I’m in the process of writing about financial energy and how there’s a relationship with gold as the center of our financial solar system. I have a 60 slide deck so far to explain the concepts, and one thing kept nagging me.

In all of my years of watching Michio Kaku and Morgan Freeman on the Science channel, something popped into my head.

If PHYSICAL energy is governed by 4 forces of the universe, couldn’t FINANCIAL energy have the same sort of system? I mean, if you really think about an economy 1000 years ago in local tribes it was a mess – but I’m sure they had a sense of fairness and trade. Going back 10,000 years, these “laws” probably varied from tribe to tribe. In order for economic systems to WORK, this financial energy needs to have forces working upon it.

With physical energy – I’m going to show the below from here:

Gravity: We all experience this and intuitively understand gravity.  Anything with mass has attraction with other objects with mass.  The more mass, the bigger the pull. Gravity has an infinite range.

Electromagnetic Force: This is how things that are electrically charged interact with each other. Electromagnetism and how it pushes and pulls objects is responsible for the energy in things like batteries and magnets. The electromagnetic force also includes light, which is just waves of electromagnetic radiation. Importantly, electromagnetic force holds electrons to the nucleus of the atom – so it is one of the two forces that holds atoms together. The electromagnetic force has an infinite range.

Strong Nuclear Force:  This is the force that holds together protons and neutrons and along with electromagnetism holds atoms together. Very important. Without the strong nuclear force we’d have no atoms. Just a bunch of sub-atomic particles. The strong force has a extremely short range.

Weak Nuclear Force: While the other forces hold things together, the weak force causes radioactive decay. Without the weak nuclear force, stars would not exist as the weak force is key in nuclear fusion occurring. The weak force has an extremely short range.

An interesting point is that Gravity is by far the weakest of the four forces. Its not even close. “

So if you think financial energy has any kind of structure in our financial universe – what does it look like?

Strong Nuclear force: rule of law. Think about the differences in economies between countries that have strong rule of law versus those that do not. Remember my rules about “ROI” in a business venture has an output that is greater than the input. There is risk as the ultimate ROI discounter. Jurisdiction risk you see a lot when calculating NPV for miners. What this is ultimately telling me is that in some jurisdictions, your ROI can be safer because the risk is less that the rule of law will let you down. This “rule of law” is the primary structure of a country, and run by its government through policies, laws, and enforced by the judiciary. So one thing that seems to be tearing a lot of us apart in this country is that our rule of law – our constitution – states that only gold and silver should be money. Our rules have taken us from this and devised a system that is privatized (the Fed). I feel that as the rule of law breaks down in societies, so does their economy. If you have a strong rule of law, you will have a strong economy. Think of bad neighborhoods here with violence – no one wants to invest business stored energy into these locations due to crime. This is a risk that threatens ROI. If you want investment of business into bad neighborhoods, reduce the risk to ROI by enforcing rule of law. Note – this is also your sense of “fairness”. This is why a lot of crypto people want to go “outside of the system”. If you feel it unfair that government is taking too much from you, perhaps you devise and work in systems to mask this behavior. If your system was fair, and your rulers were working for you, there would be no need to bypass this system. Ultimately, with your strong nuclear force – you get your “free market system” in the United States – and this is what made us an economic powerhouse many years ago. We simply want to get back to that state.

Weak nuclear force: the nuclear family. Without families, there’s no babies and with this, you see the aging population of Japan and significant problems with deflation with too much housing, etc. This does provide decay because people consume financial energy in food, clothing, etc. Individual families also are consumers of products that businesses make – and for businesses to exist, they need sufficient ROI to make them.

Electromagnetic force: Perhaps this is “trade in gold”. The relationship that gold has with all other things can be observed with the sine waves, of sort. This is the binder of all relative value and binds everything in our economy to the value of gold. If something deviates too far, the laws of supply and demand will revert it to a mean to gold, in grams. Paper currency is trash and irrelevant in this equation. This oil chart in gold grams over 40 years just screams this at me. (P.S. this is 2020 data – gold has dropped and oil has risen back towards the lower control limit at 1.17g per barrel). Ultimately – this is where your “supply and demand” equation come from and balance everything out, naturally.

Gravity: I would put this as global trade as we all sort of have to “fall” into one another at some point and interact. What is very important to my family is a job I can get to, so I can harness financial energy to buy products from businesses so they can eat. I think interconnected global trade is important in the financial energy equation, but I also feel it is the weakest of all of the forces. For example, I do not care if the EU bans a product that I can freely buy at my local grocery store. That is localized to them. Each nation has its rule of law which is the strongest – and one can argue that associations with other countries are the weakest. Yes – they are important – but these are forces of association and not law. To be friendly, we try and play nice in the sandbox together. The problems with war can also be traced when these systems are so disparate that a common financial language between them is hard to maintain.

This is still a work in progress, but wanted to get some thoughts out there for feedback! Email me!!