This is why hyper inflation is scary, but it leads to the same result of a slow death we’ve been cooking up. Credit my physics classes in college for these wonderful ways to look at financial outlooks. And understanding how to calculate how many newtons of force is needed to kick a football through uprights at 40 yards out with the proper vector given a wind at 8 mph SSW.

//End side bar

So – their inflation is a lot higher than our 7%. I’m not saying we are in hyper inflation, but it’s hard not to see that structure and see that we are on that potential path. Professor Steve Hanke talks about the 50% inflation per month as the number for hyper inflation. But I ask you – in 2017, do you think they knew they were in trouble? What about 2016? 2015? I’m very much interested in when the black hole event horizon was reached where hyper inflation is inevitable. For me, that period may be if/when they reverse course from rate hikes that are supposed to happen. To me, I think they cannot reverse course. They can’t. Or we enter the event horizon. Could the debt to GDP at 130% be the trigger? I just heard the other day (for the second time from him, good job!) that 51 of the last 52 countries who went over 130% debt to GDP defaulted – heard on Palisades, can’t remember the guest. I believe melting up is also a default through inflation. So could we really save the dollar and smash the stock market to kick this can down the road a few more years?

Going back to our stock markets, you can see ours a what, 20x in 35 years? NASDAQ is 17x in 12 years? Dow up 7x in 12 years? How aren’t these compared to Venezuela? Obviously – longer time frame – but look at the silly numbers there. Please.

This sort of then tracks with this…

You can kind of then also see home prices go up….10x in 30 years?

See the source image

Gold up 60x in 50 years?

I think IF Hunter is wrong, it’s because our final melt up already happened – in slow motion over 35 years. Who says the melt up needs to be a burn out in a few months event? Remember the car falling on you. You can make the argument that all of these charts sort of point to 1987 as the beginning of this liftoff. Further damage had a genesis in 1971 for obvious reasons. Once we broke that gold tether, it led to out of control spending and debt. Interest rates are the thing that is supposed to keep the wheels on, but it is obvious to me they goosed these rates lower over 40 years to refinance cheaper. Instead of taking a slap on the face politically for a few months, they set a doom vortex clock on the end of the empire.

So we have a deflationist camp that think we are about to have a melt up, followed by a massive deflationary event – THEN we have REAL money bombers which lead to significantly higher inflation and then perhaps a great depression.

On the other side, you have a camp with a few like Peter Schiff who just only sees the REAL money bombers on but no deflationary event first. He suggests that both camps agree with the REAL money bombers on, so why would the deflationists try and get cute by betting on a deflation first?

At this point, we have no means of knowing which camp would be correct. However, we can see historical references to both. We can see in the Great Depression that after a market high, we did shrink our stock market by 90%. However, to the best of my understanding – this was a major liquidity issue and things were backed by gold then. Credit froze. Today, I don’t see liquidity as an issue and the plunge protection team might be a backstop for any brutal sell offs. On the other hand, you have hyper inflation scenarios like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Weimar, Lebanon, and countless other examples where everything simply melted up.

Wondering out loud…things people like me might consider for this conversation.

  • What if Hunter was right, but the March 2020 was the pull back, and April 2020 until now has been the melt up?
  • What if we have been in a melt up for 35 years as interest rates were manipulated down?
  • What if the DXY topping in March 2020 was the last top, and we are experiencing a dead cat bounce on the way to 70 or lower?
  • What if all of the cash that is in foreign hands decides to move to gold?
  • What if all US bonds held by other governments are sold into the markets in an extremely short period of time?
  • What if the next war is not a kinetic war, but a currency/cyber/information war to eliminate the USD as reserve currency?
  • Does anyone follow the 4th turning? Shit’s getting real.
  • Does anyone realize the US is $30T in debt and our fed is laughingly threatening to raise rates to jawbone markets? Does anyone realize they may have to do it?
  • Does anyone outside of the US have any idea how fractured my country is right now?
  • Does anyone outside of the US have any idea of how much debt US citizens have?
  • Does anyone outside of the US have any idea how little trust we now have in voting, the CDC, politicians, our media, our markets and our federal reserve?

