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BRICS gold-based commodities exchange WILL challenge the USD reserve currency majority

I've been going back and forth with some Milkshake disciples, and I can't answer back in 140 characters. I need to explain the mechanics of this, or my head is going to explode. First and foremost, I do not doubt... Continue Reading →

The dollar’s inevitable death

I'm writing this on the heels of my Tweet this morning on vacation about Ghana and using gold to buy oil. Brent Johnson has been doing some of his normal talk about how he's right and we're wrong, and I... Continue Reading →

Important charts to understand with where we are and where we are going – a look at ratios I follow and how this shapes my sentiment

1:10 AM, the eyeballs opened up. It's now 2:34 and halfway through the pot of coffee. Charts opened everywhere. "Hey - maybe people might find it interesting how I see ratios and how these can impact where we are going".... Continue Reading →

What are the end goals of a Russian invasion of Ukraine? Hint: follow the yellow brick road

Due to the nature of my day job managing a massive IT team (including cybersecurity) at a very large organization you all have heard of, I can't talk about specifics on anything about this subject - so I keep things... Continue Reading →

Seven stages of empire – Where is the US now? How long do we have left?

Note for the squirrels: We are at the very end of stage 6, and it's a matter of time before we enter stage 7, and this is possibly due to current global conflict that triggers a situation where the USD... Continue Reading →

Dollar high might be in – or close to in? PM bottom in?

I listen to a LOT of people on YouTube. I think the one, to me, who has been pretty accurate with a mix of charts and macros is David Brady. Now, any prognosticator out there has hits and misses. The... Continue Reading →

Why I’m all in on gold and silver – and miners

I'm going to credit a Twitter friend for inspiring me to create the graph below. However, it was Mike Maloney's hidden secrets of money which scared the absolute hell out of me that gave a backbone to it. What Mike... Continue Reading →

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