I have not written here about this, yet. That day is now over. I can’t take it anymore. I’m at my breaking point. We have now crossed that Rubicon from “clueless” to “dangerous to western society as we know it”. I’m going to attack the policy on a few fronts – and mostly use the most powerful tool there is to fight it. Common sense.

What was my tipping point? I’ve been seeing some charts getting posted by guys I like on Twitter who are making my point for me. These guys might be financial wizards worth billions – but it doesn’t mean they have any experience with data and research. That’s something I can bring from my neck of the woods doing 25 years of metrics and reporting within my career field. Let’s look at the 2 charts that really got me going. I’m going to withhold the identities of those who posted – as I like the guys and disagree with them highly on this, but don’t want to have any internet ire fired at them in the case I win debate points here. My goal here is to get people to question things and not hassle these poor guys. Twitter can be a mean place and what I’d like to do with this is have a very important conversation.

Chart 1…

Funny about the above, the USA isn’t listed. Last I heard we were at 80% vaccinated and had 167 deaths per 100,000. Funny how that isn’t on there. I’ll get to that later with selectively leaving off things from charts.

Chart 2….


What these charts want to do is to show you that if you get the vaccine, you will contribute to less deaths from COVID.

What I’d like to say is the information above can be both true AND misleading at the same time. As a guy who dealt with a ton of stats in my life, this chart then has me asking the question – what is it that has Latvia and Lithuania not lining up with the rest of the stats here? Lithuania in particular bothers me about this.

What I’d also like to state is that I do understand that using the vaccine HAS prevented a lot of COVID-related deaths. I don’t think you will have much argument from many people on this.

Ultimately, the problem I have with the above data is mostly that this data should then be used to justify MANDATES. See, look at last 4 countries here. They are all around 80% and you see virtually no deaths. Right? So why would you thus force this on the remaining 20%?

The METHODS of compliance are insidious. In our country, they want to deprive you of being able to earn a living if you do not comply. The thinking is, of course, that if you aren’t vaccinated, you present a danger to those in the workplace.

Common sense alert – at first the promise of these vaccines were to be 94% effective at preventing COVID, and thus the numbers would then subside and thus the deaths would subside. However, as time went on, it became apparent that the “breakthrough” cases were not 6 in 100, but over time they are now closer to 60 or 70 in 100. This is not breakthrough, and the narrative has then changed. When I was going back and forth with a former friend on Facebook, he then sends me a link saying – “see, we never promised you could NOT get COVID”. What? That’s what a goddamn vaccine is supposed to do. So what you have now is that apparently those with the vaccine can get and pass COVID to others.


You have the vaccinated, who are afraid of the unvaccinated. Which is completely misplaced – as you should also be afraid of the vaccinated – but enough people were indoctrinated into the first lie that most now believe it is rare that people CAN get the virus while vaccinated. They are lost in their own pit of lies and I’m thus trying to tell my pro-COVID vaccine friends their own updated policy, at which they try to tell me I’m a liar.

In what world would someone who is vaccinated be afraid of someone who doesn’t have vaccine? Right.

They literally changed the definition of a vaccine to something that PREVENTS to something that TREATS. This change of the definition then also allowed them to send in the clowns and get this test juice offered to millions of people to help prevent them from dying from it. It’s an MRNA treatment deemed “safe” by the FDA.

Right. And for whatever reason, the FDA wants to prevent you from seeing that test data until the year 2076.

Meanwhile, the CDC’s site has something called VAERS which is used to report bad side effects of vaccines. The last time I checked, there were 16,000 deaths and 800,000 negative side effects reported. My pro-fire people friends then want to dismiss every piece of that data as not counting. At all. Zero. They won’t even give a partial credit for it.

So let’s first look at who dies from COVID. The stats have about 92% of all deaths are from 60 and older. The higher you are in age the higher the death rate. Other studies have that 79% of all COVID hospitalizations/deaths happen to be those who are obese.

Meaning, it stands to reason that the higher your BMI is, and the older you are, the greater the likelihood of death.

