Let’s have some fun.

6 months from now, CNBC is one story after another how gold has gone bitcoin in price leaps, with silver actually doubling it. David Morgan has had his 37th appearance for the day and all of the sudden the news breaks…

“Entire government steps down. No one saw this gold and silver thing coming. We must put these guys in charge”.

Quickly, secret service rushes Michael Oliver to a secret location to get sworn in after his momentum analysis charts made 237,000 people millionaires in a week.

Oliver now looks across YouTube to fill his government. Let’s see who he picks.

President – Michael Oliver. His “arm wrestling” rollover of funds from high tech to gold and silver and equities, along with his momentum charts, seemed like he had visited from the future and called balls and strikes before they happened. Many are heard chanting, “In Michael we trust”.

Vice President – David Morgan. Between the books written and his uncanny abilities to call silver tops, Morgan got everyone out before the next crash of silver. His authoritative presence and 30 years analyzing silver has made the Silver Guru Oliver’s trusted silver diplomat to the world

Speaker of the House – Gerald Celente. In a fiery speech where he threatened to punch a priest, Gerald has taken on the world and told them he’s fed up with their shit. Come on!!! As Speaker of the House, he will give speeches daily on the floor to rile up the country and get shit back in line.

President Pro Tempore of the Senate – Frank Guistra. We need a well spoken, educated, and worldly man to handle to authentic and moral work of the buttoned up senate. Frank will leave his work helping baby seals learn how to paint in the remote “Inaccessible Island” to step into this role.

Secretary of State – Marin katusa. The Canadian was granted dual citizenship due to his investment prowess and alligator investor following. He has been granted the right to invest and make deals on the behalf of the US, and his good friend and former gold president Doug Casey has been deployed worldwide to scope out new deal

Sec of treasury – James Anderson. Having been part of SD Bullion and making kick ass videos every Friday for the last few years, SD Bullion was thus elevated to “treasury of the United States” where you can get money delivered right to your house. He continues to make snarky videos.

Secretary of Energy – Rick rule. After having made hundreds of millions calling 20 baggers in uranium, the former Sprott chair came out of retirement so he can pick the best of the best uranium companies to electrify the world. He is a credit risk analyst who says 10 times a day, “if the price doesn’t go up, the lights go out”.

Secretary of Defense -Robert Kiyosaki. This former marine helicopter pilot who went behind enemy lines to get a good deal on a piece of gold is now defending your gold in Fort Knox. That’s dedication to a hunk of metal. Imagine how much he will defend your metals.

Attorney General – Peter Schiff. The guy who challenged semi-homeless bums in tents to talk to the 1%, mocks people on a podcast, moved to Puerto Rico to avoid taxes, and peddles paper gold will prosecute anyone who uses an image of a gold looking bitcoin. Word is, he sent his kid to the gulag until he converted his bitcoin to gold.

Secretary of the Interior – Bix Weir. Charged with overseeing federal land and resources, Weir promised to find the hundreds of millions of tons of gold in the grand canyon and chocolate mountain using nuclear warheads to blast out the rocks. No one bothered to tell him the gold might be there, but at .001 gpt, no one had the heart to stop him. He plans on mining the grand canyon at a cost of $100,000 per ounce because everyone knows Diane Feinstein and the cabals locked down the grand canyon and California.

Secretary of Agriculture – Adam Taggert. Adam and Chris on their show had talked about moving to ranches and being self sustaining. With all of our gold and silver profits, Adam will ensure that every family has an acre of land and can make their own food.

Secretary of Commerce – Keith Nuemeyer. The secretary of commerce is tasked with promoting American business and commerce and emergency dual citizenship was granted to KN to promote all of our businesses as well as he promotes First Majestic. Quick, name 5 other silver company CEOs. Yeah. That’s my point.

Secretary of Labor – Andy Schectman. Dude works 38 hours a day and employs many people in his company. Not sure he’s slept since 2013. Seems to be nicest and most sincere guy in an industry with a bad reputation. He is bringing his brand of justice to the government to ensure all bullion dealers are as above board and beloved as him. Seriously…where did you guys find this guy? No one can say a bad thing about him.

Secretary of Health and Human Services – Dr. Chris Martensen who helped us all through the early days of COVID brought more awareness to the disease than anyone. Wait. Dude has a PhD in this shit? And an MBA? Yup. Smart guy.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – George Gammon. Having previously made a fortune in real estate and building, he now resides in Puerto Rico and draws stick figures on a white board to show the most complex financial systems and how they work.

Secretary of Education – Mike Maloney. Having spent millions on his hidden secrets of money series intended for PBS, Mike has vowed to ensure K-12 will have a money class at each level, with electric shocks to people who accidentally call “currency”, “money”. He will continue to do videos and educate all of us until he retires at 113 years old when he finally got the lumber to complete his ranch in Puerto Rico.

Secretary of Homeland Security – jim rickards. This Johns Hopkins alum writes books too erudite for most of his knuckle dragging silver ape following to understand. I bet you just looked up “erudite”. Jim brags about working previously for the CIA, then tells you he will have to kill you if he tells you the details of what he actually did.

Chief economist – Professor Steve Henke out of Johns Hopkins. His gold sentiment index now replaced all polling that the census bureau used to do. Now, a team of people walk door to door asking how people feel about gold.

Chief science advisor – Dave Collum. The PhD in some form of science I don’t understand is a sound money guy who makes more sense than literally any person who is currently elected in the country. President often calls on him for dinner parties because the dude cracks him up.

Chief Meteorologist and head of NOAA – Kevin “North Star” Wadsworth is a meteorologist who can chart gold, silver, uranium, and crypto with the best of them.

