Any channel you are putting on now, you are seeing how the democrats have held off the “Red Wave”. Instant analysis is that Donald Trump inserting him into the mid-terms drove a sea of blue to the polls to push anyone and everyone away from “MAGA”. I believe there is a completely different explanation which centers around Lindsey Graham, which I’ll outline below.

Before I move on, I’d like to reiterate that I’m a centrist that is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. What that means in terminology most will understand is I don’t want big government in our lives – in our wallets or our bedrooms. My right friends will never forgive me for voting for Obama and my left friends will never forgive me for voting for Trump. As an INDIVIDUAL, I have the right here to assess how I see things and vote how I please. My right-leaning friends used to call me a communist, and now my left-leaning friends suddenly think I’m scared of everything and get labels that I don’t even want to repeat here.

The truth is, we are very divided. This is the absolute reason for states’ rights. Meaning, if you were in a very liberal state like New Hampshire or Vermont – you could vote for things differently than a state like Texas would vote for. This is the beauty of the construction of our Constitution, but as the years go on – rhetoric and policy veers from this, which is the “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” type of thing. It is obvious that slavery is bad, and should have been abolished. This then led to a Constitutional amendment.

But today’s issues are a lot more nuanced and many things our founding fathers could have never thought up in a million years are coming to play. With this, the Constitution was brilliant in that it said, “anything we don’t talk about here, or make federal law, is reserved by the states to figure out”. And – if states don’t like what’s going on with federal law, states can band together and make Constitutional amendments. Again – a thing of beauty.

What happened

The biggest thing to happen the last 6 months was the reversal of Roe v Wade. I’m not going to touch this – only to state that the main issue was the law came to be given that the supreme court made it law. Our Constitution is not written for this – congress makes the laws. There are all kinds of checks and balances. And – the Supreme Court can toss out laws that are not constitutional. But – you start getting in murky territory when it somehow GRANTS rights.

When Roe V Wade was reversed, there was no change to my state of PA. It was legal here, so it still is legal. So for many blue states out there, it wasn’t a big deal. The main issue came in red states – 55% or so of voters are for pro-choice policies the last time I looked. But, I’m writing a blog and don’t have 40 polls in front of me, so feel free to spend the hour looking this up.

It would make sense that in these red states where they may have had a 55-45 advantage to allow the blue to make it legal at the state level. In states where it was maybe 75-25 red, which are few, if any, they may have been able to continue to make abortions illegal as an overwhelming majority of their residents would approve of this.

But enter Lindsey Graham. I’m really mixed on this guy, and now lead towards “he cost the GOP the mid-terms, singlehandedly”.

Lindsey Graham, obviously unaware of the 55% number of pro-choice, came out and said, “we now need to ban abortion across the nation and codify it into law”.

I don’t know much about him, other than he was an O-6 in the reserves and was never married. I thank him for his service, but on the flip side, I really wish to dig deeper into what the hell he was thinking with this. I’m not going to go into his personal life – it’s not for me to say anything here about that, so I will stick to the facts, ma’am.

Effect of opening mouth and inserting foot

I believe the reversal of Roe v Wade stirred up a lot of interest for voting in the mid-terms, but I believe when Graham came out and actively said they were going to try and make it illegal at the federal level, that’s when many activists got more troops riled up. I’m hearing there was a lot of outreach to colleges in PA, which apparently is illegal, but this may have had thousands of 18-22 year olds scared of their abortion rights taken away. I can tell you I remember being in college and there was an auditorium of us and they were trying to get us to register to vote. Passing around stuff. My college had all kinds of people from NJ and NY all sitting in there with us. Struck me as odd, and well, I wasn’t even a resident of York County then, I would just come here for school and go back to Berks County. At some point later, I don’t recall, it was told to us that it was not permitted. I think student activists tried to get interest in voting, but didn’t know the laws.

But what he did, I believe, was get a lot of people enraged. I think at the state level, even red states could have had a lot more of them make this legal.

The fallout

I watched the Oz/Fetterman debate. All cringeworthy 60 minutes, as it was done 20 minutes from my house and on my local stations. Fetterman could not speak one coherent sentence for an hour straight. I believe Oz messed up – tactically – when he said, “local politicians should make these rules”. This then went on every Fetterman commercial. Oz could have said, “I believe in states’ rights, and in Pennsylvania, it is legal. I’m running for federal office and would not participate at that level, as I believe the state has a right to make their own laws on this”. Had he done that, he would have been the next Senator from PA. He had been trailing Fetterman in the polls and overtook him a week before the election due to the debate performance of Fetterman – but those commercials ran 24×7 everywhere. It was said this campaign cost both parties, combined, $250m.

It was also easy to see the level of wokeness everyone cannot stand right now, along with terrible energy policies, inflation, and economic data and forecast a red wave coming. But I can tell you, even the most moderate dems who cannot stand the wokeness – do not want a law at the federal level making abortion illegal. It could also be easy to see “ballot stuffing” as a legitimate argument here – in that the only states that had delays in reporting were also the lynch pin states. Amazing how that worked out. Critics of this would say, “there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud”. Opponents would also ask, “is anyone actually investigating this”? I don’t want to go down this rabbit hole as any discussion on this can get you shadow banned. Funny how that works.

But it was then easy to put knives in the back of Donald Trump. This gave media the perfect cover to then blame poor results on Trump. To point out the mass turnout was to vote against Trump, who wasn’t running. It has even worked with some of my friends now buying that rhetoric, not taking 2 whole seconds to analyze what may have happened. What you can see with the never-Trumpers is an easy button to smash him into oblivion, and then the entire swamp has then clubbed down a person that vowed to fight the swamp. It now is possible any day now, and indictment can be filed against him. For 4 years, he had been constantly called an “illegitimate president” by Hillary and others who had claimed he cheated in 2016, but were not able to provide a single shred of evidence other than to blame Russia. The media then used “RussiaGate” to smear him for 4 years. Now that he’s out, they are stepping on his neck and trying to get his people to turn on him. Many have. This, while they call him and Kari Lake “election deniers” while ignoring the entire time he was president the left was denying his 2016 election.

American politics is even more broken now, but we need to understand why. The answer is, “states’ rights”. If you don’t understand that people want to be left the hell alone and not ruled at the federal level here, you are going to keep banging your head against a wall. What Graham did, essentially, was to tell everyone in this country who HAD a STATE RIGHT to an abortion, through STATE LAWS, that HE and the GOP was coming for your rights.

If Lindsey Graham and others just shut the hell up about this, they would not have activated moderate leaning left to come out, nor would they have gotten any attention from 18-22 year olds here.

I believe Graham is responsible, and solely, for one of the worst mid-term election reversals in history. That is, if trucks of ballots didn’t show up at the middle of the night from nowhere.