There’s also a lot of reports coming out that have to do with Vitamin D correlations. The lower the vitamin D, the greater your chance of dying. I don’t feel like looking up all of these and linking as I have a 17 month old running around me at the time, but suffice it to say those who tend to get out and get more sunshine seem to fare better. You could also think of this as older people in old folks homes who never go outside might have lower Vitamin D. Perhaps those who are more obese who don’t go out and walk, hike, or get fresh air might also have a higher chance of having low Vitamin D rates.

I bring up the obesity and age because the first chart that popped up, I then asked that person to take a look at Africa’s rates. At which I got profanities hurled at me as if I’m what he was saying was biblical and my question posed to him questioned his faith.

And that is another reason I am writing this. Because you have a lot of smart and deceptive people out there presenting you data as if it was FACT and biblical. And, if people question this data, you are an anti-vaxxer and part of some Q cult. Quite the opposite. I’m highly skilled with data that can be converted to information, and am fully aware how people can “frame” data for you to then extrapolate the wrong information from it.

The charts tell you, IF A, then B. IF you force everyone to vax, then you will prevent deaths in B. Seems legit.

But the problem here is I brought up Africa and bad things came from my questions on Africa. I put it out there that perhaps their decades of dealing with HCQ and Ivermectin have some correlation to this. It was a legit question. I was then pushed back with, essentially, “they are backwoods and have no legitimate information to report”. I wanted to challenge his and my hypothesis, and I found a paper that explained Africa’s extremely low vaccination rate along with their extremely low COVID death rates. I posted the paper which was a research paper on the reasons, and they guy deleted my response. Seems a healthy way of debating someone who challenges your faith with a research paper which comes to vastly different conclusions than your pre-canned belief system.

I can’t find the paper at the moment, but one big reason they brought up was the sub-Saharan countries had a median age of like 18-20, depending on the country. Whereas many of the countries with higher rates were 35-40. Think about this – if a lot of these people are dying from famine, disease, and civil war before the age of 40, they aren’t really going to move the dial at all with COVID deaths – given the extremely young population. This is extremely important because it might stand to reason that older populations would thus be a lot more affected. And – by dismissing Africa as a country who cannot be trusted to deal with reporting any kind of pandemic issue (as if they haven’t dealt with treating ebola) you then dismiss that data from the narrative that doesn’t fit your pro-vax agenda.

The other aspect of this is the obesity rates. Now, most in my country anymore don’t associate “fat” with “unhealthy” due to the PC over body positivity. There’s a very big difference between being mean to someone with extra weight and calling them “healthy at any size”. What you find is that when someone is NOT 80 years old and dies from COVID, the first logical question could be “were they obese or had other co-morbidities”.

Before you jump down my throat on this, I lost 175 pounds over 3 years starting at the end of 2016 and hitting my lowest near the end of 2019. At that point, I hit about 197 and was competing in triathlons at the age of 43/44. I had a lot of injury challenges right after, lost a parent, had a child later in life, and then got locked down with COVID like the rest of you – so I have put back on about 50-60 pounds of that (depending on if we are in the holiday season) and am looking to reverse that ship back. I plan on starting a new series to try and reach out to a lot of you to proactively deal with your health as another means of fighting COVID.

What? Another means? Sacre bleu!

OK – what I’m getting at here is that there is one camp who feels that forced vaccinations on everyone, including tiny children and infants, is the only way out of this mess. Well, that’s also a bunch of bullshit. See – this vaccine was never meant to KILL the disease, like a polio or Measles vaccine might. Which means, it will never go away and it will always mutate.

The “pro-jabbers” will then say, “fine, you need a booster”. OR, “you need a vaccine card every 6 months because the effectiveness of your vaccine will wear off”.

At the same time, you also have studies coming out and saying that natural immunity is the most effective means of keeping you safe. Remember, there’s a lot of people out there who have had COVID well before testing was possible, AND there’s a lot of people who had COVID who never had symptoms (or extremely mild) and could pass it on. So if these people can fight COVID without the help of the jab, why the hell would they need it? They don’t.

If you enter pharma into this, which I won’t go deeply into, you have billions to be made on the cycle below.


