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Taking a closer look at short term GDX

This is NOT financial advice. Do your own due diligence. This is for educational purposes and a follow up on my options play with GDX that I have been documenting. At the end of this upcoming week, I will publish... Continue Reading →

A way to evaluate GDX and SILJ into rising metals prices for call option buying

I don't think it's a surprise for me to tell anyone that there's a high correlation between GDX and gold or SILJ and silver. But I often looked at these and wondered... "SILJ is $16 today at $27 silver. I... Continue Reading →

Have you seen record low sentiment in metals? I have…

This is a shorter blog, as the title tells the story pretty clearly. Have most of you observed what I have this week? "These "experts" are idiots and I'm done with them""No one really knows""I think TAs are trying to... Continue Reading →

The root cause of the destruction to come – CPI is wrong

I have written about this a lot over the last year, but I wanted to have a more concise and direct - yet shorter - post many can see as my point of view. I share a lot of the... Continue Reading →

More momentum structures and arcs – looking at silver and DXY

In my gold analysis yesterday, I showed more or less HOW the arcs look like through the eyes of the momentum analysis. You could see.... Left arcCenter chopRight arcEnd of trend These are the STRUCTURES Michael Oliver discusses. I went... Continue Reading →

Understanding Michael Oliver’s momentum structures compared to arcs in TA with Kevin Wadsworth – gold to break out any week now

Warning. Math concepts in here. This is a supplemental writing to help people understand the bigger picture, for those that read DD and research. With gold to break out with this analysis, by proxy, it should take silver with it.... Continue Reading →

Metals outlook – Michael Oliver vs David Hunter

I wanted to more or less summarize what I see from both of these individuals so most can get an overview about how this all can shake out. I am a blogger and financial writer, and not a market professional... Continue Reading →

Playing monthly attacks in gold and silver

I put out a Tweet the other day which got over 47,000 views and wanted to put this in a blog to track and analyze. Why? Because I like the idea of trying to make money off of this and... Continue Reading →

Re-thinking ways to play the upcoming crash with gold and silver

Main picture here is from Crescat capital, I did not create - please visit them!! If you have ever used weather forecasting, you know it is imprecise. The 10 day forecast is a joke, to be honest. Maybe they can... Continue Reading →

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