What I did NOT see was, “I’m a Republican”. She kinda sorta appears to be in a no man’s land at the moment.

I feel this woman has a legitimate chance of being the first woman president. I think this path flows through the GOP as a VP to DeSantis.

Let’s first review the boxes she checks for those who play identity politics

  • Female
  • Samoan and European ancestry
  • 41 years of age
  • Currently, a Lt. Col in the Army.
  • Served 2 tours in Iraq under a medical combat brigade
  • Former vice chair of Dem party (can be a centrist)

What are the drawbacks?

  • No ivy league education
  • No master’s degree

I don’t think these drawbacks are particularly a big deal, but some may not see her as “smart enough”. I don’t feel that way, just pointing out some drawbacks.

Where she aligns with Republican interests?

  • Libertarian faction – reduction/elimination of prosecution of pot and legalize it
  • Nationalist faction – border security, ending foreign wars and bringing troops home
  • Roosevelt environmentalists – wants a cleaner planet, but rational usage of fossil fuels
  • All GOP – did not vote to impeach Trump
  • Moderates/liberals under GOP tent – national healthcare plan call “single payer plus”
  • Compassionate Conservatives – once had anti-gay marriage position, and changed with the times to support it. Note: check Obama and Clintons on this, it’s the exact same.
  • National Security – as an O-5, serves our country and as a former Rep, served on committees that had a lot of information about foreign affairs.

Where she does not align with Republican interests

  • She is Hindu, which many religious republicans may find not appealing
  • She is a vegan, which more or less insinuates that she is anti-meat for everyone (you shall eat zee bugs!)
  • Was a WEF up and comer. Could be great insight to the Globalists, or she may be part of them.

My take

Her snippets and sound bites can come off as wooden, rehearsed, and Psy-Ops-like rhetoric hitting key phrases and wording to try and preach a position to someone. This needs to come off less rehearsed and more genuine. I didn’t understand/like what she did with a gray strip in her hair. Maybe there was some sort of religious or spiritual meaning. Perhaps it was just a style to stick out. To me, when I would see her, it just drew unnecessary attention to her.

Tulsi can represent the millions of us who left the Dem party to go to the Republicans as a moderate Republican. That being said, she needs to be true to herself and not just suddenly accept all Republican ideologies to appease voters. The Republicans don’t NEED you. They want to COURT you based on your positions and respect your differences. You can be pro-choice in this party, with an asterisk. Meaning – abortion is now legal in states that choose to have it, it’s just not decided at the Federal level. She can easily state that she supports pro-choice and based on the Constitution, respects that states can have different views on this and that this should be at a state level. This could easily then allow her to have a pro-choice policy for Hawaii whilst respecting a ban in places like Texas.

She is an impressive woman, and at 41, checks a lot of boxes for national office at the highest levels. It’s not to say any LTC can’t do what she’s doing – but having been in war zones and a 4 term congresswoman she has a lot of experience at the top stages and kept her composure. It was clear to many that she was being smashed at the national level by progressives wanting to pull the party far left, and she stood to fight for the centrist part of her party until the very end.

I recently saw her on Fox News with Tucker over the last year – and she resonates well with moderates. She also was giving speeches at CPAC, a conservative group. She appears to be very much anti-war, which highly aligned with the Trump doctrine of war reduction.

When you see a ticket for President running for an election, you usually try and capture the entire party. Perhaps the candidate is moderate, you then present a more conservative voice as VP (Pence). If the candidate is more right, you have a moderate voice as VP. You also try and represent not only the north, but the south. Think of Kennedy and LBJ.


Tulsi has “left the Democrat Party”. She did NOT announce joining the Republicans. My HOPE is that she is now being courted by Republicans and dipping her toes in the water to see how she is perceived at the national level before making her next move. One of my buddies said, “never trust a party flipper”. To which, I said, “Reagan was a Dem, then he switched to Republican”. He shut up after that. I feel many misunderstand the Republican tent – just as I did for many years.

With this, we are two years away from a Presidential election which may see DeSantis take this. I know many are still calling for a Trump return, but he will be 78 in November 2024. To me, Trump can be extremely effective as sort of senior statesmen to DeSantis. Why? The Dems have showed that 80 million will come out and cast a vote AGAINST Trump, no matter who the Dems put out there. The GOP has to be worried that Trump may have significant appeal, but also has no ability to be re-elected.

