People all across the U.S. wake up every day fearing gun violence.  They MUST change the laws to prevent all of this senseless death.  There are two sides to this argument:

  1. Guns kill people.  By removing all guns, you will remove the threat of homicide.
  2. People kill people.  Guns are just a means of performing the act.

What if I told you that the FBI stats determined that knives killed 5 times as many people as rifles in 2016?  This data CLEARLY shows that we must ban knives.  All of the senseless murders that have happened can be prevented, obviously.


To do this, we must:

  1. Pass legislation banning all knives.  We will grandfather in certain kinds of knives like kitchen knives.
  2. All kitchen knives must be registered with your local government.
  3. You must take knife safety training.
  4. All schools will have a knife free zone
  5. Whenever there is a stabbing, we must have one political party calling for the complete banning of all knives and the other party must talk about responsible knife control and provide thoughts and prayers.

While this looks ridiculous, this is the same way gun control looks to the 99.999% of people who have never done any harm to anyone with a gun.

In a country of 330 million people – wait, let me spell that out:


you have 300+ people being killed by a rifle of some sorts.  Let me do that math for you quickly:


To put it into perspective, there’s about 24,000 people killed per year by lightning strikes.

This is:


Rather – you are three times more likely to die from a lightning strike than you are from a rifle.  Please, let that sink in.

or, about 1 in 1 million people die from a rifle.  Most people don’t realize that about a third of all deaths from firearms are suicide and another third is gang violence.  That does leave a good 8-10,000 every year where they are killed by handguns.  THAT is a problem.  But the root of a lot of those problems can also be domestic violence.  Many times, the victim refuses to press charges against the abuser.  Many laws on the books might require that person to turn in their handguns.  But what about their knives???  One could argue that if there was a fight in the kitchen – it would be easier for an abuser to grab a knife out of the drawer rather than go upstairs to get the gun.

I am writing about this because apparently Virginia is gearing up to increase their gun control, and 200+ towns are already setting up as “sanctuary cities” to not prosecute the laws that have yet to come.  The state government is trying to get more funding for jails/prisons in order to enforce the crimes for the law that hasn’t passed yet.  Discussions have progressed to allow people to grandfather in some guns.

I used to be a card carrying democrat that sat in the middle on most issues.  The problem is, the right has defeated the left on the sensible arguments here.

One issue members of the far right bring up is that with the far left, there’s a plan.  Whether or not this is a rational thought may be another discussion for another day.


  1. You remove guns from the citizens en masse
  2. You pass laws then to strip the wealthy of their wealth
  3. You then pass laws to nationalize companies and strip wealth from the middle class

I know people on the left like to call our president a Nazi, but the truth is, the Nazis were socialists.  They all rose from the ashes of world war 1 to blame a rich class of people for their shortcomings.  In most socialist countries – the above pattern repeats itself.

So – I implore you – if your goal is to reduce the senseless deaths of 1600 people from stabbings, you MUST pass legislation to ban all knives immediately.  Or, you can pass legislation to ban all kinds of weapons to prevent 370 rifle deaths.

If the goal was to only prevent deaths, then it would make sense to ban knives.

Likewise – there are thousands of deaths from automobile accidents.  The leading causes of these are drunk driving and texting.  However, we do have laws preventing these, but they still occur.  Just creating laws to ban things won’t solve the root of the issue.

Let’s go back to the knives.  Is the root cause issue that there’s a knife in the house, or that someone has a level of rage and wants to do harm to another?

I feel that many on the far left are fed a constant diet of headline news of assault rifle deaths in order to gain support for widespread laws that support stage 1 of a socialist republic.  They might not understand this what is going on, but unfortunately, it’s where we are at.

Less than a decade ago, Venezuela banned guns.  This is leading up to their currency being less valuable than toilet paper.  Earlier in the year, a coup attempt was made and the citizens had no means of rising up against an oppressive dictator.

In 1938 – Germany banned guns for Jews….but also banned “truncheons or stabbing weapons.”  So – as silly as my knife law sounds, the Germans actually did it.

Now, a Bernie Sanders or AOC are gaining steam within the party.

If we go back into the way back machine, income tax laws were part of the 16th amendment in 1913.  This initially was to only tax the wealthy and the “robber barons” but then extended to the middle class.  Today, they are discussing a “wealth tax” of the uber rich – which can’t really work – and this will then also trickle into the middle class.

One thing of interest is that if you take away the guns from law abiding citizens, they have no means of revolting.

From what I understand, the framers of the constitution did not want their people afraid of the government.  They wanted their government afraid of the people.

Now, will you consider banning all knives, which kill 5 times as many people as rifles?  Or, rather, you might see this is a means of potentially grabbing guns en route towards a socialist end?

We do have some forms of socialist programs already – look at the public school system.  TV shows like The Wire show a horrible public system in the city, but my school, and the schools in my county were all pretty top notch.  The idea is to create these systems with some of the idealisms of socialism to prevail, but allow the controls and checks and balances of a citizenry that can protect itself from tyranny.

So, I don’t want to call socialism evil.  It all starts out with a utopian society as the endgame and has no intentions of hurting anyone.  The problem with all socialism is paying for the programs end up decimating any kind of capitalist system – which inherently pits the capitalists and robber barons at direct odds with the socialist idealists.  Then, you have the Elon Musks of the world who are both idealists and capitalists at the same time.  In order to create these “free” programs, you essentially have to drain the wealth of anyone and everyone in your country who worked to get those means.  It’s a form of Robin Hood system that then strips your country of all wealth and turns your currency into nothing.  Reference: Venezuela.

I’d suggest that our future could be shaped by those like Musk who use ideas to prosper and create jobs, researching a better future, and perhaps leveraging donations from these top end personnel to fund some of your idealist structures.  Think of the Carnegies of the world who made billions and gave it all away.  You also have the Gates of our lifetime who not only have given away hundreds of billions, but plan on giving away most of their wealth upon their death.  The “right” believes in a more donation-driven society – think of the church plate that is passed around.  The “left” believes in taking from those who are wealthy.   Step 1 is removing weapons from their citizens to remove resistance.  This has been done time and time again across the world.

So, I implore you.  If you want to reduce senseless deaths, write your congressmen today about the Knife Relief Act of 2020.  Yes, I made that up.  Let’s make it go viral.