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Trump eliminating our national debt in 8 years?

Again…he fires off some bold claims, media goes bat shit – but what are the meat and potatoes behind it?  Can it be done?  What ideas do him and his people promote to do this? I just heard CNN’s Christine... Continue Reading →

President Obama’s foreign policy legacy

Ever since I was a kid, I felt that if there were problems at home, we elected a Democrat and if there were problems overseas, we'd elect a Republican.  It just seemed that the Democrats were really good with applying... Continue Reading →

An in-depth look at illegal immigration in the United States

    First, I am a Donald Trump supporter this year and previously have voted for Obama (twice) and Kerry.  I became hardened for Trump almost immediately after I heard the media response to his announcement speech. Essentially, Donald said... Continue Reading →

Here’s what a Trump presidency may look like (hopefully!)

Yes, I'm caught up with Trump. I am not "poorly educated".  Even though I heard he loves them, I'm about to complete a second master's degree.  So, I'm not really a dim bulb.  I think a lot of people think... Continue Reading →

An in-depth look at $15 per hour minimum wages

First, as a disclaimer, I wrote a blog article about this two years ago here. I have voted dem in 3 presidential elections, and this year I cannot fathom the idea of voting for a Democrat who supports $15 per... Continue Reading →

National ID card – a way to help our country

You know, I am not quite sure I understand why each of the 50 states issues their own driver's license other than there's no such talk of driving in the constitution, so this reverts to states' rights.  I sort of... Continue Reading →

Set math and how to solve life’s problems

This is what I learned in 7th grade pre-algebra, and it stuck with me most days of my life.  Especially with what I do with computers, and databases, and problem solving. At the very basic, let's  just say we have... Continue Reading →

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