I watched “Suddenly Died” on Rumble on the night before Thanksgiving, and I tweeted out the below…

I also read the “mainstream” reviews, which all paint it as an “anti-vax” movie. Sponsored by Pfizer.

The truth is, the movie does a lot of big things right, asks some big picture questions, and leaves the viewer horrified about what just happened to us the past 2 years. Where it missed the mark?

  • Using clips of people who dropped over prior to COVID
  • Used clips of people who are alive and fine (they didn’t suddenly die)
  • Did not show any form of conclusive evidence about anything, at all.

At one hour and 8 minutes, and some of the headlines in there from mere weeks ago, some of this felt rushed to get it out by a certain time. This led to some errors with the video clips, in my opinion.


A criticism of the movie is that it errantly suggests the motives of this were de-population and it was unfounded. IF you actually watched the movie, you see de-population coming from their very own mouths. There was no dub over with a narrator. You hear these people with their own mouths call for this. Now, it isn’t necessarily as sinister as perhaps killing a billion people with a jab, but they intimated that if you could…

  1. Kill off some people
  2. Depress the birth rates

You might be on your way. IF the goal of the jab was to kill hundreds of millions, or perhaps billions, it failed miserably. However, the military doctor (the Lt. Col) in the movie said she was concerned about having a standing army in five years. So it wasn’t so much as people dying in a week after the jab, which might be too direct, but perhaps years later as a result of it.

I can tell you that it is TRUE that all-cause mortality grew 40% in the last year. I was able to verify this. However, the film suggests this was all people who “died suddenly”. They used the VAERS data to show the 34,000 people or so who were reported to have died, then used an arbitrary number to multiply this out to guess a million people died from this. That is, clearly, unfounded. A commenter pointed out to me that IF this was due to the vax, then the insurance companies, today, would be identifying who was vaxxed vs unvaxxed and jacking up the premiums on the vaxxed.

I think this is a VERY fair point, as insurance companies are taking it in the shorts. They would like to see premiums higher IF this was the cause. One thing you might here is – “no one could get in for screenings during COVID” and this delayed those who may have had early onset cancers, and now they are being discovered at stage 4. That is also a very fair assessment, as the movie seems to indicate now all of these people are getting these stage 4 diagnoses.

I think there is something to the de-population theory as a possible motive. However, there’s something called “Hanlon’s razor”. That is…

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

I think the movie started off TOO tinfoil with me here to set up the rest of the movie to be carrying out some de-populationist agenda. To me, what I saw was people potentially trying to fight a possible biological weapons attack on the United States by developing a rapid possible treatment to minimize the number of people who died. I was happy with Trump’s team to push big pharma to develop a treatment, and I applauded the ability to go around the FDA to do such things. I would later regret this – in that this is not a typical vaccine, it’s an mRNA “vaccine”. They had to change the definition of a vaccine for emergency approvals.

What I was expecting was my then 93 year old grandmother and my brother who has had a litany of issues could get this treatment ASAP to help them. I was grateful.

Myself, like many others, were hesitant to get this right away. I was coming off of running a triathlon and 5ks, and had an anti-inflammatory diet. I was not in a hurry to try this, and wanted to see many millions of people take it before I took it.

Where I turned sour was when I started seeing the VAERS death numbers, heard a lot of the anecdotal stories, and then have seen countless “died suddenly” newspaper reports. And then, the government forced private industry to comply with these vaccines.

To me, that was a red line. No going back from that, which is why I feel like a movie like this is important.

The embalmers

IF this was 1-2 embalmers, I’d be like, “tinfoil hat”. But the movie presented perhaps 20 or so embalmers who were all seeing the same things. A critique of the movie rightly pointed out two things…

  1. The bodies during COVID were piling up, and these could have been in the refrigerator long periods of time, which could have caused this
  2. None of these guys are medical examiners
  3. None of them would have had records of their vax status

The visual evidence was compelling. To me, this needs further explanation by doctors on the side of the tin foil hat people. I have heard the dismissal by MSM, but by this point, you have to assume all MSM is bought and paid for by Big Pharma. It’s how everyone keeps the lights on. So it would be important for those who support the “died suddenly” thesis to dig in and do their own reviews. What is the substance they are finding? Is it a typical clot? Is it consistent with someone refrigerated a long time? Why would 20 of these embalmers now all see the same thing, for the FIRST TIME, EVER?

One thing that is not mentioned – is – what if this is caused by the spike protein? Meaning – these cadavers could have been COVID positive who died OR those who had a bad vaccine reaction.

The military

I can’t cover this in great detail for some obvious reasons, but I would say to this that the Lt. Col’s concerns….concern me. She seemed to have some backing on this. Some of my friends who are vets are like, “Nate, we get stuck with so much stuff, it’s part of the job”. So you have no idea if years down the road any of them may run into problems with the vax, burn pits, or perhaps bad water from an installation. I’ll leave this section for further review for someone else.

Safe and Effective

There was a section here where you can see how a nation is pushed to get vaxxed. It starts with phrasing like, “safe and effective” and it is burned into everyone’s brains at every turn. You then get the “though leaders” involved to shame those who don’t get it. You have music formed to shape opinion. You are then segregating society into “clean vaxxed” and “dirty unvaxxed”.

The problem with this, is that despite all of the claims, this never had the 95% or so efficacy that maybe a Measles vaccine would have had, because it’s not a vaccine. It’s a treatment. For months, they told us this would prevent us from getting COVID and spreading it. And neither were ever true, nor did Pfizer claim this to be. In fact, they were like, “we never tested it to stop the spread”. In this case, I can’t blame the pharm companies. Those in charge were pushing this out, making claims that the pharm companies never claimed to be true.

