I am starting with this to START THE HEALING. I WANT Republicans and Democrats to get along. I want the Democrats to know I’m not their enemy. FAR from it. Perhaps this is in vain, but I wanted to spend the time here to do my part to prevent any kind of civil war. To reach my hand out in an olive branch.

I wanted to sort of put this out there to get people to the table. Discuss. Understand. Right now, there is so much anger and hate towards each other – it’s unbearable.

In any kind of conflict, it’s important to understand your adversary. I want to give YOU, the reader, the opportunity to understand ME – your sworn enemy.

Just 10 years ago, I voted for Obama. You were very cool with me then. Now, I vote differently than you, and I’m branded with something I don’t deserve. You like to say that republicans are bigots, racists, misogynists, and xenophobic. But you are painting that brush very broadly, and with it, missing an opportunity to court votes back to your side someday.

I am a moderate. As I state here, my Republican friends think I’m a socialist, and my left friends think I am some “far right” person who now wears the brand of all of those bad names I listed above. I am your middle. And with this, you have pushed me to them. I did not change my positions in 20 years. But you did.

Know thy enemy – many types of Republicans

It’s first important to understand your enemy. There are a lot of types of Republicans. You may be surprised to understand that a LOT of Republicans share a LOT of your values and advocate for YOUR positions, underneath the GOP tent. So while some people are on your side, you spend an awful lot of time pushing us away, and driving wedges between us. Let’s look at a few that I have witnessed over the years.

The MAJOR parsing here I’d say would be “social” and “fiscal” values. In “social” we are talking about a lot of hot button issues of the day, but mostly we are looking at a view of morals, mores, and how a society can exist within a social fabric. With “fiscal” you are looking at perhaps the socialist versus capitalist. I have identified over the last 20 years as a “social liberal” and “fiscal conservative”.

However, over the years, society swings too far in one direction and then vacillates the other direction. In the case of GW Bush, you could see that the right went a bit too far packing the polls with people from buses coming from church – and this then went on a swing to the left with Obama.

But I want to make a distinction in this section. In 2012 or so – perhaps even 2016, I tried to look up “progressive”. I got a lot of hits for the insurance companies. They were trying to ask Hillary if she was progressive or liberal. I didn’t understand the distinction. In 2014, I was still on team Hillary. With this, your left party has been overrun by the “progressives” and “classic liberals” like Bill Maher are even going “what the fuck has happened to our society”. This is where you get a lot of the woke identity politics which are driving the wedges – which is the genesis of this article.

Classifying Republicans

Today, anytime you hear of a Republican, the left media calls them “far right” or “alt right”. They try to allude to Nazism. They try and paint the canvas here as anyone that is not on their team is an enemy trying to take your rights. It simply is not true, at best, and at worst, it’s fomenting discord for viewers to then incite violence. Consider there was an entire summer of 2020 where major cities were getting burned to the ground. These people were riled up. Fed a daily diet that people hated them. It simply was not true. But it helped ratings. And therefore, it was good for the news outlets to continue to broadcast it.

Moderates/liberals – in this arena, you have the Romneys. This guy ran in 2012 and was given the full Dem treatment of being so far right. As you can probably see, he’s probably the most left of anyone in the Senate right now. Many of these people share many of your beliefs, and want to fight for your rights, but you want to call them names and hate on them. I am pro gay marriage. Yet anyone who doesn’t know me and talk with me for 5 minutes wants to BELIEVE I am filled with hate. It’s not true. It’s how you have been conditioned for years. In fact, NPR reported that 55% of Republicans back same sex marriage. You have to stop, think, assess, and realize over half of your sworn enemy is actually fighting FOR you.

Libertarians – this might be where you see the Rand Pauls of the world. I share a lot of this sentiment here, but I’m not as FAR libertarian as many of these. Many of these guys have been on the “decriminalize drugs” for 100 years or so. I share their views on legalizing pot. How many people of color are in jail due to drug charges? This faction of the Republican party believes none of these people should have been convicted in the first place. Rcently, Biden just pardoned ALL people convicted at the FEDERAL level for marijuana possession. These Republicans support that. Also, they would support legalizing marijuana, TODAY. Where I disagree with them is I believe things like cocaine, meth, etc should be legal. The reason I would choose to legalize pot and not cocaine is the fact that I cannot seem to find a record of a single person dying from a pot overdose. Every year at my college you had people dying from too much alcohol, yet that is perfectly legal. Libertarians also want government out of the bedroom. I agree with this. Fly from the trapeze, do your furry, have orgies, I don’t give a shit. The problem is when you have ANYTHING sexualized around children. THAT is a line in the sand, and THAT line has been crossed a lot the last 2 years with certain events that have been reported on. THAT I will fight you in the streets on.

