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Is First Majestic a good buy right now?

I spent years going back and forth with Taylor Dart on Seeking Alpha. He is REALLY good at analyzing mines, but seems to forget that investors buy shares, not a calculator. I hate to admit he's right with his analysis,... Continue Reading →

Does gold store energy? I think not – let’s take a look at what it actually DOES store!

I had recently seen a post relating to Steve St Angelo's talks in the past about gold storing energy. He got me thinking about this a few years ago. Like, deep thinking stuff. I tried working it out in my... Continue Reading →

The case for and against silver – at this moment

TLDR - my weather forecast has cloudy overnight with strong chance of torrential showers with a sunny sky tomorrow with rainbows. Bring your umbrella to be certain. Like many others, I'm stupid crazy bullish silver, but over the last few... Continue Reading →

Silver investors – this individual attempted to dox me and harm my career. What you and others can do if you are doxxed – your rights online and with the law

Doxxing... I wanted to mention I work in technical management. I have been the victim of an attempted doxxing attack that I outline below, threating my career. THIS IS A FEDERAL CRIME. I am writing this to inform those in... Continue Reading →

Kinesis metals holdings as part of a LAYERED approach – a USE CASE for Kinesis Monetary System

If you appreciate what I'm writing here and are considering joining Kinesis for a LAYERED PM portfolio, you can use my referral link here. Someday, it may buy me a newspaper 🙂 As a "Kinesis shill" (as I and others... Continue Reading →

Further De-Risking Kinesis – taking massive steps forward with KAG/KAU and going concern

I have written a few pieces with CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms of Kinesis. In my last one, I had a laundry list of some things I was hoping they would address. 90% of them, they have within the last two weeks, and... Continue Reading →

More bullish on Kinesis than ever!

On Weds night, US time, Kinesis had a spaces conversation in AMA format. I'm going to reiterate my stance and discuss my conclusions with these attacks. I have some more constructive feedback for the Kinesis team I will write about... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss Series Part 3 – hitting initial targets, what I eat, what I’m doing

For those of you new to this series, here is the quick rundown...This series is focused on FAT LOSS rather than WEIGHT LOSS. On our last episode...I lost 175 pounds previously in a 3 year period - ending 11/2019. First... Continue Reading →

What will the price of silver be on OpEx?

$21. There, end of article 🙂 Of course it's not the end, but too damn many of you are squirrels and goldfish. So, the above is the BLUF. What I wanted to do in this article is teach you how... Continue Reading →

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