When I saw Maloney’s Hidden Secrets of Money series just over 2 years ago, it was a life-altering event. One episode discussed the “seven stages of empire” and blew my mind away. To me, we are now late in stage 6. I’ll review the 7 stages below, and how/why I think stage 7 is on its way. I’m going to have a rather long discussion with stage 6 below. Stage 6 sets the table for the crumble of the civilization.

To review the 7 stages…

  1. Sound Money – started well and good with a $20 bill backed to one ounce of gold. Then went to $35. Then all hell broke loose with no backing. We had silver in our coinage until 1964.
  2. Layers of public works – The Depression launched all kinds of things here that cost money. Highway system, dams everywhere. Social security. Medicare. School systems. This then led to bonds at the city levels for great stadiums everywhere. Pensions. The unfunded liabilities are a thermonuclear device in waiting. Unfortunately, I will never see these programs that I would have paid into for 40 years because all Ponzi schemes end badly.
  3. Massive military – Leading into WW1, we didn’t have a tremendous military, and were “mostly” isolationists. We drew down our military after the war and then prior to WW2, we were selling goods to members of the conflict and taking payment in gold. We were then able to build a massive military for WW2 – but had 100 year leases all over the world to get involved. Part of this was a rational thinking we didn’t want to have another Hitler trying to murder millions of people. That’s the good intention of where this started. But, like all programs, they get bloated and abused.
  4. WAR – We then assembled the finest military ever. It has then been used in Korea, Vietnam, central America, Europe, Africa, and then the middle east for 20 years. The staggering costs of this military to sustain it are funded by taxpayers. I had heard something like our military cost is more than the next 26 nations combined, and most of them are allies. We are aware of kinetic wars with tanks. But there are also wars behind the scenes that aren’t tank related. Think about information wars – where we would install leaders of regimes (Iran – 1952?). Cyber wars, where there may be a lot of ninja-like stuff going on behind the scenes – think of Russia/Estonia in 2007. Consider financial wars against a nation’s currency – if you can bankrupt an economy, you can defeat a military without firing a shot. Russia’s economy collapsed as a result of the Cold War – which led to the end of the Soviet Union. Not a shot fired. Our banking and lending system could sustain debt, theirs could not. But only to an extent.
  5. Currency debasement – as we all know, our currency used to be pegged to gold at $20 an ounce. It was then re-priced to $35 an ounce. Later, when it became clear we printed more than we had, the gold window closed and in 1971 we got off of the gold standard – to a fractional reserve currency. Since 1971, gold has increased in value near 60x, and since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, gold has gone up 90x. The OTHER way of looking at that is that our currency units needed to buy an ounce of gold went up 90x. That is a debasement of currency over 90 years.

Loss of faith in institutions. Here, I’m going to list all of the shit that is going on here that is corrupt at its core. It’s dead and rotten from the inside out – and this is something Katusa doesn’t see at the moment. Anyone who is flashing USD in a third world country has great respect for the purchasing power of the dollar there. For now. But you need to look at the rot that is going on. Soon, the USD may look like this.

VTG Chuck E. Cheese Coin 2009

Government statisticsCPI – many rely on these for financial planning. We are all aware of the CPLie. That is, the inflation numbers the government uses are all whacked. They are reporting 7% now, but many can clearly see it’s probably closer to 10-15%. They used “hedonic adjustments” to tell you that well, “you now get more features in your car”. Or, my dryer costs me less than it did 50 years ago – but my grandmother’s dryer is 51 years old and was built to last, and my dryer just broke after 7 years last month. While they want to talk to you about how many more features things have, they don’t tell you all of this shit is made with cheap plastic and you have to buy them every few years because they are throw away. If you build a car that lasts 50 years, you’d put yourself out of business. Let that sink in. “Hedonic adjustments” CAN be seen in things – for real. Consider how computers have made doing things a lot faster. This takes less time to do things, increasing productivity. But…food keeps going up. Energy keeps going up. What I have shown in my research is that BECAUSE of the CPLie, my country in 50 years went from a nation of thrifty savers on one salary to debaucherously in debt to their eyeballs just to make ends meet on two salaries working 60 hours per week with side hustles.