Nationalists – this term has been bastardized to then call this faction “Nazis”. This is the media doing what the media does. There’s a college degree called “rhetoric” where journalists and broadcasters learn how to mind meld you and jack into your mind to program you using words. A “nationalist” believes that the United States (my homeland) should take precedent in resources over foreign interests. Period. End of discussion. For example, a Republican Nationalist sees that Florida just ran into perhaps $100b in damage – and would insist on money being spent to help Floridians over Ukrainians. It doesn’t mean we HATE anyone. Those Ukrainians are a lot of white folk. The media then spun “nationalist” into “white nationalist” to make all of these nationalists as “racists” to then foment discord. I was also very interested in the trade deficits we had with the world. Our dollar was “too strong” as other currencies would de-value themselves to the dollar to thus create a situation where a factory there was far cheaper than a factory here. I saw my dad lose his job, and his dignity, over steel work getting shipped over to Japan by Reagan. This was not a hate on the Japanese. It was a STRONG dislike of how American policy continues to allow the outsourcing of our jobs offshoring – decimating our middle class. Think about how Detroit has been hollowed out over the last 60 years. These are policies that are in place by clueless politicians that destroy good paying jobs. This also disproportionately affects those middle to lower class people who live in or around major cities. Meaning – you are taking a lot of jobs from a lot of minorities who tend to live in these urban areas. “Nationalists” want the factories back so we can give people jobs. Those who fight against this are actually for large global enterprises who want to cut costs, close factories, and open them in a 3rd world country to break the backs of labor unions. Most of you on the left don’t have a clue these nationalists are fighting for more jobs in urban areas to benefit all of those people living there – disproportionality people of color. Meaning – this branch of Republicans are TRYING to fight at the NATIONAL level of fiscal policy to get a lot more jobs for those in and around cities.

Populists – this is sort of a mix of a lot of things in the headlines. Generally speaking, this faction believes that people need to be responsible for themselves. That when they are adults – they can make an informed decision on a LOT of different things. If you are 18, you can go off to war, you can vote, and you can choose to go to college and finance whatever degree you want. But YOU are responsible for those decisions, NOT other taxpayers. For example, at 18, you should be able to review college choices, understand how much they cost, and take the time to understand what career fields you can do with that college degree. Too many people were directed to high cost colleges in things like “gender studies” or “poetry” with no real career field on the other end of this. While you may get an education, it does not translate into earning money. A Republican would say, “you need to spend the time to understand the consequences of your actions”. A Democrat would say, “this person for X reason made a poor decision and it is up to the taxpayer to fix it for them”. The libertarian Republicans want little to no taxes – and with this, the populists ally themselves with the populists because it makes sense to proactively think about consequences of actions PRIOR to performing the action. No one is perfect, and therefore we still NEED a social safety net of sorts, but it should NOT be the first resort – but last resort.

Security – This could fall under populists, but I wanted to break this into their own group. What many in the security arena have seen, is that over time, when governments disarm citizens, the government can then very, very easily start to take rights from citizens and then oppress them. I want you to find one oppressive government in the world where everyone has guns legally. Yeah. In this country, you have 400m guns. The leftist media like to point out that this group “fetishizes” guns. When there is a mass shooting, cameras roll in from all major cities to cover it. While these are indeed terrible tragedies, I have written articles where in some major countries there are 10,000 stabbing deaths per year. No one there is banning kitchen knives. The real discussion in that in the 1980s, there was a switch in how mental health was done here. 99.9999% of legal gun owners will NEVER pose a threat to the population. However, the media amplifies mental health events to then use that as a bully pulpit to take guns from the people. There are many democrats that own guns. Additionally, the media conflates “automatic” weapons with “semi-automatic” weapons. I’m ashamed – I was in my late 30s before I understood the difference. And BECAUSE a gun can LOOK scary, they somehow fantasize that it is, by itself, walking around and killing people. There are a lot of people who have mental health issues in this country. But the media DISTORTS the amount of violence with LEGAL gun owners to fight for an agenda of removing all of these guns from the 99.9999% of legal gun owners that pose NO threat to you. The big deal here is this – if rioting and looting happens, I need to protect my family. If the government becomes oppressive and wants to round up Jews, I need to protect my son. And will. If someone wants to break into my house to steal stuff for drug money when my family is home, they are not leaving alive. This is a CHOICE they made. If you live a life of crime and bother people who want to live in peace, YOU take that risk. By removing this from legal homeowners, you are then telling them to call the police, perhaps with 10-45 minute response times (depending on where you live) to save you. Bullshit. If you make the choice of breaking into someone’s house, you, in ADVANCE, know you are risking your life. I don’t care if it is to buy drugs or an X box. I’m not interviewing you at 2AM to determine which shit of mine you are trying to take, or if you are trying to kill us. Your interview is not to take place. This is a choice YOU made. I stand by the Republicans on strong security for the home.

