Just went on a Wegman’s trip to get ingredients to make protein bars.  I’ll post about them in the next few days, but they seem promising.  While I was there looking for dried blueberries and dried  cherries, I ran into this.  Apple chips.  Never heard of them before.

I was cautious.  Could it be some sort of “healthy” snack food that is all kinds of processed and has 85 ingredients with apples somewhere in it?  Could it be loaded with salt or preservatives?



This is what the goodness looks like up close…

IMG_1394I also took a snap shot of the nutritional information and some of their marketing propaganda.


My review:

I saw a hefty price tag of $7 or $8 for the bag at first, and felt there was a scam underway.  I flipped over the back and saw the ingredients: APPLES.  OK, that’s pretty good.  No preservatives or other crap.

I couldn’t wait to try these and cracked the damn bag in the Wegman’s parking lot in Mechanicsburg like a raging crackhead trying to get his fix.  I picked out a “chip” and fired it in the pie hole.  CRUNCH….yeah, it did not disappoint.  It definitely delivered crunchy goodness.  As you further masticate the golden treasure, it then feels like it “melts” into your mouth as you are re-hydrating it.  It has a nice sweetness, but not overpowering…along with a semi-tart apple acidic taste…which gives it a nice bite to it.

I’d say the downside of this is the 21g of sugars you are dealing with per serving, which might be somewhat offset by the fiber to perhaps slow the absorption of sugars quickly into your bloodstream.  I think apple also has pectin which might have something to do with slowing down.  You can read about it here.  Although not a scholarly journal, it gives you some of the same information I had read about over the years.

I’d love to know the exact method they did this so I can replicate it at home.  $7 or $8 for a bag of these seems steep – until you read on the label that each bag contains 30 apples.  So maybe I couldn’t do it any cheaper myself…at all….unless I lived on an orchard.