Government statistics – interest rates – BECAUSE you changed the formulas in 1980 and 1991, you can then show people that “hey – inflation is LOW!”. Meanwhile, this is mostly because we started shipping all of our production overseas. Goods became dirt cheap, and we could no longer afford American-made goods. However, this low inflation then led to interest rates dropping for 40 years. This allowed the government to continue to make the same payments on debt, but refinance to loan more. Think of it like buying a $200,000 house with 8% mortgage for 30 years. If you can convince the bankers to drop the rates to 6%, you can then refinance your $200,000 house to $300,000 and take cash out and make the same payments. Then 4%. Then 2%. Then .08%. So we artificially pushed down interest rates for 40 years and government increased debt. At the same time, you were allowing for rapid expansion of businesses – and those largest businesses had the lowest Cost of Capital and then could swallow up more businesses. This is how you have this today.

This has allowed “big food” to swallow up everything…

This has allowed “Big pharma” to swallow up everything.

See the source image

Then don’t forget how big banks have all swallowed up smaller banks.

See the source image

All of the above entities then direct the messaging to media companies, who are dependent on their advertisement revenue for keeping the lights on. Those with the deepest pockets get advertising – and can perhaps shape programming to be beneficial to them.

See the source image

Media – Back in the day, you had Walter Kronkite who fed you the news. People trusted the news. You could check out ABC, NBC, CBS and for the most part, you had news people. They were unbiased, and went after the real story. What you have seen from above is the consolidation of these media entities into few – and this then allows for central messaging, paid for by Pfizer.

You have things like this…

And this…

You then have Rachel Maddow screech about Russia for 4 years when Trump was president based off of a dossier created by the Democrats and fed as fact to the media outlets. My mother went to her graving thinking our president was a Russian spy because she didn’t turn off CNN or MSNBC for 4 years.

It is clear in this country that most of our media is partisan towards a socialist/leftist wing – and with this, they champion these causes and call out anyone who dissents with their message. You then have some media who are right wing partisan who are in the vast minority of media news outlets, but tend to represent a bastion of reason and 50% of the voter base. These media are now representing a red versus a left divide in this country.

You then have the vaccine mandates. The media then, sponsored by Pfizer, starts talking about them. Over and over, and then making you feel like a second class citizen for asking questions.

Government Health (food) – I lost 175 pounds by doing the EXACT opposite of the food pyramid and government guidance. In my 137 or so health writings on this blog (search “Healthy Living”), I thoroughly debunked the government’s plan enacted in the late 1970s to replace higher cost calories with lower cost calories. Meaning – we were in the midst of crazy inflation, so instead of having 400 calories of ribeye, you should have 400 calories of pasta and bread and grains. When you eat the ribeye (grass fed and finished) you have a 4:1 Omega 6:3 ratio. Ribeyes you get now at Walmart may be closer to 20-25:1. The walmart steaks (and others who use grain to feed their beef) cut costs of production. Think about how costly it is to have tons of land that cattle can roam when you can just give them “feed” (corn and grains) to fatten them up and replace their NATURAL diet with shit. Humans are not meant to eat the below as they designed for us…

See the source image

This is what humans evolved to eat over 500,000 years

See the source image

If you want to make a pig or cow fat, what do you feed them? Grains and corn. You take away all of the walking they do in the pasture. Now, we tell people to eat shit food (grains and corn) and watch your calories, then sit them in cubicle 8 hours a day and a car 2 hours a day and wonder why Americans get fat.

In 3 years, I lost 175 pounds. The first year was calorie counting with the traditional diet. This was CONSTANT portion control and weighing every morsel. Funny how no one ever did this before 1940. The last 2 years was zero calorie counting, at all. It was focusing on the best ingredients in the low carb chart.

When you feed people shit food for 40 years on the food pyramid – they get obese. Metabolic disease. This leads to heart attack, stroke, cancers, diabetes, and dementia/alzheimers (Dr. Lustig calls this type 3 diabetes as the sugars actually affect the brain synapses). Basically, the food they recommended we eat is making us all sick. It had a hand in killing both of my parents with cancer way too young – when I have a 95 year old grandmother still alive, her husband died at 87, and my other two grandparents died at 90/89. They ate lard. Farm fresh animals. Grew their own food in gardens. Worked with their hands all day for exercise.

