I wanted to mention I work in technical management. I have been the victim of an attempted doxxing attack that I outline below, threating my career. THIS IS A FEDERAL CRIME. I am writing this to inform those in our community about these types of laws, remove damage done to me, and to prevent damage to myself and others moving forward. Their actions stop here.

One of you so kindly (Illuminated Ape) tried to dox me on Twitter with some BIG REVEAL of my LinkedIn profile, which was then followed up by trying to deprive me of my livelihood. Well, all you have to do is find the LINK I PROVIDE YOU from this blog to see who I am. I don’t try to hide my career or identity, like many others who wish to baselessly attack others online – but because of the sensitive nature of my job and who the customer is, and where I work, there is ZERO utterance of what I do here and I do not post about my career for obvious reasons. I’d have to say 99% of you get this right away, but those slow on the uptake literally tried to contact a government agency to revoke my my ability to work there because I own a certain legal investment that you do not agree with. Let the totality of that sink in as to what lines this person crossed. He could not make legitimate grievances against a product I support, so he came after ME. What I choose to invest in, legally, is none of his business, and making attempts to report me to a government agency because of this is harassing my career and ability to earn a living.

Here is the conversation, and with this, I want you people carefully allied with this individual to realize the lines he crossed and how he is trying to take my livelihood away. He had a guy named Joshua Bingham of Florida try and “stalk” me and others on LinkedIn – he did not mask his view of my profile, and the super sleuths spent hours trying to find me…when I provide you the link above in my blog. Their INTENT (element of a crime listed below) was to cause me some sort of harm and perhaps even reveal personal details to shut me up. Fellas, you are bordering on federal crimes with your intent. The ONLY thing saving you was the fact that I had already had these links available, or else I’d be making a call to one of my friends right now. Their intent was to dox me, and reveal my identity. I guess they don’t understand what the blue checkmark means. However, the crime is the INTENT.

That’s my warning shot on doxxing me. Further actions on this will be met with calls to the authorities. I have reported these Tweets to Twitter authorities (not the feds, yet) and am expecting behavior like this to not be tolerated by anyone.

These are people in the silver community who share our vision of owning precious metals, yet they wish to somehow injure me and my career for believe in a product. Their INTENT was to get me fired or harassed for owning something legally. Interesting choice of what to do with your life. I have never had a conversation with “Illuminated Ape” nor have I ever had a DM, conversation, or anything with him to understand why he did this to me. Same with Joshua Bingham, of Florida, who may find his involvement with these individuals satisfy elements of a crime. His involvement may have been harmless, but he is either Illuminated Ape or provided him the stalking material to then dox me in public.

This post is to reveal my attackers and to educate you on the crime of doxxing and how to prevent you from being harassed by others. I, for one, will not back down from intimidation and expect the legal authorities to address this as they see fit if this persists. This is a federal crime, and my recommended course of action for the attacker is listed at the bottom.

I was a criminal justice student prior to switching to computers and had studied to someday work in the FBI. I have had tons of legal and ethics classes in my education. During this time, you learn this fun thing called “criminal law”. I’m not of the ilk that will sit back and let you defame and dox me.

Elements of “doxxing” as a federal crime in this statute:

I have outlined the contents of a federal crime and will spoon fed prosecutors evidence in this crime if the below conditions are not met.

My expectations going forward:

  1. Have legitimate arguments and gripes about a product or service we can have a conversation about. Allow people to respond to thoughtful questions in a professional manner
  2. Stop all personal attacks and doxxing events, immediately, on me and others. Your identity is not as hidden online as you think it is, by anyone with ability to understand attribution with cyber crimes. So happens, the author is one of those people.
  3. Delete all harassing Tweets, immediately. Lose my name. Do not comment on anything I post, using any of your identities or aliases.
  4. Once you have learned about this as a crime, do not attempt to harass others or their investments and get back to talking about silver.

While this post is out of character for me, this behavior will stop immediately and not continue. I have a career, family, home, mortgage, bills – just like all of you. Just because I like a certain product does not give you the right to try and take things from me.

If this continues, in any way, shape, or form, you will be reported to the federal authorities for online intimidation and harassment.