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Some pitfalls with overnight Futures trading Silver – early data analysis, how to profit, and 14 lessons learned quickly

So I wrote a note about an experiment I was doing based off of this chart... I wanted to put this out there QUICKLY before people just blindly follow me - despite me begging you not to. I'm running an... Continue Reading →

So I set up a futures account to test a theory – here’s how it went

My my brokerage that I have my long term in investments with, I was able to request permission for a futures account. I already have a margin account, and options ability - so I think these places need you to... Continue Reading →

Why I think gold (and silver) will fly to the moon – and why Kinesis is part of my strategy

This post here is the wakeup writing you can send your non-metals friends. This, hopefully, is the wakeup call for many. Feel free to share with non-metals friends all day long. I'd even love for some crypto people to even... Continue Reading →

The metrics of silver squeeze – part two – taking a new approach!

The first attempt at creating metrics for this was interesting. However, the failure with this mostly was that a specific entity did not buy the 100m+ oz it was supposed it - but rather changed their prospectus. This took a... Continue Reading →

How I would help with Kinesis? What if I got the tap on the shoulder…

I love my job, but some days I've had daydreams of getting a call from Kinesis.... "Nate, you want in? "Put me in coach!" Edit - 2/4 - If you want to be able to sell people on the Kinesis... Continue Reading →

Are there any silver “primary” producers left? The list is very few….

TLDR for the squirrels and goldfish. It appears as if there are only perhaps 5 (updated 2/1 to add GoGold) silver primary miners left in the world with a market cap over $100m. I could have missed a handful -... Continue Reading →

Fat Loss Series (Part 2) – hiking – yearly schedule – goals -looking at long term “hybrid” athlete training

I fell in love with hiking many years ago in cooler temperatures - the kind of temps I didn't like to run in. As fall sets in here in Pennsylvania, the third week of October is usually when I say... Continue Reading →

Is the price of silver manipulated?

I have written a few hundred grad school papers in over 6 years across 2 graduate degrees. One in business administration, the other in cybersecurity. I could posit that degrees like this do not make you "smart". Nor, do they... Continue Reading →

Why I say these markets are fake – silver price discovery WILL move East

I got into a tussle the other night with a Twitter friend. It was nothing against him, AT ALL - but the markets. I was venting about the COMEX smashes in silver I was seeing, again - but this time... Continue Reading →

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