All of this then supports the pharma industry by having a constant customer supply. If my entire country could get healthy by eating the right foods, where would the pharma industry be??? Instead of telling people to lose weight to reduce their HbA1C by low carb dieting, we tell them we will watch that number, and here are some boner pills to help with your problems. We will give you medicines to push down your blood sugar, but not tell you to stop eating 80% of your calories in carbs. “Fruit sugar” is fructose. Processed in the liver. Do you know 8 year olds get Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) from the fructose in processed foods and soft drinks? Dr. Lustig shows how the fructose is processed the exact same way as alcohol – without the buzz.

Basically, the foods we recommended to people to make it cheaper for them to eat – has made them sicker. Don’t believe me?

They never tested to see IF the food pyramid would work. They simply asked you if you complied to the chart. That’s medicine for you today.

Government Health (CDC/NIH) – We are supposed to “trust the science”, but anyone who has worked for 5 minutes in any field related to any kind of science knows that you need to constantly challenge your hypothesis. The messaging over the last 2 years is now stupid clownish from my government, and far more dangerous in other countries. Have they told you that over 79% of those who died from COVID were also obese? I hypothesized 18 months ago all of this had to do with inflammatory diets. Long term health, if you do not want to die from COVID, don’t be over 75 or be obese. Obviously there’s not much you can do about age, but you can also potentially change your approach to food to help with your ability to fight off COVID or any other diseases.

Of most issue, is that all of these mandates and lockdowns have been relatively pointless. I think there are a lot of people out there vulnerable. I get it. But perhaps those people should self isolate and wear N95 masks? All I know right now is that workplaces have testing and vaccine mandates and if you are not vaxxed, you have to get tested. As you are in the parking lot getting tested, 200 people walk right past you vaxxed – and all of them can be carrying COVID. Remember, at the beginning – if you had the vaccine, you would not get COVID. This is a lie. Or here.

Then they re-define what a vaccine is. Then they change what “fully vaccinated” is. They then tell me “we never said you could not get COVID if you had the vaccine”.

Most people by now have to realize these cloth masks are worthless. It’s like trying to collect sand with a shopping cart. The particles go right through.

Then, we have this…

May be a meme of text that says 'Walking Sitting VIRUS VIRUS How the virus works in restaurants'

You have to be masked in a restaurant when going to your table. Or when you get up to go to the bathroom. But sitting at the table you are fine.

“Breakthrough” is a fun sounding word. It does not mean what you think it means.

See the source image

See, at the beginning, we were told that the vaccine efficacy was 94%. That means, roughly 19 out of 20 could block the virus. That means if everyone gets the vaccine, you can tamp it out in weeks. It didn’t work out like that. The “Breakthrough” was the 1 in 20 that got it. The major issue is these things never performed anywhere near how they said they would. And, to be fair, many more COULD have gotten COVID and not had symptoms, and been a carrier.

So today, with Omicron, ANYONE can get COVID. Now, they are counting “unvaxxed” in hospitals as those with no vaccine OR vaccinated but no recent booster. Where this used to be 19/20 hospital participants were “unvaxxed”, locally now you are seeing this closer to 33% of hospital patients are FULLY vaccinated. You “breakthrough” is 100%. Let that sink in. They even came out and said, “this doesn’t stop you from getting OR carrying the virus”. So the messaging has been all over the place to the point that Joy Behar on the view a few weeks ago was calling someone a liar because they said you can get COVID even if vaccinated.

The messaging and gaslighting has been ferocious, and most of us that unplugged from the matrix are called “anti-vaxxers” or “conspiracy nuts” or “spreading disinformation”. Listen Linda, I cite shit directly from the CDC site. I will cite you anything up here you question. But the gaslighters in chief now own social media and with this, can put you in time out or silence you permanently for disagreeing.

Just saw how Facebook down 20% after hours

Social media – like above, we see how free speech is then monitored, cancelled, and de-platformed. You can no longer disagree with the “mainstream” view or it is listed as “disinformation”. Well, this “disinformation” over a long enough time frame has all proven to be “correct information” – and only where there is an avalanche of outcry does the media then flip and say “of course that was correct information”. Think about how Chris Martenson (PhD) had to call COVID the “beer flu” or things like that to avoid being kicked off of Twitter. Think about how Facebook and all of these other apps sell your shit to anyone for advertising. We no longer trust our information with social media.

