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Who is the best company to invest in for silver? I do a deep financial dive into all of the big players….and the winner is?

I'm not a financial advisor or a CPA. In this exercise, I'm going to look at the larger, more well-known silver producing companies - I also wanted to go through each of their presentations and give you the case for... Continue Reading →

How could higher energy prices affect PMs and stocks?

While we might KNOW the answer to this question, I kind of wanted to put some of the numbers out there for some of the newer investors to the sector. I have done two Palisades interviews, and for the most... Continue Reading →

Dollar high might be in – or close to in? PM bottom in?

I listen to a LOT of people on YouTube. I think the one, to me, who has been pretty accurate with a mix of charts and macros is David Brady. Now, any prognosticator out there has hits and misses. The... Continue Reading →

Is Ford a good investment at this time? I take a deeper dive and compare the F150 Lightning to Tesla

This is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a financial advisor. I am a Ford 150 Lightning fanboy and I'm interested to see if there could be a "Tesla effect" to the Ford stock price. First, I want to look... Continue Reading →

Michael Oliver predicts $9 natural gas this winter and has me intrigued to research – my natural gas picks amongst all of the suggestions

I think this week may be a wash for me, as I might nibble on some quarter positions for tranches here and there in the miners, but this week I wanted to research some natural gas in my spare time.... Continue Reading →

The EV that will destroy Tesla – the Ford F150 lightning

I write this not because I hate Tesla, but because I think things financially are broken and Ford is about to right the ship on Tesla. Tesla has held the position of the "green" energy darling EV company. And I'm... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts: Jeff Clark and Don Durrett give 10-bagger picks!

Here is where you can listen to the Don interview. Jeff can be found here. What I found interesting was that Don is picking producers and developers (assuming higher metals prices) and Jeff is picking drill stories (using current prices... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts: are we going to run out of silver?

NO! Ok. End of article, we can wrap it up here. Wait. Maybe we should dig into this more. Nate, how can you call for $100 silver and NOT think we will run out? Well - let's look into that... Continue Reading →

John Feneck delivers master class in buying and selling mining stocks – here are the cliff notes!

I just put out a piece on buying and selling mining stocks for the rookie, and as I hit "publish", an hour later I'm doing a drop ceiling in my basement and click through YouTube and see Palisades released a... Continue Reading →

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