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Triple bottom here? Check out what I’m seeing and why I’m bullish AF when you are sticking your head in the oven

OK - a bit much on the article name, I know. Catchy though? I have a bit of snark there because my Twitter feed yesterday was crushed with negativity. I could SEE capitulation and fear, while I'm legit trying to... Continue Reading →

Why did silver get assassinated yesterday on December first? Could CPI be the cause?

I don't know. This is a head scratcher. What I do want to have some fun with here is the pontification as to why. Meaning, I'm going to guess here, so no one should be writing books on this shit.... Continue Reading →

Why this time it may be different than March 2020 for the metals

I wish I can remember who said it the last few days, I think it may have been David Erffle (The Junior Miner Junky) on miningstockeducation on YouTube when he discussed this. I wish I can remember - but the... Continue Reading →

The idiocy of vaccine policies around the world and why misleading data can kill you and others

I have not written here about this, yet. That day is now over. I can't take it anymore. I'm at my breaking point. We have now crossed that Rubicon from "clueless" to "dangerous to western society as we know it".... Continue Reading →

Is gold going way up or way down? Re-testing our hypothesis

I read an article by Jonathan Margott yesterday here where he pointed to lower gold prices ahead. He seems convinced of it. I disagree with his conclusions and I'd like to ask questions here and point out where he and... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – my silver “beat down” recovery play

Got to keep this super quick, but wanted to put the scoreboard up on this. As I have written before, last month I made about $6,000 in a week or so playing this beat down. This is HIGH RISK and... Continue Reading →

How I’m playing the next silver beat down and recovery

Disclaimer - this is NOT financial advice. I am trying to show you some research and due diligence I have done over the last 8 months or so to make nice gains on some trades. This is MY research and... Continue Reading →

Fortuna Silver Mines – trade of the year coming?

Warning! This is ULTRA HIGH RISK!!! I sold Pure Gold purchase of a month ago for roughly 5% profit this AM. I had a target of 20% on this, but something came up that is a really good opportunity and... Continue Reading →

Classifying asset classes – why this matters to make money on your speculative investments

Preface: I am not your enemy. I'm trying to wake you up from the Saylor grift he has over all of you. If you understand this is a REALLY good speculation, you can play this to your advantage and GROW... Continue Reading →

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