Voting – this was a shit show in this country in 2020. If you even HINT there was a problem with voting in 2020, you have the social media elite kicking you off. They gaslight you into a reality that – is not reality. The truth is, most people don’t want to admit – my country was very good for 40 years about rigging elections all over the world. I just spent 4 years watching my media 24×7 call my president a Russian spy after Democrats created a fake dossier and fed that to the media. Want to talk about regime change? It happened here, folks. Then, we have 113 year old Biden who can’t tie his own shoe laces and poops himself all the time never leave his house for 10 months of campaigning. Trump would have 20,000 person rallies EVERY DAY. The people could SEE demonstrably with their own eyes how popular this president was amongst the working class. Then, due to “COVID” you had mail in ballots. AS THIS WAS GOING ON, there were massive reports of problems. Just in PA (my home state), last week an issue that was brought up during the election was just now decided. It was ILLEGAL to do mail in voting in PA – had these votes not counted, Trump won easily in PA. In theory, this should have been decided before the election and those votes would not have counted.

If you pointed these things out, again, you got censored. I wasn’t even permitted to cite LEGAL GROUNDS of a dispute – it was considered “misinformation”. This is not how this country was founded, and censorship now seems to be the means of quashing debate. That doesn’t go well for a country who went to war over tea. As it turns out, yesterday after close Facebook down 20% due mostly I’d think to censorship and woke policies – they cited lack of users and lack of ad revenue. It’s a Titanic going down, and the FAANG stocks with it may follow. This week Facebook, last week Netflix.

Anyway – I can tell you amongst my friends, we all feel there were hinky things done with the election but if we speak up and quote real newspaper stories, we get censored. REAL NEWPAPER stories are also getting quashed. Consider the Hunter Biden laptop story that dropped before the election – all social media outlets were scrubbing all references of this, calling it Russian disinformation. Biden camp never once denied it was Hunter’s laptop. The emails in there clearly show Hunter getting paid millions for being on the board of Burisma, despite never having worked in the gas industry. Trump tried to have a back channel talk with the president asking about this, and for Trump to look into this, he was IMPEACHED. Now, I ask you, when corruption happens, and the person looking into the corruption gets fired, how does that help anything? The voters here were completely gaslit by mainstream media to believing Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Biden was accused of getting the prosecutor fired who was looking into Burisma. Then, he BRAGGED about it.

So to recap. The prosecutor looking into Burisma dealings where Biden’s son was a board member was fired – by Biden. When Trump heard about these issues from the laptop being turned in to the FBI, Trump had a diplomatic call with the president of Ukraine to please look into this. Our FBI cannot simply fly into Ukraine and interrogate people. Because of this call Trump made, the left spun this as “quid pro quo”. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours – as the saying goes. The truth is, we had no authority to investigate in Ukraine and a call from a president to a president is about the only way to softly handle this.

Our world here is upside down. Our politicians are out of control. Our debt is so big. And the power to run all of this is too great.

Markets – Anyone who has spent 5 minutes investing with silver wants to punch someone in the throat that works for a big bank. In a piece I’m doing (for video), I’m trying to detail a lot of how the prices of some of these markets are being moved. The smaller markets like silver are relatively easy to see. But when you have all of these trading platforms working with a Virtu financial or the like – you are giving information to them in the backend so big banks can act on your move before your move is even registered. These guys deal with high frequency trading. So if you are buying at $3.56 and sell for $3.60, you make $.04. Then they do this type of thing intraday millions of times on a bunch of stocks. I believe I saw something on Bix about these guys that haven’t lost a trade in 7 years?

Anyway – anytime you see a market sell off, you feel the invisible hand of the plunge protection team buying things up. If you buy, but cannot lose, why would you not buy every dip and go long the S&P? I do not have any illusion this is a free market. I thought it was. I was naive. These markets are all rigged – but some more than others. Bond market is a big one. Silver is top in my books due to how small the market is and how blatant you can see it. If some idiot like me can see it and document it, I assume all big hedge funds have guys smarter than me seeing this as well. If not, hire me, and I’ll make you a fortune. Several days before this month’s silver options expiration, I called it within a few cents. Was even on Arcadia economics to discuss it. If I can guess what that number is – people with a millions are using this as an ATM.

