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financial energy

4 forces of the economic universe? Part 6 of my series on financial energy and gold

I'm in the process of writing about financial energy and how there's a relationship with gold as the center of our financial solar system. I have a 60 slide deck so far to explain the concepts, and one thing kept... Continue Reading →

Gold and silver as FINANCIAL ENERGY stores of wealth

Preface - a few days ago, I wrote a piece stating that gold is the center of the financial solar system, not the dollar. When they replaced gold with the dollar, it messed up all systems and the only way... Continue Reading →

Are we making a difference with #silversqueeze? Steve St. Angelo and energy usage in metal production – my theory

I write a lot of these things at 4AM when I'm up with my son early. Coffee gets me moving!! See my entry from early this morning... In my "day job" over the years, I do something called "metrics". I... Continue Reading →

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