Broken bone.

Yeah, I have a broken bone, but it’s not as serious as it sounds.  Part of the reason to continue to write here is to stay focused and motivated.  Hold myself accountable.  Celebrate the highs and pick myself up during the lows.

What I have in my left foot is called a “stress fracture”.  It’s a bone on the foot called the fifth metatarsal.  It’s the  bone on the far outside of your foot.  I know this because I broke my right fifth metatarsal in high school.  The good news is, this one is not as severe as then.  When I did that in HS, I heard a pop when it happened.  This was a result of putting about 25 miles on my feet last week.

25 miles.  I’m a bigger sized guy.  It’s actually a bit north of 25 miles, but I’m rounding down.  25 miles was mostly walking fast, but I had some running with that, including my 3 mile free run.

This past week, I tried a few times to walk 1-2 miles when my foot was feeling better.  The next day, OUCH!!  So, lesson here is I needed to take a week or so off from any serious walking.

In the meantime, I’ve also had compounding issues with food.  My wife was having a lot of people over this past week, and I essentially was not permitted to mess up the kitchen at all.  Earlier in the week I made up some chicken, then used that for some salads.  But overall, it just wasn’t a good week.

Something to take away from this though, was that even though I didn’t eat well, I didn’t compound the problem.  Meaning, yesterday I had two slices of pizza for dinner – but what you don’t see from that is I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch.  I didn’t eat half a pizza and two mountain dews along with 12 hot wings.

So, it’s not been great, but I’ve held the fort down.

It’s interesting how all of this is tied together.  The exercise is integrated with the lifting weights which is integrated with proper nutrition.  I got unraveled with food and exercise and completely out of my routine.

But I held the fort down.

One week later, I have no weight loss.  But I have no weight gain either.  I had 9 hard, hard weeks put on my body.  Maybe I needed a week off?  Maybe I’m rationalizing?  I have a wedding tonight to go to…not drinking anything, going to eat completely sane.  Tomorrow, I’m ordering a pizza because my brother is coming over for my dog’s first birthday party (my wife’s idea!).

I don’t believe weight loss and fitness is something where you have 100 rules to live by, where you must live like a monk.  I believe it is the practice of being a lot more disciplined with interspersed times of being not so good.  So after my pizza tomorrow, I have my birthday two weeks later – can I be disciplined in between then, exercise, and continue to shed weight?

Overall, I think I needed a week.  The schedule of exercise has worn me down a bit.  Can’t wait to get back to it!  In the meantime, I think I’m going to be able to use my exercise bike, weight lift today, and still eat right.