I have a few thousand of you here in blog land (and Twitter) who get notified on my latest blogs. These are sometimes wayyyy long, and drill down into specific topics of high interest to me. I have been doing a precious metals newsletter now for about 2 years, in which I condense a lot of this into a couple of topics.

What I’m focused on here?

  1. Education – lots of you are newer to PMs and can get lost in the pro-level talk. I completely immersed myself in this for the better part of 3 months before I bought one ounce of silver and another 3 months before I bought a single mining stock.
  2. Summary – with the immersion, I often had found myself consuming 3-5 hours of videos, books, and newsletters a day to absorb as much as I could. I try to provide you some highlights of what I see.
  3. Trades I’m doing – I tell people NOT to do what I do, but you don’t learn until you start to DO. What I provide is some ideas for EDUCATION purposes only.
  4. Macro picture – I try to bring experience in a lot of different disciplines to the table, to try and provide my take on what I’m seeing. Having an MBA provides me a lot of understanding of the fundamentals that are going on in the world.
  5. Technical analysis – I am an amateur, but there are some elements I can teach a newer person that wants to comprehend this at a 50,000 ft level. I am not dogmatic with this, rather I use this to try and find places to enter and exit trades – and perhaps look for bullish or bearish setups to watch for.
  6. Networking – I have met sooooo many people over the last year, it’s hard to keep track. By connecting with some of you, I can hear your perspective from YOUR discipline I may not have considered. I want to hear your questions and concerns. I will also point you to newsletters I subscribe to for more in depth analysis on particular mining stocks.
  7. Learning about sound money – Many of us are not taught about any of this in college. I’d like to share what I have learned and pass on resources to you.
  8. Entertainment – in my newsletters, I have also tried to weave in some of my sense of humor. I add pictures and gifs at places to perhaps lighten the mood. We may have down days at times, it might be nice to read something and smile about it.

9. Value – your only cost here is your time. I try to make this readable in about 10-15 minutes and provide you where things are. Sometimes in PMs, you get smashed, and it’s hard to put lipstick on a pig. But what I can tell you during these times are what others are thinking about the bigger picture.

10. Professional networking – I don’t know where life is going to take me. I love resource investment, and never knew anything about this until a few years ago. I have 2 master’s degrees and been in IT for 27 years. Marin Katusa was a math teacher before he got involved with Casey Research – so who knows where I’ll be in the upcoming years. Further networking with YouTube, hedge funds, research services, and academic pursuits have interest to me.

What I am NOT focused on here

  1. Making money. Rick Rule talks something about this – he says something like, “if there’s no cost to the product, you ARE the product”. He sends out a free analysis, and with this, they now have emails addresses to market to. On the flip side here, I do this as a HOBBY and you are proving me feedback on something I love to do. I may do a Patreon site down the road, but I do not need the money. We are in interesting times and my source of income could evaporate in a second with the type of work I do, so IF I set this up, it will be nickels and dimes towards a shiny new share of First Majestic I can save up for over a year. This is a HOBBY for me.
  2. Telling you I have a crystal ball. I am an analyst in this space, and an amateur one that is constantly learning. There are guys out there that like to spike the football and tell you they are right all the time. They have to, as their career is based on their perception of being right all the time with your money. I get that. For me, I celebrate the wins, and scoff off the losses. I look at it like the best NFL game analysts you can find on the planet might be right 65% against the spread. This means they are right 2 out of 3 times. In this game it’s about learning about risk management – and being right 2 out of 3 times can make you a millionaire. But you WILL be wrong. Be humble. I see the price of silver will go up. I cannot tell you a dollar and a date – no one can. And IF it goes up – let’s search together on the best ways to play it. And if it goes down, let’s learn why and protect ourselves from downside losses. I try to put scorecards and Excel sheets in my stuff to show I have losses just like all of you. It’s been a BRUTAL time since August 2020, and I have found ways to make money even during a downtrend. This is a probability and risk management game.
  3. Holding your hand. I am not accountable for your losses, or your wins. You need to listen to a LOT of different voices – bullish AND bearish, and determine YOUR course of action. I do NOT control the price of metals, nor miners. This is a RISKY endeavor, and if you have no comfort with risk, you might want to talk with a financial advisor and look into index funds and bonds. This space can rip your face off, both up and down. I have experienced 25% up days in my entire portfolio immediately followed by a 25% down day. What I learned from that is parabolic moves up can move the same way down. Bank profits. I cannot hold your hand OR advise you. I can show you what I do to spark questions.
  4. Advising you. Like the above, an analyst has a fine line he must play between analyzing the situation and ADVISING you on what to do. This is NOT what newsletter guys should be doing. I want to have you peering over my shoulder as I look at things and make some moves.

So – if you have any interest in this, please send an email to me at nathanfisher47@gmail.com and I’ll add you to my list. I used to send this out a few times a week via email until I got on Twitter a year ago, and then I focused a lot more time on blogs. I have since re-started this about a month ago and now put into PDFs. I’m on issue #224 now as we speak, so I’ve been doing this for some time and have been refining it as I go.

I’ll be spending some time today when possible to update my “about me” section here. There’s a fine line also between conveying you are capable to do something and bragging. I’m aware that there’s a tackiness to going overboard. However, my background is extremely diverse and with this, I’d like to be an open book to my subscribers as to what I did, where I came from, and how I’m motivated. Understanding someone’s motives upfront help you quickly assess if this is someone you want in your life or to move on.

Once you send me the email, I add you to my distribution list and send you the last 3 I sent out in PDF. That simple!