I then see a possible DeSantis-Gabbard ticket. DeSantis is 44 and a JAG lawyer, O-4. Gabbard is in a PsyOps unit (last I heard she was in an MP unit, but that looks to have changed) as an O-5 at 41. Of interest here both of them have strong military experience. DeSantis has Ivy League with Yale and Harvard – and as governor of Florida, I give his executive governing a strong plus over Tulsi as a Rep. Many Reps have a hard time running for president. Seems that governors kind of do most of the same job as presidents, but on a smaller level. Given Florida is one of the 5 big states, being a governor from there is massively important for exec leadership from within the government.

At 41, Tulsi could be 43 by the time she’s a VP. IF she so chooses, that is. IF she stays with DeSantis and IF they have a moderate brand of Republicanism, they can continue on – and Tulsi could be the US’s first president at 51. There’s a lot of IFs there.

DeSantis has shown his ability to lead during a crisis during COVID. While he was not a front-line soldier, DeSantis as a JAG Navy lawyer has a deep understanding of how the military works – from soup to nuts. He has shown that he shares a lot of the same positions as Trump – but doesn’t have the baggage of the mean Tweets. Love Trump or hate him – most people like myself felt the policies he was for were dead on, and dreaded the next Tweet scandal.

With DeSantis already sort of appealing to all republicans using Trump doctrine, Tulsi has an ability to draw a moderate faction of the Dems along with her to make this a very large GOP tent that really then only has issues with a far-right faction of the group that is anti-gay marriage, 100% abortion ban, and wants religion in schools. This group is not voting for a Dem, so you hope you don’t go TOO centrist to then have all of them stay home.

I believe DeSantis/Gabbard win relatively easy in 2024.

Until then, I believe Gabbard will have a lot of face time on Fox News as an analyst and stand in for Tucker at times. This may also bring some moderates to watch Fox News, which may then also increase the tent size a little to capture the liberal anti-woke crowd. I believe this will be strong for Fox ratings, and help more Republicans understand who she is. She does not have to go all out and drink the Kool Aid and jump right in. What can hurt her brand would be a form of Libertarian run for president, which may only take away from the DeSantis vote. She saw that she cannot be elected by the left, and she might quickly understand her path to a presidency is through DeSantis as VP.


  1. Can she embrace nuclear energy?
  2. How does her positions with environmentalism comport with positions today on energy scarcity?
  3. How would she address OPEC? Veiled threats like Biden, or would she be for more domestic energy production?
  4. Could her pro-choice stances sink any chances with conservatives, or could she adapt a pro-choice stance at the state level and respect Texas choice for banning abortion?
  5. Can she make the transition to the GOP tent? To me, it’s been clear since the 2020 primaries that she was persona non grata under the Dem tent. Can she be like me and millions of others who left the Dem party and allied themselves with the GOP with also staying true to our liberal roots?
  6. Could she possibly be promoted to colonel prior to 2024 run? Not a biggie, but could she choose to stay in the military to possibly be a general by 49 and then run as a former general at 51 in 3032? Or, would it make more sense to be VP in 2 years? She may choose duty/country first, and run later.
  7. Could Fox News be a launch pad for her to gain more popularity within the GOP?
  8. How does her religion of Hinduism conflict with the mostly Christian views of the republicans? I am atheist/agnostic, and respect the teachings of Christianity. Could she be viewed as “too far out there” for most conservatives?
  9. Could her in-depth knowledge of the democratic national committee as vice-chair be important intel on how to defeat the democrats? She may have a lot of insight to defeat any 2024 opponents – and understand their methodologies with polling/strategy.
  10. She has no children that I’m aware of. Is this a problem for a family-friendly GOP? Could her lack of a child be any factor at all? Many either cannot have children or don’t want children – and both are highly personal items. Could this question be raised by opponents?
  11. Could her lack of Ivy league education or a master’s degree hinder her abilities at the national level? Some may see this as a plus – but others may question her intelligence at the highest of levels. Community college and Hawaii Pacific aren’t usually where presidents come from. Reagan went to Eureka College in NY. But his 8 years as governor of the largest state and his communication abilities vaulted him to a national audience. Could her communication abilities, congress, and military offset the education? Should she be enrolling in Harvard now for an MPA?