Are the effective? We just got word a few days ago that vaxxed deaths just eclipsed non-vaxxed deaths. To me, it possibly helped my 93 year old grandmother stay alive until today – where she is now 95. So could that have been effective there? Perhaps. But if the bodies are piling up like this, you cannot say it is effective like a Measles or Polio vaccine, who have 98-99% respectively, the last time I saw.

Now, is it safe? I believe this is the part of the movie I feel that they did a good job talking about. They showed a lot of clips of people dropping over – many of them in the exact same way of this spin-like move looking up at the ceiling. They showed clips of people – like one from a local college to me that I went to and graduated from.

I remember reading about this when it happened, like, “I bet he was vaxxed”. I don’t have details if he was vaxxed or not. But I still have connections there, and the “rumor” was it was cardiac arrest. I do not have details on the autopsy. But if I was a movie maker for this, I would have tried to follow up on this and determined a) if he was vaxxed, b) what was the cause of death by autopsy, and c) permission from the parents to use this, even though he didn’t have to. The “rumor” is also that this is one of two this semester that is KNOWN about at this school, and 3 others are not public – perhaps due to a large commuter population that don’t live on campus. I cannot verify these numbers. I could probably pick up the phone and try – but the point is that I believe this to be the job of legitimate film makers and reporters. Not just insinuate this was caused by the vax, but actually try and connect the dots with an autopsy and journalism.

Meaning – this is a fair criticism of the movie as well. We are inundated with “died suddenly” stories SO MUCH, that they start changing the wording in these things so they don’t show up like this. Now, with so many fentanyl overdoses in this country daily, you don’t know if someone dropping over could have been an OD that was simply not reported on.

Many of us have seen the countless YouTube videos that may have hundreds of athletes “die suddenly” on the pitch or court – and you see these numbers as extraordinary. I think this movie could have perhaps had a montage in here for a minute and played some of that at the beginning as the genesis for the movie rather than to frame this around someone trying to kill people with a vax.


The movie is flawed, but it did its job of terrifying me and getting me to ask more questions. At this point, I would have liked sensible investigation by the CDC into the VAERS data. I would like someone in congress to lead a “died suddenly” investigation to perhaps tie a lot of this together and either absolve the vaccine or conclusively find that there’s something “there there”. My guess is with all of the pharm money that goes to congress, we can never get an answer that would satisfy all of us. This is the problem with corporate money involved deeply like this within politics. Did you know a typical senate campaign requires $14m to fund to win? Did you know between the two PA candidates, $250m was spent? When this kind of money bleeds into politics, the people can never know who the government is working for.

Which is why “tin foil hat” type of stuff pop up. If we cannot trust our government, and people can put together theories that have some reasonable sense of truth, then it could stand to reason that what is real truth is tin foil hat, and the establishment meant to protect us that has been bought and paid for by pharm many times over is the lying entity. We can’t know today, either way, which is why I can not read a MSM review of this movie and not look at it as written by the pharm companies themselves.

I think the movie had promise, but also feel it was lazy in execution. Sorry. One critique is in the trailer a guy on the court who dropped over was prior to COVID. Right there, that de-legitimizes everything that comes after it. Having talked to 15-20 embalmers, the crew then never talked with an ME, let alone several, to try and get explanations for this. That’s a red flag to me that they may have gotten a response that didn’t suit the narrative and they didn’t add it.

My comment of “blair witch” was around a fake “documentary” that was scary as shit when it came out was total fiction. The makers of this movie give their critics a lot of red meat to be compared to it due to their lack of following up with the accusations. I did not recall any ME in the entire movie talking about all of these people dropping over, and their medical findings with this.

Another fallacy is called “framing” where you use a chart, with no context, to paint a narrative that suits you. The “birth rate” was one, and one can also imagine how in Australia how they were under stupid amounts of lock down, how people were to date, procreate, and have kids?

That all being said, there was enough there to ask serious questions that need to be answered by people smarter than me medically. I’m at a point now where I have dozens of anecdotes from friends about serious side effects. I’ve seen a serious side effect in my wife one night and she would have cracked her skull and died had I not caught her as she was passing out, convulsed in my arms, threw up out of the side of her mouth – this is the exact way I pictured Bob Saget dying. So many of these people are just passing out – perhaps they are cracking their skulls and dying? My wife was in a bad, bad way and had the vax about 8 months prior. She’s law enforcement and was one of the first to get it. But we had no follow up – doctor just speculated. My best friend had arrythmias right after getting it, and tried going back several times – they would not do a VAERS report for him, and told him it was “COVID stress”.

Given my position on the vaccines, I have had so many people write to me about their horror stories – or friends of theirs.

Overall, I am left to conclude these side effects are serious. They are NOT rare. There is something that needs to be looked at more seriously. I’m also left to the conclusion any entity that would or could do that is more or less owned in the pockets by pharm companies.

So we are left with a healthy distrust of the system, and with that, many more people are going away from the COVID 19 vaccines and boosters.

I think the film makers owe it to the viewers to do a part 2 where they dive in deeper with Medical Examiners, ask congress to look deeper into these things, try and create original research (properly framed), and get peer review. I believe this was a good start, but to more “serious” people, this can come off as more “tin foil hat”. They had a doctor or two, but I don’t recall a ton of input from them.

There were some compelling items around birth rates and fetal deaths that I think need more scrutiny and review. If true, this alone should have this banned immediately for someone wanting to have children – ever.

That all being said, I’d highly recommend watching it for the hour to see the concerns of the mobs and the barriers out there that need to be looked at if you ever want to get the trust of the people back again.