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Update to Healthy Living 31 – “Fair share”

I am not a snowflake, but something about this phrase has been triggering me these past few months. Concept - everyone pays in some portion of wealth/earnings etc for the greater good of society for x. Problem - recipients of... Continue Reading →

Gates, Guns, and Guards – an application of modern security theory

The title of this post is essentially the first 3 elements you hear in any security class.  I should know, I have a minor in physical security, have a master's in cybersecurity, have two advanced IT security certifications, and have... Continue Reading →

“Free college” – another way

While I didn't vote for Bernie, I could listen to the dude talk all day long. The cadence, the conviction, the passion - I admire him.  However, I might disagree with him on many issues.  He is literally a socialist... Continue Reading →

Hypocritical cake – chocolate please… Shut up and take my money!

Once again, for anyone reading this I WAS a dem for 20 years or so, and this past year switched over.  It was more of a gradual 2 year shift on some things, as the left seemed to shift further... Continue Reading →

The path for Gary Johnson

I’ve been leaning Gary Johnson since two events happened.  1)    “Look at my African-American”.  What the F was Trump smoking before he said that?  I have given him a pass on a lot of things because he’s been “genuine”, but... Continue Reading →

In the aftermath of Orlando…and others…

After some of the immediate sting and horror subsided in Orlando, out comes both sides of the gun debate to trumpet their positions.  I'm probably not going to change your minds at all, but perhaps I can add some more... Continue Reading →

30 reasons I’m voting for Trump

In previous elections, there are undertones as to what drives the vote.  In 2004, Bush’s buddy Karl Rove tried to scare evangelicals about gay marriage, and the result was voting by the busloads.  In 2008, it was health care, hope,... Continue Reading →

Free education for all? Maybe not a pipe dream, if done right

Free education for all…. Why not? Germany, Finland, and Sweden do it already, why don’t we? I recently saw an interview on a Fox News clip where a woman held her own under some tough questions. As she puts it,... Continue Reading →

What bathroom should Caitlin Jenner Use?

I do not believe myself to be bigoted.  I’m sure everyone says that to themselves, but I really mean it.  My brother is gay, and I support gay rights and gay marriage.  But an issue popped up this week that... Continue Reading →

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