I once worked as a contractor for Pzifer for a hot minute, so I wanted to put that out there. I worked on an IT project and have zero knowledge of their vaccine or inner workings, I just wanted to have a proper disclaimer here.

What the common person is seeing is this…

  • We had an unknown virus hit us and we made a pact with the pharm companies to quickly get something to help us
  • As part of this, it seems that mandating all to get this is a merge of government and private industry. I should have the rights to determine if this is something that I should get or not. This right is being taken from me.
  • With successive variants, you are continuously chasing the latest and greatest variants with yet another jab.
  • My private medical records and religious beliefs should be no business of my employer or government. These are clear violations of my privacy.
  • How are “sincere religious beliefs” being measured, and those that have legitimate concerns over their body are potentially being ex-communicated from society.


To make someone who is protected by the vaccine, to be protected from you, who is unprotected by the same vaccine that is not protecting them from you.

Got it?

See the source image

Instead, I see REALLY smart people seeing these charts, posting them, and it’s almost like recruiting people to the local churches to boost memberships.

The problem with the data you are being shown is just that. It is DATA, not INFORMATION. They are trying to show that more people that have the jab, the less deaths there are.

But what about Lithuania? I know, I know, correlations aren’t perfect in regression analysis, and you will have dots all over the place. I get it. You might have an outlier. But THAT much? And no one questions it?

Ancel Keys is your COVID grim reaper

Most of my readers now are via PMs and fintwit and are used to seeing analysis on gold/silver companies and not health studies, but bear with me here. This guy was responsible for causing a lot of the COVID deaths you see today. You know, ROOT CAUSE analysis. Many don’t have the patience to do this, but patience and research is kind my thing.

So let’s also start with some base information. About 130 years ago – about 1890, you had about 1 in 30 people getting cancer, and perhaps 1 in 5,000 getting diabetes. Heart disease was rare. Today, about 1 in 3 get cancer, something like 65% of the entire population over 45 have diabetes or pre-diabetes, and heart disease is extremely common in this population. What happened in those 130 years?

Just like many of you have learned the history of money from Mike Maloney, I invite you to read books by Gary Taubes who researches the history of sugar. History is extremely important, and just like how they stopped talking about gold and silver in the MBA books, they don’t talk about root causes for all of the problems in today’s health books.

If you go back to 1890, what were societies like? Working farms, working in factories. No cars, lots of people walked all over the place. Their foods might be meat and potatoes and some breads and vegetables. Today, we commute 45 minutes each way in a car, work too much, eat tons of sugars and processed foods, and have breads and pastas at the root of the “food pyramid”

Anyway, I bring this section up because Ancel Keys did a study called the “7 countries” study which was then shown to correlate fat consumption with heart disease. This was then indoctrinated into our medical institutions, and our government policy then grew from there that “fat was bad”. The decades battle raging against eggs and cholesterol. This is the same study cited in “Forks over Knives” and one of the battle cries of the vegans and vegetarians.

The problem with Keys’ study? Keys’ study cherry picked 6 out of the 21 countries to publish the data. For example, the eskimos had a very high fat diet, but almost zero heart disease. Rather than trying to understand this (like Africans not dying from COVID), they simply removed this country from the study.

Let’s fast forward to the 1970s and high levels of inflation. Hmmmm. High levels of inflation. How could that have ANY relevance to today?

Well, backed with Keys’ study, the governments were facing massive levels of inflation. Meats were expensive. Rather than addressing inflation and the REASONS for inflation, the idea was – let’s replace the 2000 calorie diet you have now with meats and suggest you have more grains”.

This policy was the direct result of bad and misleading science. Just like today, you might then look at the vaccine/death charts from above and conclude that “more vaccines equals less death”, the governments in the 70s pushed more grains and breads to avoid heart disease.

The problem is that many of you see weight loss and calories as a PHYSICS problem. It is NOT. It is a HORMONAL problem. Meaning, if you want to fatten a cow, you give him feed and grains. Same thing with a human. Why? Satiety.