Chief Chartist for the Fed – Patrick Karim. M2 money charts discontinued? I think not. Karim adds tons of projections to our M2 money supply which shows us $3.4 quadrillion in debt by 2040. Patrick can make any chart dance, even our national debt. He has called for silver to hit $835 in the year 2055 with charts that a 6 year old can even understand with simplicity and elegance.

General running Fort Knox – Bob Coleman. His years running a vault in freedom-loving Utah and semi-frequent appearances on YouTube have ensured that he can secure the gold in Ft. Knox. General Coleman will remain in Utah.

Head of SEC – Michael Burry. While he is a gold advocate these days, on his first day he shorted literally every stock and didn’t make people happy. He is also the surgeon general, as he literally is the only one on this page with an MD as well.

Head of CFTC – Ted Butler. After years of calling them crooks, he now is able to lay the hammer down on the shorts. Silver goes to $38,000 per ounce the next week.

CFTC board member – Andrew Maguire. After years of testifying against the cabal, Andrew called how Basel 3 might make gold moonshot. He knows the system inside and out and will ring fence the bad guys out until they capitulate in an offside trade run by the hedge funds. I literally don’t know what I said there, but when Andrew says it, it seems to make sense. Dude could read a mystery novel that is a phone book and it would keep people on the edge of their seats.

Head of Government Accountability Office – Rob kientz. After IT auditor Rob Kientz decided to audit the books of the perth mint (which they never asked him to do), he got world recognition for exposing their paper charade. While not a CPA, he can read balance sheets with the best of them.

Head of FEMA- David hunter. After calling for a 157% drop in the stock market, David feels that all commodities will go to the moon with $400,000 gold and $75,000 silver by end of decade. In 2030, a meteor will hit us and have a global depression like we’ve never seen. David’s doomsday predictions can only be solved by David.

Head of Social Security – Michael Pento. Dude never wants to be wrong a day in his life and he’s running your money. Excellent YouTube content and thrown off of CNBC for accusing the fed of counterfeiting, this guy will run your funds to 10x.  

Press Secretary – Daniela Cambone. All questions geared for the president are now run through her, and mysteriously, all questions are on gold and silver. She takes questions and then probes everyone in the cabinet for deep and compelling answers to report back.

Pentagon Spokesman – Chris Marcus. Just literally, can you imagine those press conferences? I would pay to go to those. The author of the book “The big silver short” has a cult like following (wait, I’m one of them) and takes his dog Nibbles with him wherever he goes. He warns the deep state their days are numbered and now holds all press conferences shirtless by his hotel pool.

Curator of Library of Congress- Tom Bondrovics. Daily, Tom interviews everyone in the cabinet to get their latest thoughts on gold, silver, and what’s about to happen. These interviews are then official record in the Library of Congress. Tom has been tasked with ensuring all of these records of sensational interviews are there for hundreds of years to come, when literally every interview came true and gold hit $10,000.

Ambassador – Doug Casey. We never know what country he’s in, but whatever country he is in now, you can guarantee he owns a house there, has six forms of ID, a passport for that country, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in their currency. He might be a CIA officer given the books he writes. This guy seemed to mentor just about anyone who is anyone in the gold/silver research space now. Katusa, Clark, Lobo.

Chief resource advisor – jeff clark. Jeff is a savant for picking miners, and because of this, the US is now invested in the best mines in the best jurisdictions with the best management teams – right at the production decision sweet spot. He has now made more millionaires than anyone in the country’s history with his junior mining stock picks.

Fed chair – Danielle dimartino booth. After writing a book kneecapping her former place of employment, Danielle is put in charge to stop the funny money and bring sense back to monopoly money. She doesn’t feel the Fed is the problem, but that it needs reforms. The USD has lost 99% of its value since the Fed inception in 1915, and she is charged with making the dollar backed by gold to stop the devaluation of our money.

Ambassador to Australia – John Adams. After fleeing his country’s concentration camps to educate them on COVID masking procedures, John has taken a position to stamp out all paper gold worldwide – starting with bombing of the Perth Mint. Yeah, ambassadors aren’t supposed to bomb the countries they represent. I know. I know. Tell him that. He lost his shit a few months ago and there’s not walking him back from the ledge.

Generals….these guys are leaders of the armies…

Gen Ronny stoerfole – Army head of r&d for his work on “In Gold We Trust”

Gen Michael Gentile – Runs the war on inflation

Gen Ron Paul – tasked with educating elected officials on what real money is

Gen Gary Savage – daily charts to be fed to the people on all news channels.

Gen Jim Rogers – world traveler is tasked with active negotiations with China. “Everyone’s grandfather” is a tough cookie at the negotiating table.

Gen Ed Steer – general of morale. any time you need a pick me up, go ahead and watch his Palisades interview on silver about to blow sky high.

Gen Eric Sprott – guards all silver in the ground, in the world. He owns all of it anyhow.

Gen Larry Lepard – always dishing truth and miner vulgarities to the delight of his fans. Self made man who invested in the dot com era and doesn’t need to take shit from a cubicle jockey. Always entertaining the troops.

Gen Otavio Costa (Tavi) – Tavi has dazzled his enemies with his brilliant charts into submission. He is now running psyops on the hearts and minds of this country to help them get their heads out of their asses and pay attention.

Gen Don Durrett – runs a mining stock advising service where he tracks 63,000 miners in a database. He even tracks how the CEOs take their coffee and favorite colors. Dude is a literal computer of mining knowledge and every time I write about him I forgot I haven’t subscribed to his service yet. Need to do that. Knows his shit. At least I bought his book dammit.

Gen Deso Games (Kirian van Hest) – His job is to take the entire crypto ponzi scheme down, starting with Tether. He will have 3 hour live sessions where he tracks each and every line on an Excel sheet until you see what he sees. Your head may explode in the process. He may or may not be smoking weed during the event. I’d lean towards yes.