Religion – over the years, I have been mostly atheist, which had me ally with the Democrats, mostly. I want religious stuff out of public schools. HOWEVER, over the years, my beliefs have slightly shifted. I still don’t believe in a deity the same way a strong biblical scholar would see it. I believe in the Big Bang Theory. However, I have trouble understanding, from a science perspective, where the “stuff” came from. It seems that the universe is either almost breathing in and out with expansion contraction cycles (thermodynamics) or this is one of many universes (not a parallel Nate in that universe, but universes like many trillions of bubbles and we live in but one of them). Or, perhaps, there is a deity of sorts like a programmer. A programmer in a simulated software game could be mistaken as a deity. Either way – no matter what the explanation, I cannot understand where the “stuff” came from. I cannot thus “rule out” a deity. I just don’t “worship” the deity. With this, I’m not cut from the same cloth as a lot of the more conservative republicans. But I get their moral structures. The bible concept was meant to “put the fear of God” into people to keep them…

  1. Procreating – a society that has lower and lower birth rates at higher and higher ages is in danger of collapsing. My workaround for this is – there are PLENTY of children who are foster kids or living in orphanages and plenty of people who WANT to be parents who can raise THESE children. So you do not necessarily have to be man/woman in a marriage. You can also think of homosexuality in all of nature as a population control mechanism that is a FEATURE and not a BUG. God COULD have created gay people intentionally to keep all populations in the animal kingdom from overpopulation. If you are good at math, start doing the numbers and you can see how this is a GOOD thing.
  2. Abortion – having 2 kids of my own and 46, I’m at a different place than I was at a scared 22. I mostly abstain from this argument, but can appreciate both sides of this. One side is “my body, my choice” and the other side sees life and wants to cherish and respect it. I tend to lean against abortion these days, but I don’t like the idea of 9 people in black robes (mostly men) judging this. This is why I feel the Constitution is perfect in that it grants states the ability to judge this based on the state. This is why NY should ALLOW it, and Louisiana may NOT. It is GOOD to have blue and red states. This is by DESIGN of the Constitution.
  3. Marriage – this is where I disagree with THESE Republicans. No one can KNOW what God said. IF he exists, at all, is another debate. At issue is, you have humans INTERPRETING the word of God. Humans are fallible. I fight from under the GOP tent FOR gay marriage.

Constitutionalists – There’s an idea I learned in like 11th grade civics. “Strict constructionist” versus “Loose constructionist”. With “strict” it essentially means, is it looks at the EXACT wording of the Constitution. Meaning, the Constitution does not say that you can have a lemonade stand. Therefore, a lemonade stand is illegal. A LOOSE constructionist would say, “The constitution does not FORBID a lemonade stand, therefore it must be legal”. This is essentially all of the battles you have at the Supreme Court. The problem is this. Over the last 200 years, the FEDERAL government has TAKEN too much power. The DESIGN of the Constitution essentially said, “look, if we don’t talk about it here, then the states can do whatever the fuck they want. UNLESS there’s then a federal law, which supersedes state law”. So MY contention has been, under the tent of the libertarians, is that the FED has taken too much power over the last 200 years. Because of this, things that SHOULD be at the state level have been USURPED by the national level. One can EASILY see why a federal law to ban slavery is “right” to do. It became an amendment – meaning it’s now part of the Constitution, PERIOD. But the main issue here is that they didn’t have cars in 1789. Or planes. Or computers. So over time, certain things became law at the state level (marriage and driver’s licenses) and other things became law at the Federal level (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986). Today, you have states making pot legal. Problem is, FEDERAL LAW has it illegal. This prevents a lot of the state dispensaries from using the banking system – which are regulated at the federal level. I feel marijuana should be legal. But I believe that the law AGAINST marijuana at the FEDERAL level should be repealed, and allow states to regulate this as they see fit. I do NOT believe in states disregarding federal law. Enough states support this so that it COULD be an amendment to the constitution, which would then repeal Federal law.