I have 137 health blogs as part of this site. I invite you to dig in for a month and read. Big picture is this. IF you eat the RIGHT FOODS, you will not BE HUNGRY and thus you SELF REGULATE your body. You have been taught to COUNT CALORIES. Ever eat 2000 calories and go to bed hungry? Yeah. If you eat the right balance of foods, you never have to count calories. Ever. For the last 2 years and 100 pounds of my weight loss there was not one calorie counted.

The same thing is true here – you are being taught to follow your government. If you get a vaccine you are not protected from me. So if I got a vaccine and can still get COVID and pass it to you, why would you have any less fear of being around me? Again – look at the clown meme above.

Now – IF the food pyramid has caused a ton of obesity in this country and others, AND there’s a correlation between obesity and COVID hospitalization and deaths, wouldn’t it stand to reason that a better LONG TERM solution to fighting COVID might be to have your populations lose weight?

There are three charts you might want to consider why a government (who is controlled by legislators who need PAC money and powerful allies to win an election) might not want to pursue this?

  1. If you want to lower obesity, you need more fresh foods, meats, and healthy fats and less processed foods.
See the source image

2. If we have lower obesity, there would be a far less death rate from COVID (and a billion other diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes, alzheimers, stroke, heart disease)

See the source image

3. Without fear of death, they cannot then manipulate you with the media with the sponsors above

See the source image


I feel that the charts showing vaccine compliance and death rates are something meant to convince you to give up more of your privacy and rights to the government. Instead of critically thinking about these charts, you simply forward on information, that is deemed by the social media companies, as “legitimate” while anyone who questions this narrative is a conspiracy theorist.

I can tell you that the total number of deaths in this country of children under 18 from COVID is somewhere around 200. Yet they feel a need to want to force a vaccine into them, that is NOT a vaccine, and MAY have long term effects like Myocarditis? And no one questions this? If it’s all to protect grandma, shouldn’t an effective vaccine protect grandma?

I can also show you how the charts presented above are meant to steer a narrative of bad policy by using the Keys’ study as the blueprint to how bad government policy can lead to unintended consequences 40 years later. While they meant well to provide us the “calories” that were needed, the policy led to massive obesity. Which, then famously helps Oprah get rich with Weight Watchers, Pfizer sell boner pills to the pre-diabetic, and pharm companies get rich off of expensive “treatments”, as mass media get rich off of all of the advertising of your poor health.

We now live in a world that if someone is 100 pounds overweight, we cannot tell them they are unhealthy. We must say “healthy at every size” or be cancelled. This person has problems with their HBA1C north of 5.4, and doctors want to give you pills rather than tell you to cut the sugar and shit foods. You get diseases, and you go to specialists and get prescribed weird pills to treat the conditions. We have expensive health care here dealing with stage 3 cancers rather than preventing them. And we have a mass media that is literally bought and paid for by all of these food and pharm companies that cannot run stories critical of them for fear of loss of revenue. The politicians we elect cannot question them either for fear of loss of PAC money.

We like to say, “fix the money and you fix the world”. You can also say, “fix your food, fix your health”.

Therefore, it would stand to reason that it is more pragmatic, ethical, and effective to:

  1. Talk with your doctor about making the choice that is right for you.
  2. Make vaccines optional for those that want it, and leave those who don’t want it the fuck alone.
  3. Get out and get sunshine to get your vitamin D
  4. Reduce your BMI by eating foods your body was meant to eat. Reducing your sugars and processed foods also reduces the inflammation in your body.
  5. Critically think to save your rights, your privacy, and your life.
  6. Question everything. Every day. If charts and graphs want to take your rights or privacy, question the damn data and the possible motives.

Finally, many of us do not like the idea of digital currencies due to loss of privacy. The governments will then be able to tell where we spend things, and on what. Don’t you think “dirty money” with possible COVID spread could be a reason to get away from cash money 100%? This is the last thing allowing you to stay outside of the system.

I was in awe of our country’s Psy ops in the gulf war. I never realized this stuff was being done to us every day until much, much later. Someone who was a critical thinker would see that even if you do have the vaccine, you can still get and pass it on, so why the hell would it matter if I have it or not to you? It wouldn’t. So leave me the fuck alone and question why you see charts like this.