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The true price of silver – and what about those pesky spikes?

I believe the true price of silver, now, is $50-$125. For now. And it will be soon. A reader tipped me off to GoldSilver's recent article about the length of price spikes of silver. I love reading everything that Jeff... Continue Reading →

Is the 61.8% retracement the key for gold and thus for silver? 2 key times in history to look at and to learn from

Was up at 3:00 AM again. 10 month old with teething issues and some sort of sleep regression. Fun stuff. ********************************************************************************************************************* I'm a student of history. No, I'm not a historian, but history fascinates me. When I saw Mike Maloney's... Continue Reading →

The relationship between gold, silver, the 10 year, and the USD

Most people that have been doing this for awhile know there are relationships between gold, silver, the 10 year, and the USD. Here, I'd like to show you some examples of these relationships and walk those a little newer through... Continue Reading →

Allocated versus unallocated silver – what does the Perth Mint actually say?

I'm confused. I think many of you are too. The purpose of this is to RESEARCH and try and get the best information for all of us. If this were snopes, I'd write: "The Perth Mint has defaulted on unallocated... Continue Reading →

Why the banks are shorting gold and silver

First off - I have to give all credit for the response here to Austrolib from SA. I do not know him, but have exchanged a few emails with him. I read one of his pieces several weeks ago and... Continue Reading →

The metrics of silver squeeze – how are we doing?

Updated 4/7/2021 0630 EST Update log: DateRevision 3/22/2021 1230 EST Added table for tracking short position that "Stack Shiny" posted on twitter. Seems someone is tracking short positions trying to get reduced already!3/23/2021 0630 ESTAdded COMEX daily delivery to show... Continue Reading →

Is a silver run on the banks happening right now?

The big question is, what would it look like? Preface I wanted to start this piece off with a little about me - I'm not a precious metals expert, but I do write about them, and have for 18 months... Continue Reading →

Silver has been amazingly resilient despite massive pressures recently…

If you look at the price of silver today, you see it at $26.20 or so. If you go back to Jan 21st, you see $26.01. Us "permabulls" who said silver should always go up must be clearly wrong. Anything... Continue Reading →

How to buy silver – for the absolute noob

I have discussed in 40 or so blogs here WHY silver is good to go after. But, let's now assume you agree that I'm correct and want to get in on the action. What to buy? How much? Where? Should... Continue Reading →

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