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How to end inflation? Let’s dig into policy outside of the Fed

I wrote something a few days ago on Twitter after I was considering my apple analogy below. The thinking was, "if they could now just increase energy supplies, this should more or less neutralize a lot of inflation we are... Continue Reading →

My 2023 Phillies – what to expect?

I am very grateful for what the 2022 team did. No one expected them to make the playoffs when they were 22-29, let alone win a round - or even go 6 games against the Astros in the World Series!... Continue Reading →

Quantum computing and IONQ – questions I have

All - for those of you who do NOT know, I have worked in the tech industry for about 27 years now. I have spent many late nights in a server room in the 2000s migrating servers to virtual servers.... Continue Reading →

Questions about the energy cliff – what can be done? Can we push things to the right? I look at 10 items that one might pose to challenge the thesis

I am a HUGE fan of Steve St. Angelo. He might not know it from some of my follow up questions on Twitter on some things. This piece is a discussion about a lot of what he says - and... Continue Reading →

The coming silver COMEX debacle – anyone can see this coming a mile away

I wanted to write this to capture my logic here after a spirited discussion last night. I want people to understand my frustration with not being understood to a clearer degree, as the Twitter 140 or so character limit doesn't... Continue Reading →

How long until silver goes “nickel”? Let’s take a look

I've given up putting a timeline on all of this, as it has become a fool's errand. But in my alternate life, where I get paid to do things - unlike this - which is a passion project, I have... Continue Reading →

Things I’m looking at for gold and silver miners right now – finding deep value in the sector

I cannot compete with Taylor Dart at Seeking Alpha with his analysis of the sector. While I find him maddening to say the least, he looks at things in depth and has an angle I often disagree with - but... Continue Reading →

NFL Notes – the two most important items in playing winning football and how your teams can win

Could this lead to "saber metrics" in football? Doubtful, but the items I share below I suspect are how some teams are building their rosters out. This seems very clear when I go back and look at the last 40... Continue Reading →

What the climate and green people got wrong – and what they got right. A bi-partisan look at how this is going and what solutions can actually work

Gas prices in this country are insane. Let's start there and work outward. It is simple to see how day 1 of Biden administration gas prices started moving up via policies that limited or inhibited petroleum production, exploration, and transport.... Continue Reading →

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