The problem is with the markets is that this services very few in my society. You have the 401k crowd – but then you have the millionaire traders that are all over this. The hedge fund guys. If social security died tomorrow, boomers need to have a nest egg. My guess is social security is done soon fellas.

Politicians – when I was a kid, I wanted to be a politician. Don’t know what I was thinking – I thought I could fix our country with reducing spending. I was part of Junior Statesmen of America (JSA) in HS and missed the national congress in DC for a scholarship interview with a former FBI assistant director under Hoover in Hartford, Connecticut. So sorry I missed the 1994 convention lol. I loved the law. My high school picture has me wanting to go into the FBI. I started college majoring in criminal justice, and wanted to take a semester off to join the reserves and do boot camp. I wasn’t allowed. Scholarships would be been revoked as well. I wanted to make a difference. Now I just write shit to get people think more critically than they do. I love my country and want to make it better – and the best way I can do this is by helping people think more critically.

Anyway, when I was a kid, politicians were looked up to. Today, I am following Twitter accounts who track Pelosi’s trades, calling her a better investor than Buffet. If you think about it, these people not only have material information about a lot of these companies that aren’t public (what Martha Stewart went to jail for), but they actually vote on policies which can make companies rich. Please consider how a Tesla got tax credits for EVs. Congress passed this. At the same time, you had Pelosi doing call options on Tesla. To me, I find this grossly inappropriate.

You can hear more about Pelosi here.

Think about with the Microsoft JEDI contract. Anyone who had material information that Microsoft would win this award went long with call options on MS and made a fortune when it was announced. How the hell is this legal????????????????????????????????

To be fair, I think those in Congress should be able to invest – but it should be a blind trust of sorts. This trust would potentially invest in something like a Vanguard Index fund, and this removes the ability for congress to be enriched off of their own policy making. How hard is that to do?

It goes then even to Fed governors. Anyone tied into metals also probably follows the Fed – and with it, 4 governors recently resigned because they were front running trades. These guys could go long, then make policy which makes the stock market go up. Conflict of interest.

So we now feel like most of our politicians are now using the stock market as their own ATM. Waters reports above Pelosi is worth over $300m dollars. Last I checked, speaker made $220,000 a year.

What about then all of the regulators then that turn around and work for the same companies they are supposed to be keeping an eye on? Think about how a Yellen was the Fed chair, then does a tour getting hundreds of thousands from these banks as a speaker, then is put in charge of the Treasury??? You cannot make this shit up. There is rot at the core of our political system now, and forget running for president unless you can conjure up $600m and have some sort of spotless record and have never even hinted as saying the wrong thing. No one worth anything wants to run for any of this shit anymore because they dig so deep it would make your proctologist jealous. No one wants that kind of scrutiny.

The Rule of Law – The bedrock of the society I live in is the Rule of Law. This mostly started about 10 years ago here, when Obama started instructing federal agencies to sort of, kind of, disregard some of the policies on marijuana. First, I think pot laws are stupid. It’s treated the same as cocaine here, for the most part with federal law. You can’t just tell people to disregard a law. You need to work to change the law. Period.

I’ve now seen over 10 years how rioting as been “mostly peaceful protesting”.

See the source image

That’s now how this goes. I watched the last summer of Trump’s presidency filled with riots all over the country, with local law enforcement not doing a damn thing about it. This is disgusting.

It then goes further to illegal immigration. I was for the wall. And guess what? I was for the wall 20 years ago when I was a Democrat. Back then, the thinking was “all of these rich republicans are hiring illegal nannies and gardeners and aren’t paying taxes. All of them are coming up and taking jobs from home builders and manufacturing workers”. I was very much against illegal immigration not because I hated these people or didn’t feel for them, I felt it was wrong for them to jump ahead in line of everyone else coming over here. And, if you flood the market with these workers, you push down the wages for blue collar workers. So, I was very much against this. Then, suddenly, the right decided they think this is a bad thing too and somehow it became racist. Look – If you are a Canadian and have a passport and want to visit us for a few weeks, visit Disneyworld, see the big ball of yarn – GREAT! If you are a Mexican and have a passport and want to go see the Alamo and visit a Dallas Cowboys game – GREAT! But if you want to stay here, and work here, you need to apply through the proper channels and apply for a VISA.