My MAIN issue with Obama (I voted for him twice) was that he was then instructing people to NOT follow Federal law. This is when I started to become disenfranchised with Obama. In my soul, what he just did with this was against the Constitution, which he was sworn to uphold and defend.

“Alt-right” – Let’s start with how Wikipedia defines this. “The alt-right, an abbreviation of alternative right, is a loosely connected white supremacist and white nationalist movement. A largely online phenomenon, the alt-right originated in the United States during the late 2000s and the early 2010s, before increasing in popularity during the mid-2010s and establishing a presence in other countries, and has declined since 2017. The term is ill-defined, having been used in different ways by alt-right members, media commentators, journalists, and academics. A far-right movement, it rejects mainstream political ideologies such as conservatism and liberalism.”

With the above – most media on the left talk about anyone right of them as “alt right”. This is not correct, and makes everyone under the GOP tent look like some sort of racist. Additionally, the conflation of “nationalism” with “white nationalism” is intentional with “rhetoric” to make you think that Republicans are racists. The truth is, there ARE a FEW alt right people out there. But they try and smear people like Jordan Peterson to be under this umbrella – where Peterson has been more of a Dem his whole life and appears to have been part of the moderate group above that was pushed to the “right” umbrella due to identity politics. This man is on the complete OPPOSITE end of the GOP spectrum than alt right – yet the media continues to smear him in this manner. They also tried branding this on Ben Shapiro, who is probably one of the most intelligent, articulate human beings on the planet at the moment. You may not agree with his politics, but to call him “alt right” is simply drinking kool aid without understanding what the hell you just drank

Defense – you have two elements to this. Domestic defense and foreign defense, and these are TWO factions here. With DOMESTIC defense, I want the borders secured from illegal immigration and drugs. If you are a Mexican citizen, you can simply get your passport out and drive/walk across a port of entry into the United States. Come here to shop, visit DisneyWorld, get a green card for a job and pay taxes. We WELCOME you. But if you want to sneak across with thousands of you in the darkness of night across a Texas border, I don’t know who you are. I don’t know your rap sheet. Flag on the play. In 2000, I was against illegal immigration because it took jobs from Americans. We have specific quotas of jobs we need from immigration. I once worked for Lockheed Martin at the Social Security Administration, and they brought in TONS of Indians and Pakistanis for programming. We welcome anyone with an MD or engineering degree. Perhaps you are a chemist. Or rocket scientist. The US will welcome you. No one in the GOP tent under social defense gives a SHIT what skin tone you have, only that you are here LEGALLY. This is another conflation of the left-leaning press. They say to put up walls is “racist”. No. It is not. Those people we are protecting our citizens from can come to the port of entry and give them their passport and declare asylum. However, asylum rules are only for “NEXT COUNTRY”. So those coming from Guatemala would have to declare asylum in Mexico, but they cross through Mexico to then come to the US and try asylum ONLY AFTER CAUGHT. Look, I don’t know who these people are, and they are being released into our communities. From a domestic defense perspective, you bet I’m with the GOP. YOU SEE racism, somehow in this. I am questioning who the hell these people are crossing in the darkness of night, and want my kids protected.

With the FOREIGN defense, you have Cheney versus MAGA. Cheney was a war hawk, and there’s a faction of the Dems and republicans that banded together on behalf of large defense contractors. Meaning, any and all war is good for defense spending. With the MAGA crowd, we did not want to have troops in Germany. Or Saudi Arabia. Or South Korea. But, if we did, it was for the defense of THAT host nation. Why would they not pay for defense? Why should the American tax payers spend hundreds of billions protecting them, when they will not pay to protect themselves? The MAGA crowd was ADVERSE to fighting. They would more or less be allied with Tulsi Gabbard. Trump talked to North Korea, and for 3 years, no missiles. Trump was unpredictable, and this kept China and Russia in check on any progression of hostilities. The one failure I would give to Trump in this respect was Hong Kong fell. That was a failure. But my point here is that when I was growing up as a LIBERAL, I was ANTI-WAR. The Trump doctrine essentially was this….

