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Solar Panels – part 6: Installed and ready to go!

For security reasons, I don't plan on sharing pictures of my house here, but I will let you know that 3 weeks ago, they came and installed the 2 Tesla powerwalls inside of my garage. About a week ago, they... Continue Reading →

Silver Shorts – Gold move, Comex metals options expiration could be interesting

None of us are spiking the football yet with gold. We broke above the triangle, and so far, have held.... We have a few things going on here... We had a nice strong move above the triangle and are back... Continue Reading →

Calling BS on silver report’s supply information

I have used the Silver Institute as a reference for a lot of my work. It's the best PUBLIC information out there, and I had figured these figures were rather close. Upon further review of the most recent report I... Continue Reading →

$SNAP and $FSM – let’s look under the hood at future moves

I was recently asked by a friend for a project to analyze snapchat and Fortuna for how I might play these in the short term. Meaning, this is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a professional trader as I have... Continue Reading →

Seven stages of empire – Where is the US now? How long do we have left?

Note for the squirrels: We are at the very end of stage 6, and it's a matter of time before we enter stage 7, and this is possibly due to current global conflict that triggers a situation where the USD... Continue Reading →

How high can silver go? Let’s look at two scenarios

Really - it depends on your time frame. Why? Consider your "2% inflation" yearly compounding over 100 years where gold was $20 a hundred years ago, now it is touching on 100x that. In another 100 years, could gold be... Continue Reading →

Silver shorts – silver/uranium target prices, probabilities and forecasting, appearing in metals videos

Uranium target price I think it's silly sometimes when I see some silver target prices out there. I mean, I get it - there's some mental gymnastics going on - and I LOVE silver. It is RATIONAL to see silver... Continue Reading →

Review of Ted’s 800m silver short claim by BoA – new evidence from OCC sheds light on the discussion

Summary: The OCC report does NOT contain gold, as Ted and Bix have claimed all along. Derivative contracts appear like they could be double counted if one of these 4 banks is the lessee and the other is the lessor.... Continue Reading →

Fortuna Silver Mines – a gold company? A silver company? Let’s take a deep dive at how undervalued this miner is

Summary: This is a former silver-miner-turned-junior gold miner with 500k AuEq oz by next summer with diversified assets in many countries. It is significantly undervalued to its peers, and with a potential for $2200-$2500 gold price inside of 12-18 months,... Continue Reading →

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