Let me tell you something about your claims of racism. Me and every other red blooded American will take a Mexican doctor over a Canadian day laborer who applies for a visa any day of the year. Why? Because we have a shortage of doctors and we have no shortage of day laborers. Notice I didn’t mention the race of any of those people, only where they came from. You just made an assumption about their skin color. I didn’t. I looked at the job they could do and applied the rule of law. I’m aware things were different before 1925. If you want to revert to how it was then, change the law. Don’t ignore it.

See the source image

Now, there’s a bigger problem with Mexico and the cartels. If we want to stop the flood of migrants, we should offer our “assistance” to take these people out. If you actually go to war with these cartels with our “assistance”, we can restore law and order in these towns. This can stop drugs from crossing our border and stops the need for all of the poor bastards from needing asylum. The problem there is these cartels got too powerful and they cannot be stopped by locals.

While this is an older article, it makes a point….

My point here is that it is not racist to want to secure my border from violence and drugs. I wanted the wall when I was a dem. I just feel it is more efficient, effective, and costs a lot less to fix this at the root of its source – while securing the border in the process.

In my country, you can no longer disagree with people – as your freedom of speech is in question. If I say anything against the norm, I can lose my career. So we try and get the word out that we disagree – but do it in such a way where we are not called names and cancelled for having a differing opinion. This is becoming harder and harder to do.

So somehow people abuse the rule of law, and people like me who love the law and want it upheld are called names. We are sick of it. If you have a problem with the law, work to change it. Simple. If they won’t change it, win elections. Many of us are sympathetic to the plights of people all over the world. But I cannot pay for all of these peoples’ problems. And, IF I am asked to do so – want to find the best way of doing it. Fix the root cause issue, when possible.

People who think I’m a racist because I want a secure border should open a dialogue with me rather than hurling accusations. The problem is taking the best of the best from many of these countries makes the problems much worse. And this is 12 years ago.

Police/Law enforcement – Along with the Rule of Law, you also have police. Personally, I live in a law enforcement house and support the police. But, you can see general trust in police/law enforcement at an all time low when the chant of “defund the police” became all the rage amongst the most woke in this country. They want to take your guns, they want to remove the police force – who is going to protect you when the looting starts due to the “arab Spring” here when food prices cross over 35%? I believe the ideas of removing guns from the people here as well as trying to remove the police is a very, very, troubling situation for our republic. That being said, if you remove the guns, you also remove the peoples’ ability to fight oppression by the government, the government COULD steamroll you and turn you into Australia and Canada at their whim. Remember, the framers of MY Constitution did NOT want the people to cower in fear of the government, just the reverse – they wanted the PEOPLE to have the power and the government fear the people.

So in my country now, there’s been a lot of political attacks on the police, who have a really damn hard job protecting everyone. There’s a lack of trust in that institution by a lot on our political left. I lived in places where the response time for the police is 45 MINUTES.

Anyway, many of our citizens then feel a lack of trust in this institution. Right or wrong – a group has had this trust eroded. I may not share their believe in this, but it is worth noting as far as the trust in institutions.

7. Currency crisis – I think we just hit $30T in debt. The DXY is hanging in there around 96. The US seems to want to use the SWIFT system to sanction deeds they seem to not disagree with. What they do is their business. But you can only use this so many times before people want to bypass the system. My belief is the BRICS+16 are working together to get off of the dollar. The West wants you to think a basket of shit currencies are going to be the future reserve currency. I call bullshit that most other countries in the world would sign on to that.