  1. We don’t want war, it costs too much. We spend $700b on defense spending.
  2. If we have troops in your country, we want to pull them out to cut this spending. IF you want them there, contribute financially to our presence and we will keep them there.
  3. We pay billions towards NATO and UN and don’t get shit for it. Make others contribute proportionately, or there’s no fucking point in having any of it.
  4. If we can offset costs and trim the budget to where perhaps Americans are then paying $300b, we can then perhaps spend $50b to upgrade a lot of this. We could cust our defense spending in half to reduce expenses while improving the quality of our military.
  5. The less conflicts the US are in, the less troops are put in danger. Another Gabbard ideal.
  6. If we cut our defense spending by a ton, we then could reduce taxes and this increases the amount of money in the pockets of Americans to spend into the economy

I’m not writing this to defend the mean tweets. I’m writing the above to show contrast in different factions of the Republican tent. You had Cheney who hated Trump – Cheney was a war hawk, Trump was not.

The media

In 2014, I easily saw Hillary winning in 2016. I had just voted for Obama in 2012, and was starting to get leery of his presidency. The IRS scandal started it. I didn’t like the ObamaCare issues. I started to run into problems with the 501c3 IRS stuff where they targeted religious non-profits. What I did NOT like was a party in power targeting their political enemies. I disagreed with my GOP counterparts. I did not HATE them. In fact, all of my friends were republican. We ribbed each other about things – but all drank together, etc.

When I saw Trump coming down the escalator, I got excited of an outsider coming in. I watched CNN night and day. They covered Trump all the time, and gave him a ton of air time. I watched my first GOP debate ever. I would have never voted or listened to these guys if CNN wasn’t covering Trump 24×7. I relished in Trump mopping the floor with the GOP politicians. Clowned them. This is before I understood more about them, by the way. Trump was all over the airwaves, all the time.

When Trump won the GOP nomination, CNN went Darth Vader on him the next day. All media suddenly flipped. ALL of it. It was as if Trump was the guy to take out “all serious GOP competition” so then they could easily take Trump out to then anoint Hillary.

Ummmmmm….da fuq?

Meaning, after watching CNN my whole life and trusting that network, I then saw a 180 overnight. I saw with my own 2 eyes how they were trying to manipulate me. And suddenly, my guard went up. I started seeing all of this stuff from all of these channels, everywhere, 24×7, against Trump. It continued every minute, every day, all day. During the presidency. After the presidency.

You hate him. I get it. You have been programmed non-stop to do so. But you are also not allowed to freely understand the GOP and the different factions I outlined above. What you have to understand is Trump, the anti-politician, was adept enough to get people from all of these umbrellas to unite behind him. You then had the Cheneys and the “never trumpers” fighting against him, but overall, he was able to do something not many Republicans have done, and that is to connect with most factions under the big GOP umbrella. What he was able to do that most GOP candidates can NOT do is to appeal towards a lot of the moderates.

When most people think “Republican”, what do they think of?

  • Anti-abortion
  • Gun lover
  • War lover
  • Racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic
  • Hates LGBTQ

You have to really stop and ask yourself a question. Is this what the GOP is, or is this what the left WANTS me to think of the GOP? Are all members of the GOP the same? You also have to ask yourselves, “are there elements under the GOP tent that are my allies on some issues?”

They are obviously racist

They are obviously against LGBTQ+

They obviously want to kill everyone over peace

They ALL are against abortion at the federal level, right? Not everyone is this clown.

GOP is obviously against women…

Obviously, the GOP HATES immigrants


The idea of this writing is to NOT convert you to the GOP. It is to show you that some issues you hold dear to you are also shared by people in the GOP, and this is a time for you to find common ground and not push others away.

I only wish for the rhetoric to stop. Stop calling me and my friends names because we disagree with you. MAKE the better argument. WRITE the better policy. FIND common ground. EXTEND your hand in friendship.

