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Update to Healthy Living 29 – Beef vegetable soup, and a few other tips

I've been posting some of the meal prep I do on Facebook, and a few times some folks have asked for the recipe.  I thought I posted this before, but...well....not here.  So let's do this.  Let's start off with my... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning politics….

Since the election, I've talked less and less about this. I am a moderate, a recently registered republican.  I love having political discourse with people.  I want to know how they think, and I want others to appreciate the thoughtfulness... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 28 – My first garden?

I always thought gardening was for old men wearing old man shorts and black socks pulled up.  Or, at least that's how both of my grandfathers did it.  Both of them had pretty impressive sized gardens, and both were WW2... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 27 – making YOU the priority in your life and being a “selfish person”

It seems selfish.  You have to make YOU a priority over everyone else. You're a bad husband.  A bad father.  A bad son.  A bad human. You're being selfish. Yes, I am. I was faced with a crisis last summer... Continue Reading →

How are we driven to succeed? How does self image define your success?

I believe I was about 7 in the pic above.  Wait until you hear what was in the mind of this 7 year old, and how it made me who I was....both the good and the bad. On one of... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 26 – My @#*@R Bike and more food prep

I love my bike.  It's so freeing.  Friday, I had a mandated half day for myself.  I had put in over 95 hours the previous 2 weeks and felt I needed an afternoon.  As it turns out, it was pretty... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 25 – Running yourself thin? Think again

I want to run.  So badly.  And I get to do it from time to time, but I need to send out a PSA for a lot of people that might be seriously overweight and think that running is your... Continue Reading →

Update to Healthy Living 24 – another 6.2 pounds and the costs of healthy living

First - I want to pat myself on the back as another month goes by, and another 6.2 pounds came off.  What is interesting about what I'm doing with strength training is that: I'm eating relatively a LOT of food... Continue Reading →

My politics and how it’s shaped my journey

Politics today are vitriolic.  No matter who you support, you get crushed by the other side.   I am a moderate on a lot of things, and I feel most of my country is.  However, most politics have become issue or... Continue Reading →

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