Above, with loss of faith – you are seeing politicians doing insider trading, everyone getting “rich” on dollars with markets – but the reality is there probably is a bottom 90% that isn’t getting anything except stuck with the bill. So my thinking here is that while you have, in my country, AOC and others saying “free college” – they are thinking to print currency to then dilute the spending power of the currency you have into nothing. The problem is, as we are seeing, that comes with a hefty dose of inflation. There is no “free” lunch – or “free” education. The socialists say this, then the middle class is eroded with taxes and inflation. I believe many of these societies are sick of paper shit currency and are ready for a gold-backed system once again. Why on God’s earth else would all of these central banks be accumulating gold? Most of these also are BRICS+16 countries. IF they form an alliance to pay for things in gold, or a currency backed in gold, overnight it erodes the value of our dollar to dust. And that is how you take the wall down without firing a shot.

My belief is gold is going to be international currency, again, and sooner faster than one might think. I believe Ukraine may be a reason to then introduce gold and Ukraine is merely a Trojan Horse or false flag to then enable Moscow to roll this out as a response to SWIFT. We see this buildup and we threaten their SWIFT access. First, they got rid of all of their dollars. Second, it then gives them a reason to trade in gold. Given most of Russia’s income is based on oil and natural gas, it makes sense for them to be able to sell in gold.

So this is kind of in the works now…

Once one nation starts to do this, it will be almost an IMMEDIATE move to gold. Why? Because it will be a signal of a challenge to the world reserve currency. Once countries find they don’t NEED the dollar to transact, AND countries may not necessarily trust the shot paper currencies of the other country, gold will be the international trading vehicle.


I feel China is just about there – and they have $1.3T in bonds the last time I checked. It is in our best interest to keep the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. However, if the world thinks otherwise, how does this play out?

  1. Russia banned from SWIFT. Immediately announces they will transact in gold and other local currencies.
  2. Germany and others will be asked to pay for natural gas and oil in gold and euros.
  3. China and others may start to use USD to buy gold and other currencies. This FX swap will have gold go up and USD down.
  4. Bonds will start to flood the markets. I read somewhere that 25% of the $19T or so bond market is foreign held. Don’t quote me on this. But it’s a lot. If inflation here is 7%, they are losing value holding these things a 2%. They dump into the market for USD.
  5. These USD then go to buy gold. Scramble is on to dump USD for gold, and anything else not nailed down.
  6. This previously exported inflation now is imported back to our shores. Lake houses bought in USD cash by Chinese. Ski resorts paid in USD by Indians. Asset valuations go up but it is because USD is being dumped. So it takes more currency units to buy the same goods.

I believe the currency crisis is coming. It will be a domino effect. Could the domino fall 5 years from now or 5 days from now? No one knows. But – we have Russia eying Ukraine and China eying Taiwan. Remember, Taiwan makes 90% of the chips we use in electronics/cars. If China takes Taiwan, and the US tries to punish China, they can simply cut off all chip sales to us. Xi appears to have no problem moving back towards a more authoritarian China – away from the more “free market” China we have been seeing.

Now, with the currency crisis – this is just as we are losing faith in all of our institutions. The Fed comes out and says “inflation is transitory”. Then, 10 months later, they decide to retire the word, then continue to tell us it won’t be around past mid 2022. At this point, are you really trusting them?? Furthermore, we all know the Fed is talking about taper, raising rates, and reducing the balance sheet.

Now I ask you this. IF we get to a point where the Fed tries to raise rates and complete the taper, AND if the markets drop 20% – in an election year, will the Fed reverse course? And, IF they do, is all hope now lost to believing anything the Fed ever says, again? Given the fed is in charge of monetary policy – could a complete 180 reversal in this signal to the world the dollar is hopelessly lost with further and unlimited debasement as a world’s currency?

Could that taper issue, coincinde with the end of the Olympics, coincide with the first rate hike, coincide with a Russia move on Ukraine, coincide with a stock market smash, coincide with gold shooting up $100? Could any weakness we have with Russia trigger China to be bold and go after Taiwan? Could being tough on Russia with SWIFT exactly what they are waiting for to launch a currency war against us?

This is why I’m in on silver, gold, and miners. None of this may play out perfectly, but do you really think with this shit storm coming anywhere other than gold/silver is the place to be?

Could the currency crisis be when people understand inflation better and start to rush out of the dollar into anything else? That might be a melt up scenario Schiff and others discuss – all cash would come in from the sidelines.