I am now at a point where to publicly admit I am a Republican I fear getting fired from my job. Anyone on the left who is still a liberal needs to understand the ramifications of what I just said there. In this country, I have to more or less hide in the shadows and be silent rather than speaking my mind for fear of censure from the American left-leaning public media. It is no longer an issue of debate. It is now an issue of identifying me as an enemy to dox, expose, censure, silence, and dismiss from society. When I voted against Bush, I thought he was incompetent as a president, but I thought he was a good man. When I voted for Obama over Romney, I felt I didn’t share much in common with Romney – but figured he was a decent family man. We are now at a point in politics where you want to think of your political adversary as evil and the rhetoric needs to stop.

Someday, I may vote Democrat again. But you have to make the better argument, not coerce me into it. Most of my Republican friends right now are essentially in hiding from social media. All of the posts you see all the time that are making you live in an echo chamber is because the other half of society essentially went dark when the left started labeling anyone in the GOP with labels like misogynist, racists, xenophobic, and sexist. If anyone was to identify as GOP – they then were stamped with that brand or scarlett letter, only to then be cancelled.

This needs to stop.

If you are branding all GOP your enemy, you are missing an opportunity to hear me and understand me. You are choosing to bully me into silence. This is not the America I grew up in.

A final thought here – the party of “pro choice” and “my body, my choice” tried to force me at gun point to get a test juice that was labeled a “vaccine” although they had to literally change the definition of vaccine. I did not want that test juice. The media, backed by big pharm, with the enforcement arm of the government, tried to force us to put something into our body that did not go through full FDA approval. Today, 2 years later, I am being vindicated. Those who claim to push policy on the doctrine of “science” refuse to allow discussion to examine the science. Those who are quick to put Ukraine flags in their Twitter accounts supporting us spending $100b on Ukraine are the same people who want to dissolve our armed forces and police departments. Those are the same people who want to disarm law abiding gun owners – while stripping the police departments of funding to protect you. The same people who want you to not see color are the ones telling you 24×7 that color is everywhere. The same people who want you to forgive all student debt are telling you that none of them spent 5 minutes researching a degree and now all of the roofers, plumbers, and truck drivers will have to pay for their mistakes.

I think there is room for debates and ideas. But we must all get back to the dinner table, bars, and golf courses together. This enemy shit has to stop.

United we stand, divided we fall.

If I can paraphrase Jordan Peterson here – named from above – he talks about how the marxists more or less invaded us in the early 1960s to foment discord. The idea from the Soviets was this – become part of the education system and over time, indoctrinate an entire socialist nation into tearing itself apart. Don’t believe me, check out Yuri. He was a KGB defector and outlined the Russian plot from the 1960s. And…it could not have worked out better. You hate me because I voted GOP. And you THINK I’m your enemy. Why? The media has told you I am your enemy. You need to really examine what they are telling you versus reality. Yuri said the KGB called these people “useful idiots” because they could more or less program them to do whatever what wanted once they controlled the media and the education system. Those masses are voting today as “useful idiots” as the KGB called them. The idea is that the more factions that can be created, the more divisive we get, which then creates hostilities that build…and build…and here we are. You hate me, and you don’t even know me. Despite the fact that I’m probably fighting FOR half the things you stand for, from within the GOP tent.

The idea is simple. Drive your political opponents into hiding. Silence their objections. Censor their words. Censure their ideas. De-platform them as humans who cannot find work and bankrupt them. Their “thoughts” are dangerous. Anyone out there that is still a liberal and not a progressive has to see what is going on. They are adamant free speech advocates, and even they have to be beside themselves at what they are seeing done to anyone who supports the GOP.

When I was a Democrat – I stood for most of the same positions I do today. The difference is my political left party I was in as a liberal/libertarian went FARRRRRRRRR Left, and many of you are just cruising along in that lane afraid to speak up and get the GOP treatment.

Yes, you can be Republican and be pro-gay marriage. You can be Republican and against the death penalty. Yes, you can be Republican and respect the states’ rights choice of abortion laws. Yes, you can be Republican and against war. You can be Republican and for the American worker. You can be Republican and want free speech, even if it disagrees with your viewpoint.

You want to know thy enemy? It’s me. Someone who used to be one of you, who still fights for a lot of the ideals you used to. You want to shame me and silence me. You want to cancel me. You want to make me not exist. You want to coerce me into your positions, rather than making the better argument. You want to control the media and school systems to indoctrinate, not educate on different viewpoints so people can make up their own mind.